If I refinance my car loan before making my first payment. Can a dealership or bank charge any kind of fee? related questions

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If I refinance my car loan before making my first payment. Can a dealership or bank charge any kind of fee?0katlin2012-10-08 13:30:36
My rate used car loan I got from the dealership I bought my car used is 8.77% . Looks like I will be able to refinance at a rate of 6.4 % . With the additional cost of an application fee and a $ 75 title transfer fee of $ 50. The loan amount is just over $ 11,000 . It seems worth doing .
I was 3 hours late making my final credit card payment, can I get the "charge off" reversed?0ko2012-10-01 05:37:02
Recently I decided to pay the remaining debt on the credit card . However, I called too late in the day and my charge account . I paid the card that night anyway . I was told that the credit card company that did not matter, they are forced to report this as "charged off the paid in full . " I wonder if I have the right to obtain credit card to reverse this (especially considering that operator told her she had the morning until 10 pm for payment and was told that I was really only until 17:00 when I called back at 8pm . ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My debt outstanding was origially 20K but I had brought up 5k over 3 years of making payments every month. This was very difficult (I worked two full time jobs to do this) . I had decided to return to school and missed some payments after I left my job and waiting for school to start and my money scholarhship to succeed. After missing payments , said my credit card company had until the end of the month to make a payment or charge off the account . He then obtained a loan from a family member for the remaining balance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus On the morning of day 31 I called and said I had until 10 pm to make the payment . Based on this information , I decided to call back when it was more convenient for me after my classes ended at 17:00 PST. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel cheated now that was worth 20k voucher of debt , only to have my credit ruined because I was 3 hours late in taking my last payment . Not only that , I could have made the payment in the morning , but decided to wait until it was more convenient because of something your operator told me .
What kind of payment do i need to prepare if i want to Buy a condo? All payment by hard cash, CPF, Bank loan?1HiPOLitO2012-10-09 10:01:02
Thank you very much for ur help
Can my bank charge me for placing a stop payment on a check that online bill pay sent that is lost?0woody2012-10-08 23:27:57
I pay my bills every month through ez - payment services to bill my credit union provides for Union First Financial Federal Credit Union. The service is provided by a service provider outside ez - payment invoice. In this case I paid my car payment . Bank of America (the holder of the loan ) never received the check. Apparently , he sent a check by mail to Bank of America . The check has failed her and it's been almost 12 days. I never had this problem. The bank informed me that to put a stop payment on the check he would have to pay a fee. I realize when a lost check e I have to pay this fee , but you really can pass this cost to me in this case ? They say they are passing on the fee that the bill payment service happened to them . But if the payment service accounts lost it in the first place I have any recourse here? Or should I pay the fee . If it was my mistake I'd gladly pay but banks always screw the customer , even when they are wrong. I'm sick of it .
Can i refinance my balloon balance payment on my car loan thru a bank vs. car dealer?1danny please help!!2012-09-06 22:59:03
The original loan was made ​​through car dealership . I thought I would have to do a lease purchase on credit .
If a loan charges off for non-payment, does it continue to be reported as "charge-off" after payment plan?0kuno2012-09-06 23:37:03
If a loan charged off for nonpayment , but then the debtor enters into a repayment agreement , the creditor can continue to denounce him as a "charge off" in the debtor's credit report ? Can the debtor compel the creditor to exchange the debt situation in the credit report , and now they are paying him?
My auto loan is marked as a charge-off even though I have been making payments?010th grade2012-09-08 18:55:03
HSBC stopped Nov.2007 send my bill , I thought it was weird (I've never missed a payment in the 3 years I have has this loan ) I called , and was aimed at " national bankruptcy hotline " and tried to register online pay and will not let me.So could not get via HSBC . Turns out my co -signer ( my dad ! ) Chap13 declared bankruptcy , and my car was dragged to that. So here I am paying my bill for the months that followed , thinking well when bankruptcy is clear , I can start paying my own again , my father 's lawyer did not even know what was happening . So in Feb.2008 I receieve my first notice in the mail from HSBC stating if I make a late payment (total 1,500.00) by a certain date , they will not pursue the car , so it would be as if it never missed a payment at all. I pay of course , and I've been doing my monthly payments since then ( although I still do not receive an invoice ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I checked my credit , and I have an account with HSBC indicating negative amortization loan auto 4 months late and late payments from 06/2008 amount due : ! $ 10,200 . I am totally frustrated , I have been making my payments every month now! I even tried to question the claims and nothing happened . I spoke with national hotline for bankruptcy , since no one at HSBC will say a word to me , and told me that since I made the late payment even matter even if the car is in bankruptcy. So now I just want to sell my car and pay if off , just be done with the whole mess . Is there any way possible to get this cleared from my credit? Thanks for any advice !
What kind of car loan do I need?( I'm not buying it at a dealership)?2Jr.2012-10-02 12:17:03
I know nothing about auto loans . I want to buy a car from an owner who wants the cash Should I talk to my bank about this right ? ? I can get a loan of about $ 4,000 and pay it off in about less than one year . (I have decent credit, but no experience car loan / credit , I have only one credit for rental housing and 2 credit cards . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If there is a loan for my type of question , if the interest is high , so I will just wait and save for the $ 4,000. But I want that car because its reliability and want to sell my car as soon as possible and get a new one. MedlinePlus thanks
What kind of interest rate should i expect when getting a car loan at a dealership?0guinea, fowl2012-10-06 16:34:10
I have 21 years old , no credit (0) ( which is apparently the same as having bad credit ) . I work part time making $ 10 an hour . And I 'm looking for a used car in the range of $ 5,000 - $ 10,000. I can not find anyone to co-sign a loan for me in my bank , so my only option is to get a loan from the dealer . What kind of interest rate should I expect from a dealer ?
Loan modification or refinance service charge?0Missthang2012-11-02 01:04:47
how much is the average charge of mortage company to modify or refinance a loan?
Current car payment is $550. Can refinance loan for shorter term, lower interest, & $200 less payment.?0Us2012-09-28 08:09:03
I'm worried about credit score effect car loan refinancing and currently looking to buy a house in the coming months . Credit scores do not want to fall , but need to refinance so my monthly debit is less . Not sure if refinancing will help as far as affordability when buying a house ? Also, if the credit score drop is large and usually the time it takes to recover?
I need to refinance my car loan to get my ex husband off of it.. He was suppossed to be making the (continues)?0David M.2012-09-06 12:27:03
.... car insurance payments yet. MedlinePlus but I have called Geico saying that hadnt done in a few months and have canceld my policy . In my insurance card that says my policy does not expire until 8/2012 . So I put that information in the field of insurance ? or just leave everything blank? will make a difference in my interest rate or approval ? thanks

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