I need money fast i have bad credit from when i was 18 made mistakes no bank account cant get a loan cant find? related questions

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I need money fast i have bad credit from when i was 18 made mistakes no bank account cant get a loan cant find?0Dally2012-10-06 13:26:46
I need money fast I have bad credit from when I was 18 mistakes I can not get a bank loan cant find a job and Wits End 'm willing to do almost anyhing what do I do.
How can I attempt to fix my credit from mistakes I made in college?2Student3152012-09-03 09:34:02
When I was looking for my degree, I was an idiot when it comes to credit cards. To make a long story short , I felt that credit cards as " free money" , so needless to say, a lot of financial mistakes were made. Also I have some medical bills for a few years ago , when I had no health insurance. To guess a grand total of all my bills I would say , at the top , about 15 K. Of course, as I grew , I realized my stupidity and the importance of good credit is in all aspects of life. But just because I grew up , does not mean my debt problems have gone. Now I'm in the Graduate School and deal with the problem of finding a source of supplementary loan to cover tuition . I heard all the announcements of debt consolidation agencies , and things of that nature, but when I looked at some of them looked more like a scam than anything else. I've also thought about filing for bankruptcy , but what I learned from that, will negatively affect your credit for at least five years. I would not be able to lease / buy a car rent a house or rent an apartment and other necessities. So I'm at a loss , I really want to start working on these problems, and I think if I could consolidate everything into one monthly payment, or to get something down that would help me allot. I'm looking for some advice on the options you may have , organizations that can help, or anyone can give me idea how to deal with this problem. thanks
I have the worst credit ever, i was late on stuff several times and made a lot of mistakes with credit cards .2Melonie2012-10-01 12:15:03
I tried to pay good at what I do have funded , but I need a new (to me ) car. How I can get a used car loan without a cosigner ?
I need a fast cash loan but i dont have a bank account cant i get it sent to me by money gram?2SOY LOCO 2012-08-11 04:19:03
I need a fast cash loan but I have a bank account I can not I get me sent by Money Gram?
Where online can I find a personal loan with bad credit and no bank account?2I want more nicks DARKNET;)!~ by ery87 2012-10-12 16:36:10
I am in desperate need of a loan due to unexpected medical expenses . I have bad credit and do not have a bank account. The only deals I'm finding are for payday loans and cash advance loans that offer only a small amount of money. I need a loan you could get about $ 1000. Can anyone help ?
Help,i wrote this letter to bank explaining my tough battle with money situation.Please correct my mistakes?2mohib2012-09-12 03:41:06
(My situation is that I had two jobs, one in the store retail with a commission, another is a bartender.With the ongoing recession, I fired my bar, second job at the store with retail commission sales is terrible .. coz just MedlinePlus My interest rate of the mortgage is 6%, and I would ask the bank to lower interest rate. Because monthly i pay over $ 2500, and been fighting for almost no savings, and the reasons given above I've been paying partial payments of utility bills, but they have been good to my bank with mortgage payments and always paid on time, in fact, when my mortgage contract started i used to pay $ 200 more, then the usual pay, just to stay ahead of my mortgage payment. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the body of the letter he wrote please correct me if there is something wrong or help me reiterate my prayers, THANK YOU. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am writing this letter to explain the unfortunate set of circumstances that have made me become almost delinquent on my mortgage. I've done everything in my power to make ends meet, but unfortunately I have fallen short and would like you to consider working with me to lower the current interest rate on my loan that I have found in the loss of most of my savings.My main goal is to keep my house where I support my sister and my parents who support me at home in Puerto Rico. The purpose of this letter is to request your kind assistance to help me get through a period of temporary financial difficulties. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been working two jobs to pay my bills, one in the bar, and the second store in the retail of great support to the commission. After being fired from the bar since January 2009, and lost almost half of my commission in another job due to bad market, my income has been reduced significantly, even forced me to give up my car last week. Shortly after losing almost all my savings for now, I fell more and more behind my utility payments which have been making partial payments since February 2009. MedlinePlus I even tried to sell the house, but the price has dropped considerably. MedlinePlus Now,
Is it a good idea to move money from my bank a/c to my spouses a/c to thwart bank taking money from my account?3Fabian2012-11-05 07:57:04
Ok , so we have a loan with a bank. We renegotiated downward loan for 12 months, 12 months have increased and the bank has begun to take x amount each week ( double the original sum agreed, triple the amount of renegotiation ) contacted the bank , made arrangements for just 2 weeks ago renegotiated the amount to be removed on a weekly basis , he said it was okay to separate and never happen again , however he did ( three times the amount to be renegotiated loan to pay wothdrawn ) < br > Contact the bank again and said the same thing would not happen again . He did . It has been going on a Friday. Now I'm thinking of moving all my funds from that account to my bar of wives into account the weekly repayment dates so if you are going to get more of that just will not be there and force the issue if you try to put that in the long finger again. The loan is unsecured , not me the names of my wives. Good idea or not ? Thank you.
I need money really bad but dont have bank account for a loan cause i owe bank money what should i do?3Joe Schmo2012-10-26 19:05:03
I have no money in my bank account till tomorrow, can I apply for $100 loan from my credit unio to buy a phone?2Cindi2012-09-12 00:17:04
I need a phone for personal matters , and for university use and really I can not wait . I belong to a credit union , I have 18 years , I have a job and I just want to borrow $ 100 and I can afford it next week . I really do not I have a good time this weekend and my credit union offers loans from their website . I wonder what kind of loan should I apply ? There's a list of what is called " unsecured credit line " and the terms listed is a month . Does what apply and connects directly to my bank account ? And I can go to the credit union in person and pay the loan back in the form of cash?
I have bad credit..Payday loans messed up my bank account. I need money by Monday 5/14/07 help?1J.C.2012-10-11 17:21:03
Aloan I need to pay my tuition for children , summer tuition , and reregister my girls for the fall. I have a great job , but had a family crisis ( oldest daughter has lukemia ) and had to pay for the treatments until Medicare has been approved . I had a few payday loans , payng time , until one of them was in a day early and tried to get your total balance . That was not the deal, and they messed up my account , which caused a ripple effect on every other account that hurt from that account . Not to mention the bank check bouncing fees . I'm working on getting those items fixed but now I need $ 4,000 . Any idea where I can look ... fast . Without this last installment , my daughters will not be able to take final exams and must repeat the entire course . I can verify everything I've said . Please scammer not saying that I can give you a loan at 3% knowing that they will charge me to live in the U.S. and will never see the money . ( They are in today's report )
Why can't I get a fast cash loan if I am employed, but don't have equity or a bank account?0Bizzy2012-09-27 10:11:04
Why I can not get a fast cash loan if I am employed , but have no capital or a bank account ?
Lent money to friend by taking a loan from bank in london, repayment made only 25%, legal written document?0Fafe2012-08-17 11:10:03
I have taken a loan from a bank in London when I worked there as my friend needed money THT , I'm sure tht he will payback , but it has been about 5 years n the bank has transferred my case to a company collection service , about 25% of the amount has been done, now I know I'm THT to obtain a written statement from him, then wht do I need to be written in the declaration , which is def . sign the document, but I know the issue ... so, is responsible for paying the entire amount due by me th ...... Please let me know .. thnks

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