Is it possible to go from no credit score, to good score in 12 months?

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im 22 , i am trying to buy a house , but I have no credit score at all. I have a few negatives , worth less than $ 2k , 12th is realistic ? random things , including B & G Music $ 50 ( from when I was 13? ) cell phone plan $ 400 ( my mom started in my name and never paid ) and a gas bill rose from $ 75, and a credit of $ 500 ... I need to acquire a mortgage in 12 months max , this can be done ? My lender told me to get a secured credit card , it even got to that declined bc of " insufficient credit history " , I do not know where to start even now. Do I call people I owe? And where I can get positive credit if I can not even get a secured card ? please help, I'm trying to buy my grandmothers house , the estate executive give me 12 months to get approval and buy! Thanks for your help !
Answer1Tsjoeptsjoep Answered at 2012-11-02 10:06:30
To buy a home, you must take care of the negatives (if you can)
A mortgage company will want to see items in collections paid off.
Just ask here (individually) how to deal with them.
With one time items such as a cell phone bill you can try to do a pay on delete.
This is where you pay in full, and they can remove the item from your reports.
With a credit card, you can't do the pay on delete, but you can negotiate a settlement. Again, ask here how to do this. A lender will want to see "paid" on your credit reports.
Get these things taken care of, and then get your secured card
Don't forget to save... you'll need a down payment for a home
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