What is the truth about Medical School Debt?

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I'm in a combination BA / MD program that will cost me at least $ 400,000 in student loans when I graduate. And then I will defer 90% of it during residency and fellowship . I know I can afford it , I know it will take at least 15 years ( because I 'm not a guru , so I will not become a neurologist or anesthesiologist or any of the higher paying fields ) . MedlinePlus Everyone tells me it's not a big deal , I'll be making enough money to pay this back . But I do not think that at all , I feel like I'm going to be a poor doctor because I 'm not going to do anything significant ( new car or a house ) to pay all my loans . My question is , is it not the perception that there are a lot of poor doctors out there ? or there are doctors out there with mountains of debt still living the good life while paying down debt ?
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My experience to date is according to their perceptions , although I am not an MD . The key is to have a sound financial plan to leave school . Remember that even if the debt can be heavy , what you're looking worth more than the money itself . Helping people is priceless . I have a great debt , but now that I'm out of school , my wife and I continue to live on a budget and we know that if we continue to make wise decisions that debt paid off eventually . Hope this helps
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