Getting an apartment with my boyfriend, any advice?

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OK so im 18 my boyfriends 19 turns 20 in December. works every few months for a few months in Alaska fishing boats . So when he returns , will have around 8000 then he'll come back in January and returns with a minimum of 15,000 . I am currently a full time student , the only thing that recently stopped working because of school. I'm about to start my job as a tutor Workstudy school. 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. 11/hour . so about 400 a month. I get paid once a month . We have no credit . What are the chances that we will be approved to get an apartment ? there are plenty of places that are student friendly and leasing 600 a month . do not have a car , we'd just take the bus . My tuition is covered by scholarships for any loan to worry about paying . Any advice ? Any body have any knowledge on the subject ? He comes on board in November and that is when we are planning to get our apartment . help ?

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