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IBR - has anyone actually gotten this type of loan repayment?0nana2012-10-08 19:34:22
I applied once, something was wrong with that request , so I made another . Is something new . So I made another and, yes , something was not right . I applied about 6 weeks quarter and now all I'm getting is in the mail threatening letters on my payments are due. It is absolutely amazing !
What are the early repayment fees if you take out a First Plus type loan?1Twinkle2012-10-05 11:07:02
Does anyone have any experience of taking a loan company First Plus or similar? To repay the loan ( in whole or in part ) earlier , what they charge ?
Is the Army the only military branch with a student loan repayment program type of help?1 D ﹑ ior__ Yan -2012-09-25 10:59:06
Why not other branches adopt this program is really useful ? Does the Army have a large budget or something ?
HELP! Where should I go and what type of loan should I get?2kangaroo2012-11-04 07:51:02
The situation : I have a high interest loan very small and close to 4 credit cards totaling $ 8,000 . Desperately want to pay this off or at least immedietely have it all in one consolidated loan . I need to know what would be my best options would be to get a loan with an interest rate very good. My FICA is about 775-800 ( the high) , I own a house (can not refinance. Just made a year ago with a 3 year pre - payment penalty ) , and my debt to income ratio is well ( I make more money than you spend each month ) . MedlinePlus I have about $ 250,000 in equity in my home ( the amount he had to walk with if I had to sell) . Any advice would be greatly appreciated in detail . thank you
What type of loan should I take out and what's the best one?0Shelly H2012-09-27 02:00:07
I live in Victoria , Australia . I have a credit card debt of $ 6000 that I want to get rid of him . I think I can make payments of $ 60 a week . I have no idea what type of loan you should go or with whom ? I just want to be able to pay , but there are many banks and deals and stuff that is sooo confusing . Can anyone give me some advice?
What would be the best type of loan for us?0ilovepink2012-10-14 01:05:43
Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for nearly three years (since high at the time) and our house was included in that, however , the mortgage company just started in February foreclosure even though the house is listed in our bankruptcy discharged . We would buy again and believe it or not , in the Midwest can find decent homes for $ 40,000 or less! Combined monthly income is approximately (gross ) . $ 6000 . We have cash of $ 12,000 to put down and have maintained good credit since the bankruptcy credit scores ( 720 and 680 .... no other debt of a car loan for $ 10,000 and I have student loans that still in the postponement . ) Any advice on what type of mortgage you should. Go after ? I looked at home last $ 23,000 that I would buy ! PS I do not want anyone to tell me you can not get a mortgage for an amount as small as you can ! ! this is not California - ie inexpensive housing in the Midwest
Best type of student car loan?1Student3152012-10-02 07:29:03
I currently am a lender Sallie Mae and I was wondering how or if I should go about getting a loan for a cheap ($ 3,000) reliable car , so I can switch to the class. what kind of loan would be ? I go through Sallie Mae or there are better alternatives ?
What is the best type of no credit car loan?0Elton2012-08-20 00:16:02
I have to get a car loan , but have not established credit. I looked online and there are tons or car loans out there to lend me money with no credit check ! So my question is : what is the best? Which has the lowest interest rate / better options ? I'm looking for serious answers please.
Any type of loan that I don't need a cosigner?2Deliah2012-10-12 21:45:03
I am a student and Chase bank . I've been turned down for credit after loan even with an endorsement ... apparently his credit was not so great . I have a very very small . For like $ 300 or less . So not much . I just do not have a guarantee . I want a legit loan not a scam . Because I need money fast and within the next two days .
Change loan type?0bil122012-08-14 06:06:36
Hi all a year ago, a purchase of a vehicle through Honda. I have this car and I owe approx. 17k on it yet. My question is, would not anyway I could use this loan or a car as a "down payment " per se , for a cash loan to start a business. Basically I need 30k cash to start my business and I am willing to get rid of the car, if necessary.
What type of loan should I get? My car is broken down...?0HELP! please2012-08-31 15:27:03
Okay I owe 6200 on my car and now needs a new transmission for $ 2000. Should I get a credit line from my house by the amount (13.5 % share) and I can deduct the interest on tax season , MedlinePlus or should I refinance my car loan ? The interest rate is 9 % and you can not deduct the interest.
Loan Type for this Situation?0courtney!!2012-11-05 02:22:45
I am sure there is an appropriate loan for this, but I'm not quite sure which type we're looking for. We own our land outright, free and clear. Assessment is $20k. We would like to purchase a new manufactured (mobile) home, permanently sited. We would need to have grading work done on the land, and we would need to have a foundation put in. That would cost about $15k. We'd like a loan for the price of the trailer ($32k), and the prep work (about $15k). We would ideally like an option that didn't involve a mortgage and down payment. We could come up with the few thousand dollars down payment on the $32k mobile home if that were the only option. It's just that we're after the least cash-heavy situation. Credit is just under the 700 mark. We recently paid off a different $18k loan, perfect on the track record, never late on a payment. Income is about $60k per year. Happy to use the $20k worth of land as an asset. A few folks suggested a personal loan for the $47k might be appropriate. Seems like a big # for a personal loan though. But I don't really know. Construction loan? We actually will be visiting the bank to talk to a loan officer in a few weeks. Just wanted to get an idea so we know what we're talking about. Educated thoughts?

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