Help me decide on a degree- post-bac cert in education (6k), or Masters in education (15k)? related questions

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Help me decide on a degree- post-bac cert in education (6k), or Masters in education (15k)?0barbra2012-10-08 16:37:43
Is it worth an extra $ 9,000 to get the master ? I'll have to get the loan money , while I could pay cash for post - bac , then go back for a master's later when I 'm making more money as a teacher . The school teacher is in a very good reputation , the post - bac is their regular public school .
Finance Masters Level College Education?0Luca2012-09-21 13:07:02
I was told that you can get student loans in the order of $ 75,000 per year for a master's degree . They also told me to check . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm in California and I'm thinking of an MBA degree . The course is in NYIT ( New York Institute of Technology) and would take MedlinePlus ONLINE . MedlinePlus Any advice on any of these topics would be appreciated .
Online masters cert? opinions?1kathie2012-08-21 17:22:03
What do you think about certification programs online master's universities in more than name? I am graduating soon with a degree in sociology and I want to Human Resources. These also you earn credits for an MBA degree at a university near me as the University of Pittsburgh, etc. Whenever I add to my resume , should not put anything about it online I could write (example) : Certificate of Mastery, Human Resources Management , Cornell University The school 's website even states that there is nothing that dictates that it was an online school certificate. It prepares you well to have the certification of human resources and most human resources jobs I'm seeing prefer or require this certification , called the Professional in Human Resources ( PHR ? ) Or the Senior Professional in Human Resources ( SPHR ?) By examining certification by the Human Resource Certification Institute ( HRCI ). Villanova 's Master Certificate program : < / a>
Is getting a college education really worth graduating and owing $75K upon completing your degree?1froGGlicker 2012-09-10 21:14:03
It gets you so far in the hole and really no racing in the United States that pay a decent wage - as schooling is really worth ? If you find that work is a slave to "race " , as it has to repay the loan ( even if you file bankruptcy - a student loan and you will be reimbursed . ) . Now you have to buy a car ( $ 20K + and pay for gas and maintenance , another $ 250 + per month ) and can not live at home forever so you will need an additional $ 1200 + per month for rental costs and life. ). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How is the school of grief when all you get is $ 10 - $ 12 per hour of work when done ?
Is it education promotion (by Govt. of India)-car loan at 4% and education loan at 12 % ?1quoc2012-08-29 04:18:16
I am a Government of India , India boasts of promoting education , but here car loan is 4 percent and the student loan is 12 PERCENT INTEREST RATE , VIVA DEMOCRACIES . In addition , the student loan guarantor have to visit the office of the police finally before the sanction of loan , inspite of numerous paper formalities . You have to run around to sanction loan, a bank either in the public or private sector bank.I finally chose to cancel the loan for my brother's education . Is India. MedlinePlus In the preface to the Constitution is a socialist , but a capitalist country is dangerous. MedlinePlus The occult is more dangerous .
Education loan AFTER graduation? Education loan for debt consolidation?1Exie2012-08-28 00:52:03
I'm graduating at the end of the semester. I worked my way through school. My wife and I have a son and another on the way . We are finding it difficult to make a living and I'm pretty sure my career is not going to get a better job after graduation. My plan is to enter graduate school , but it's so expensive to apply everywhere and I have $ 1,000 or more that will be applied to the different schools I chose. I have heard of many college students receive large loans to cover its entire debt to consolidate what they owe. They pay their credit cards , cars, etc. I know it's only a temporary solution as you still have to pay everything off , but it's a good idea? In addition , there is also a way to get a loan for education after graduation ? Is there such thing as a good loan , low rate of education to help you get into grad school ?
Masters degree in the uk?0aqdas2012-09-01 07:59:03
I'm thinking of taking a masters in the UK and was told that the grade is not financially supported by the government , in terms of maintenance , loans etc , I wondered if this was the case , or if anyone had any references in line with that verify .
Have you done/ are you doing a Masters degree?0chinchilla2012-10-07 12:16:25
I have a 2:1 in English literature and I'm desperate to do a masters . I'm pretty poor , with student loan debt , etc. , but I have a full time job where you earn a little less
Do you think it matters where I get my masters degree from?0Cymie2012-10-10 08:30:32
Hello , MedlinePlus I have 40 years old , has a great job at managing money . I have my bachelor's degree and are certified treasury management . My company will pay for tuition reimbursement of $ 5K per year . Also I have three children and working full time. I can get my MBA at Western Governors University in two years for $ 12K . This means you only have to pay $ 2k out of pocket. This is an online school that is accredited and has great reviews . Or you could go to a school that is local , but also has an online school ( I need with three children ) and pay $ 10k out of pocket. If I went to this school nobody knows is an online degree , and they also have local programs that are not online . I'd have to take out loans for school though. Money is tight and I prefer not to. Do you think this online school Western Governors affect my job opportunities ? or does not matter because I have an MBA and it does not matter too much that I have it online . Help ?
What kind of Masters degree should I pursue?0T.L2012-09-06 02:04:03
I have 20 years old B.S. degree in Administration of Justice , which is now called "Criminology " . The scarcity of jobs from which, together with the need to pay college loans , I'd end up in the medical field ( literally ) and now my title seems in vain . I return to my teachers , but I'm at a loss for what discipline . I thought an MBA since me and my boyfriend are wanting to go into business together. She is telling me to get one in the field of criminology . At age 40 , with no experience in the field , I'm not sure how it would be marketable , but I know I want to stay in the medical field . Also I have to go for an online degree because with my current job (overnight ) and the family I have little time to be away from the house . Any idea ? thanks
Is getting a Masters Degree in Management a good idea?1Taylah2012-09-24 00:38:03
I have a BS in Biology degree that is collecting dust in my hall closet . I have that degree to please other people in my family . Now , at 28 I decided to pursue my real dreams and start my own business in the hospitality / restaurant. I want to go to culinary school , but I am a military wife and will be living in Korea for at least three years. I'm thinking of taking online classes at Argosy University for his MBA . The idea is to get the degree , get a job in the food industry , learn the business at the time, and pay student loan debt until I'm ready to start my business . Argosy is an accredited school but I keep reading reviews that say it's not worth it to get a degree online . That pattern does not like to hire people with online degree. And Argosy is only after your money . Plus it does not help that I feel very pressured by the admissions representative . in Argosy . I guess my questions are : Is it really a good idea to get an online education ? Argosy is a good school ? Are you getting your MBA from vague as my degree in Biology was ?
How do federal student loans work for Masters Degree?0Totally Lost!!2012-10-26 14:51:39
I want to get a masters in New York City .

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