I am thinking of taking a secured loan to clear credit card debt , any advice? related questions

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I am thinking of taking a secured loan to clear credit card debt , any advice?2Mongolian Shit 2012-11-04 23:25:01
I'm thinking of taking a secured loan to eliminate credit card debt , any advice?
My husband and I are thinking about taking out a loan to pay off credit card debt and medical bills.?9ara2012-09-14 09:10:03
Our house is paid for and their parents think it is a bad idea to take out a loan for unsecured debt in trade to be sure the house. While this would save about $ 500 a month to not have or put something else on the cards and just pay cash? Good idea or bad and if so what kind of loan we have?
Credit issues and thinking about a secured credit card?0Keilaa2012-10-01 08:50:11
I've done a lot of bad decisions in my life and fell on hard times before. Now I want to clean everything and live a better life . I 'm about $ 30,000 in credit card debt between a repo in my car , evictions , bad checks , medical bills , and other shit I've done in the past. I thought about filing for bankruptcy , but I do help all my problems (such as evictions ) , so I do not know if it's even a good option for me . The last time I got to clean up my credit I had a warranty and a secured credit card and a loan for the car . I ended up being laid off and have no savings . So I lost everything (including the apartment he had rented ) . Because of my decisions I lived in a homeless shelter for 3 months with my children . Now I have a good job , but living pay check to pay check . I always worried about what I would do if I had to move, due to credit problems and evictions that was quite difficult to find this apartment .
My friends has $10,000 in credit card debt. Is she better off taking out a loan and consolidating her debt?0mellly2012-09-30 03:33:02
My friends have $ 10,000 in credit card debt . Is it better to take a loan and consolidate your debt ?
I was thinking about taking out a home equity loan on my house to consolidate my debt I've been paying on my?0Caitlin2012-10-16 09:44:48
home for three years , the house was sold for 83,000 've done a lot of remodeling worth about 25,000 aleast need a loan for 23 000 what are my chances of getting this?
What should I consider when taking out a personal loan to consolidate credit card debt?0Francisca2012-08-06 15:55:02
I'm thinking of taking $ 3,000 maximum. I talked to my bank to ask about rates and charges, but have not yet submitted an application or have had a credit check, so do not know what rates they are offering. Since I have fair credit and debt to income , I am considering the effects of a personal loan in my financial health over the long term. You may need to take a car loan in the coming months , and as I have understood , the reduction of debt from my credit card through a personal loan will have a net positive effect on my credit card , reducing the rate my hypothetical car loan . < Br > So I'm wondering about what to consider before taking the personal loan. From now on , I know a) you will need to be sure you can pay the minimum monthly payments and b ) the loan rate is lower than the interest rate on my credit cards Besides, I take a loan for the total amount you owe, or some other percentage , and pay part with cash on hand. Should I go through my bank or other institution if you do not anticipate missing payments or paying late ? Thanks in advance . I appreciate your time and consideration. Please sources and users who respond only qualified!
I would like to consolidate credit card debt by taking a loan out without using my house.?0krys2012-08-06 12:29:01
Can any bank or lender to help? I can afford a payment of interest of 10 % or less instead of paying 28 or 30 % as the loading of credit cards.
Secured card help my credit?? I need advice...:O)?1Prudence2012-10-15 21:15:02
I ruined my credit when I was in college 10 years ago and am still hurting for it. Despite having paid off all my debts , which still show as a negative in my report. There are only about 5 negative things and they were just silly , like electricity bills and stuff. Now I like $ 75,000 a year and can not even get approved for an unsecured credit card , because my FICO score is only 550 . I have student loans, but they have always been paid on time. My question is if I can get a $ 10,000 secured card from Bank of America , will raise my credit score? Is it worth it ? Is it better to have a large card or just 3 small ? Thanks for any advice you can give me
Will taking a signature loan from a bank to consolidate credit card debt hurt my credit?1Peggie2012-09-21 22:40:02
Is taking a signature loan from a bank to consolidate credit card debt hurt my credit?
I am thinking of going into a trust deed for my debt, has anyone got any advice on this ?2junu2012-10-10 01:17:03
i am about 30,000 in unsecured debt and I have a motgage and 2 loans secured on my property , there is a lot of equity in my house , I look forward to writing my trust as unsecured loans if I can I can help them organize secured loans , looking for real help
Are vehicle secured loans safe to pay off credit card debt?0Annynomus2012-09-06 04:01:06
Me and my boyfriend are getting married , but I have a feeling that will have to be delayed until I can get my credit cards paid off , I will have my car loan paid this year , but the guy told me that financial banker I could use my car loan as a loan collatoral and through them to pay off my credit cards , most cards are 15-30% and I can not go now , I will not compromise my car loan , because I did awesome with it. MedlinePlus Please let me know if a secured car loan is a way forward , I have fear that it will ruin my credit by showing that I could not pay my car loan , but also my credit rating has declined due to the amount tour cards I have .
I need HELP! I"m in so much Credit Card debt. Need advice..?0didymus mupambo2012-11-05 11:10:22
I have so many credit card bills, and can't seem to keep up. My wife and I both work, but this seems to be getting worst for us. Has anyone ever been here ?? And if so, how were you able to get out of debt? Debt Consolidation? Loan? Did you just no pay and let it affect your credit? (Which ofcourse isn't a good idea). Please anyone. We owe at least 11 thousand dollars. What should I do ??

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