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Where do I get the papers to modify my divorce decree?1APA - In text referencing.2012-10-17 03:31:02
In my divorce , my ex husband has the car and the car loan in the divorce decree . It's been over a year and the car is still registered under my name and my name is on the loan . I can not get my name off the loan without him refinance or pay it off . I'm getting traffic tickets violation of what the car is doing . I want to change my decree of court order he has to do these things because I've been begging him all this time to do it . I want a new car loan with my credit , it looks like you have too much financial obligation . I called the courthouse and the lady told me I had to pay for another divorce and send a money order and ways to modify the decree , but when I asked where to get these forms are said to find out myself. Please help me I'm so tired of this I am a full time student and I can afford a lawyer , but it would be extremely inconvenient . thank you
How do I modify my divorce decree?1Lallie2012-10-20 13:27:03
In the division of property and debts, my ex husband has the car and the car loan . It's been a year since the divorce and the car is still in my name and my name is on the loan . I want to get a court order to refinance the loan and register the car in his name . How I can do this ?
I got a divorce 2 years ago, part of the divorce decree states my ex is soley responsible for the mortgage.?1Owen Leigh2012-10-12 20:37:02
He said he contacted the mortgage co . And his lawyer filed a special action guaranteed to get me off the mortgage . So last week I went to buy a car and found that I am still on the mortgage and has been delinquent in paying several times over the past two years . I called the mortgage co . And they say they do not care what a judge has ordered 'm still responsible until the loan is refinanced . So basically my question is I'm at the mercy of my ex until the loan is refinanced ? ? ? And no matter what the divorce decree says it is only financially responsible for all debts in this house ? ? ? ? ? ?
Post-Divorce Legal Question, How to make ex wife comply with the terms in the Divorce Decree.?6Ronasia Mcbride2012-10-03 04:13:01
Recetly 'm divorced, the divorce terms give responsbility sole support of your car and your loan. However, she will not refinance the loan, so it remains on my credit. She already was 90 days late with a number of payments, and continueing to hurt my credit card. What should I do ? State : Texas State of divorce : Completed Loan Type : Vehicle
Concerns with the final decree of divorce in Texas.?2Nam2019-04-07 20:13:23
I filed for divorce and my wife has signed the waiver of notice . Now we just have to wait and bring the final decree in my ear , for the judge to sign. MedlinePlus I have a couple of questions about the decree : MedlinePlus 1. Since my wife signed the waiver of notice , need not sign the final decree , is not it? MedlinePlus 2. How detailed should the decree ? We have no property , only school loans ( in our different names ) , the credit card debt ( just for you) and two car loans. Should I include student loans and credit card debt if you are only in your name ? MedlinePlus I have the intention to do away with car loans ( car belongs to her , and the other is mine ) , but I have to include the exact amount left on the notes ? Is it necessary to include equities and cars ? MedlinePlus I appreciate any help , as I am very worried and the deep desire to end this in the easiest way possible. My wife and I got married young ( and still are very young ) , so I fortunately do not have any properties . And luckily we have no children ! MedlinePlus
Divorce Decree ERROR...Did not compell Ex to get my name off of home loan?1Lady Don2012-08-22 09:03:02
Nothing in my div decree stated that the house needed to be refinanced to get my name out of the house he got in the settlement. My credit is being destroyed because he is still 3 to 4 month delay from October 2009. Your account balance is 60,000 (approximately), and the resale value would be easily 120 000 today, so you have good equity. Your interest rate is high at 8.5%, with taxes and, as your mortgage is less than $ 1,000 / mt. He is a lawyer. He says that "the poor" is a defense attorney, practicing since 1995. My lawyer div is more of a snake that my ex, so it is useless, and keeps pushing me away from this remedy. I contact the judge who made our div, but was fired because of his favoritism. The replacement judge is under federal indictment of some sort. My div was in the spring of 2004. How I can get this corrected divorce decree? My ex refuses to refinance, and may harbor ill will, because I remarried. Is there any way to "force" the hand of my ex to refinance? My new husband and I are trying to pay my debts from my previous marriage and saving for a house, we live in an apartment in the entire 4 years of marriage. He is handicapped, so we have to retro any house we buy ... no choice, really. New homes cost between $ 95 on up per square meter they have built. Pre existing homes be as low as $ 65 per square foot, well done, with minimal upgrades, so this is the way forward. In our estimates of budget, we will be debt free in May 2014, the car paid off, too. So give me time to get my credit card again excellent, if I can get the house out of my name. And my new husband has bad credit due to medical bills of his career in 2001, so he is trying to rebuild your credit, too. Please advise and thanks! 110511
If she's not paying her car payment each month as stated in our divorce decree, how can I enforce it?2sonia2012-10-14 11:43:04
He says he has to pay his car payment and refinance your car in just his name later this year . The problem is that the car is in my name only , and she says she can not get a loan by year-end . Is there any way a judge can impose your getting a co -signer , or just give her probation if temp is against? The main problem I have about this is that the debt is still in my name , hurt my credit , and if it wrecks the car , I'm still responsible for it . I do not even know if she has a certain. Any suggestions , anything would help.
If my ex filed bankruptcy(ch7) does this void parts of our divorce decree relating to debts?1Elissa2012-10-09 14:47:02
Does my ex filing for ch 7 bk means not responsible for the agreements in the divorce decree that he was going to pay some debts ? consolidation loan , auto loan , etc.
Wife did not re-finance house per Divorce Decree, how do I get removed from being listed on credit report?1capecod2012-10-08 04:17:02
Divorced , in December 2006 . Divorce decree states that the woman wears the house and has 90 days to refinance in your name only. When we bought the house , we had a 100% financing on a loan of 80/20 . It refinanced the loan to 80 % and I signed a quitclaim deed to get away from the title. Then everything went downhill . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He quit his job and moved out of state . Then he rented the house out. The lender found out what was going on and do not allow you to refinance the remaining 20% HELOC loan without a lot of $ $ $ up front . So a year and a half later, I'm having trouble getting the credit on my credit be still (not to mention that I am still responsible if she technically default ) . Ex has since remarried and has a son . He lives out of state and still rents the house . She does not respond to emails or phone calls . What I can do? The lawyers have not been helpful so far, neither has the company that owns the loan .
I co-signed for my ex-husband on a private SallieMae loan. Divorce decree states Im not liable. Can I sue?0Ralph2012-10-26 10:12:03
Our divorce decree states provides that " Notwithstanding the above references Sallie Mae student loan was obtained with the wife as an endorsement of the Bridegroom , the loan was obtained only by the husband , educational expenses that the husband will be the only party . benefit from education , he said, will be only the husband's obligation to repay the loan described above students . " He'll say : " Husband wife shall indemnify and hold harmless from any collection action relating to the loan of the above student , including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and costs incurred in defending against attempts by creditors to college anywhere that obligation of the wife " . MedlinePlus He is now 90 days past due , and it is likely going to pay . If I decide to start paying the loans and have to hire a lawyer to help with the legal aspect of the question, I can sue for the amount of money I have to pay ? I understand that I can not have my responsibility removed . Just want to know if I can make a judgment against you for any costs incurred pocket prevent delinquent loan.
Wife filed divorce papers served?1Ronnie2012-10-21 10:30:03
Ok my wife has filed for divorce and served me papers. I have no $ 3,500.00 to hire a lawyer. He left a 5000.00 retainer fee. Now he says he wants a divorce is uncontested if we can agree on things together. She said her attorney told her that I would pay $ 350 a month to support husband and I would pay $ 225 in child support, but she is opting out of the child support if I do not participate and do not ask for support spouce. She said that cancel each told. We have two boysages 12 and 6. I make a tear 25000 and 55,000 a year ago. EU would also like to try to live together and keep going, or children, but not tell you how long.We along great as friends, but she wants sex and marriage broken by divorce. I have 51 and she is 42. I know no other man. She is not happy and we fought a lot about sex and money. So far we Benn able to agree on the terms of paying the bills and house payments. Now I can afford to 1000.00 house payment and she paid me 2500.00 and pays most of the bills, but it helps if I'm behind them. We split the cost of food. I just need to know if I should ask for spouse support and custody? She is very much against this. I think I could afford a two bedroom house or apartment anyway so my children every day six months at a time. Could I ask for custody instead of 50 percent? If we live together after the divorce may be only for a short time maybe two years to recover the property or home before selling. I love my house and does. Will be awarded 50 percent of their 401k she says his lawyer says. She has 35,000 on it. Will this be paid if we still live in the same house after divorce? We also have a boat and camper who wants to sell and use the money to repay their loans? I said I will have to split the money after selling or letting'll keep the trailer and I will keep the boat. If I have a lawyer can she be awarded the boat and trailer and not give half of your 401k? I just do not have the money to get a lawyer. She used her credit card. We have separate accounts long ago, when she moved with the children one year ago but has now moved back home and is now filling the divorce. I need very good advice. I love to live as friends, because all landfills is gone, but we get along great as friends and mom and dad. And no one is bringing home women or men if we agree on it and you just say and respect each other and the family ....
His ex wife refuses to follow through on what the divorce papers say and?2shain2012-10-24 23:39:02
I have a big problem with this MedlinePlus . They divorced in 05 , were married on February 07, when a car financed together I found out that your ex never refinanced the car that got in the divorce , so my husband's name is still on the car loan . It also closed a credit card , but later reopened and charged over $ 2,000.00 in him, and his name appears on the credit card . MedlinePlus He says that I am over reacting and I should not

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