How can I keep a vehicle when the bank is trying to repossess it? related questions

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How can I keep a vehicle when the bank is trying to repossess it?3Aleksander from Guam2012-10-22 05:27:01
I was making payments for more than three years ( over $ 12,000 ) in a vehicle . Being in between jobs, I missed a couple of payments . I have a great job last month where you save about $ 3000 a month , but the bank will not let me make payments I missed. They said that the account was charged off and the only way to keep the vehicle going to pay the entire balance of $ 11,000. I do not want to lose the car that I paid more than half . I ` m trying to achieve and the type of loan ($ 7000 - $ 8000) or having to somehow refinance given that the recovery process destroyed my credit score . The car is still in my possession , but I have to find a way to pay as soon as possible . Please help me
How can I repossess a vehicle I am a cosigner/co owner?0Yaun2012-10-19 17:44:34
I've been a co-signer/co-owner my ex . fianc
What right does a cosigner have to repossess my vehicle if i've only been late once?2economist2012-08-27 08:10:16
I started working for my cousin who owns a small business . He did not want me driving my truck close to customers , as it was a couple of years and dented on one side. So we went to go see if I could buy one . My credit was bad ( divorce , etc. ) and the only way to get a truck would pay a large sum of money down . could not. My cousin offered to co - sign . I felt like it was a bad idea and said no. He continued to nag , so I did . Anyway , I've been paying for two years and have been late once, for a few days . In today's economy I think is pretty good , and now I'm a small business owner myself. Well , now says he will come and take the truck . He also says he has a lawyer and I have to sign a contract to provide insurance information and all documentation for the purchase of vehicles and loans . I'm still willing to follow the truck and I'm still making payments . We have provided banking information in the past and have tried to get a loan to take over the truck soley trade in. My question is, can bring the sheriff department to my house to take possession of the truck and I have to give all this documentation you are asking .
Can the auto dealership where I I bought vehicle repossess my car if my payment goes to finance co?3Sister. ° 2012-11-03 11:12:02
I financed a used vehicle from a car lot and paid cash totaling $ 2,000.00 for a down payment to the dealer . The total price of the vehicle was $ 6200.00 . The remaining balance of $ 4,200.00 was financed through a loan company / bank. My first payment gave me a grace period of 10 days from the due date , and late charges due if paid after that. Three days after the grace period towed my car dealership . The finance company knows nothing and says dealer has vehicle but dealer says co financing. has vehicle. Two days there is no response from anywhere . What should I do ? Is this legal ? Please help legal. Thank you. How do I get back imediately personal effects I have in the car ?
Can a bank repossess my car if I'm current on payments but default on a HELOC through the same bank? ?1Christine2012-10-24 07:40:02
I had a line of credit ( second refinanced mortgage on it) in a house that is very backward. About 3 years after I did the HELOC , I bought a car and financed through the credit union as well as my HELOC . No HELOC funds were used to purchase the vehicle. My house was repossessed so I stopped the HELOC payimg too. I've been in my current car payments and have never been late and a repo guy showed up at my house with a search warrant repurchase my credit union saying it was warranty ... was no guarantee and all they have in common is that they went through the same credit as the HELOC and everything comes out of my checking account with them . Is this legal since I have met all the requirements listed in the state of the auto loan documentation ? What do I do now ?
Can The Bank Repossess This Car?3Taryn2012-10-24 00:25:03
I've been out of work since June '07 . Try as I might , I can not find another job ... and I 've been looking for (I'm a sysadmin, so if there is anyone out there who needs one! ... ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That said, the bank repossessed my car that gave me the loan . The car was auctioned on Jan 31 . I have received no word on the rest of the loan that is still outstanding. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With my tax return , I just bought a car ... paid in cash . No loan ... however. The bank called me saying that if there is an outstanding balance on the car repossessed , the desire to recover the car you just pay cash to make up the difference . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can they do this , because the bank has no financial ties to this car I just bought ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the help ... It must be light somewhere in this tunnel .
Bank will not repossess my car after bankruptcy?0Rodolfo Brown2012-08-10 12:50:02
The bank said it and is willing to come for the car after surrendering in bankruptcy. I said no and are willing to spend money on getting the car. The loan amount that was due on the car before the bankruptcy was about twice what the car is actually worth (which is a considerably lower amount ). They said if I want to fix it and deliver it to them they will take, but it is a drive of several hours. Besides distance , I would have no way to return after delivery thereof. I am currently trying to get a car to drive, but can only have one car in my present lot . I can not scrap a car , trade, or sell a car that I have the title. The lot to me is also expensive, and very soon I will have to pay for another parking permit for this vehicle, since it is not supposed to let it drag ( through the advice of a lawyer) ... any idea what my chances are ?
Will the bank repossess my car or garnish my paycheck?0Jasona2012-10-03 05:03:44
I had filed for bankruptcy a year ago and the case was discharged because I missed some payments . This resulted in my bank car loan to restore the account and was behind several thousand . I gave the last week to pay the entire loan
Can my bank repossess my car, if I am currently making payments?3Shawn112012-10-11 01:37:03
The financial institution that I have my car loan through ( in Ohio ) sent me a letter last week saying that if I can not pay a ridiculous amount for the entire current path, could retrieve my car . this was just a typed letter by my institution . I have been making payments to them every month. It is the total amount I should be paying , but I'm still making at least half of the payment or more each month . My last payment to them was a $ 80 payment in early April 2010. Is it legal for them to recover actuallyy my car , or to threaten seizure when they have received a payment to me in the past two weeks ?
I don't understand how a vehicle loan from the bank please?3suz2012-09-06 10:53:04
So I'm borrowing 15,000 in the bank for a car loan ( RBC ) and I wonder if the $ 15,000 is automatically in my account as soon as it is approved and I use that to pay the dealer of each month , right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When do I pay the bank ? How long do I have to pay ? It's exactly what I owe 15,000 or more than that ?
I got declined to refinance my vehicle 10% apr, is it useless to try another bank?0dany2012-10-01 21:55:02
I have had the car for about a year, and I wanted to refinance , called AAA , and I declined charge offs reason is , delinquint payments , mind you I have solved this problem a year before the original loan , you should try another bank (they charge another few points of my credit score ) or wait ?
If you trade a vehicle that the balance of the note is 15,000 and you get a cheaper car, does the bank get the?1-Minx-2012-10-05 16:17:03
vehicle is the bank to get the rest of the money to the loan sale ?

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