I have student loans that I started paying on.I want to go get another undergrad degree. Can I still get aid? related questions

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I have student loans that I started paying on.I want to go get another undergrad degree. Can I still get aid?0Suetusi2012-10-06 12:31:14
I graduated last spring and I can not find a job in my field , so I want to change the fields . My loans have been consolidated and I have begun to pay. I can ? Financial aid and borrowing , while I go back for another bachelor's degree ? I would be fine with either defer or not to defer current payments .
Haven't started college yet, want to go into Medical School after I get my undergrad degree... but?2Ms. Sue-- this is for you---please read and help!!2012-10-07 13:50:03
It did well in high school. I graduated with a 2.0, not because he had learning problems or anything else, but because they simply never bothered with homework, studying, projects, etc. I always did well in tests, but never studied for them. I think the main reasoning behind this was, that was never presented to the interesting subject, nor do I have a good head (I mean it was 14-16 years). After my junior year, however, my family moved to Arizona, and instead of ending the year at the local high school, I just finished my remaining credits (4) online. That year got no less than 90% in each class. After graduating, I do not know what happened, but I have great interest in a wide range of topics. My highest level of high school math was Algebra. But since then, I've taught myself a lot of calculus and physics, whether library books, online research, lectures and documentaries, and what-have-you. I am very interested now in going into the field of medicine, but do not have the grades to get into a state college for my first two years of undergraduate. I know for certain once I'm in college I will be at the top of my class and everything. I have 19 years old at that time, I will start classes in January (going to take the SAT / ACT in the next 4 months and score as high as I can to help my chances), and apparently only plausible option is a local university. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Pre-school was a community college, but is no longer considered as such. After two years, I was planning to transfer credits to a state university, from there I will finish the premed requirements and apply for medical school. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Leaving it behind you, and now you're well knowledged about my past, I have some questions: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1.) Medical Schools Will me down because of my high school grades? MedlinePlus 2.) Medical schools have dorms? MedlinePlus 3.) I obviously can not afford medical school pocket, so I'll have to resort to financial aid / student loans ... between the two (and whatever else is available), it cover tuition costs at 100%? MedlinePlus 4.) If I have to work to feed, and / or pay tuition, you can do that and go to medical school? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very motivated to do this, I realize that I will be at school / home for the next 12 years or more, I know it's hard and I am 100% in your favor ... I'm looking for some quiet / answers here. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Am I considered an undergrad for Federal Student Loan programs if I'm pursuing a 2nd degree?0bri2012-10-26 10:47:21
I have a BSED in Secondary Education, but ... I really want to change careers . I am considering a degree in Pasty 6 months in French Pastry School in Chicago . I'm stressed by financial pressure during the transition , though. Should I be covered by federal Stafford loans ?
I'm a undergrad student in GA and need help on what kind of loans i should get?0arash akbary2012-11-05 20:51:47
I'm marked as dependent but i'm living away from home and my parents don't pay for anything except health insurance. I think i have good credit bc i've always paid all my credit cards on time. I'm 21 and I'm just wondering which ones are the best. Any help would be awesome because I don't even understand what "interest rate reduction for auto-debit" means. I don't want to pay anything or have any interest grown until I get out of college. Are there any available like that? what should I look for? My college sucks and they don't educate people on this, even when you ask.
Can you consolidate undergrad and graduate student loans?0Alex B.2012-09-04 14:45:03
Can you consolidate student loans for undergraduate and graduate ?
Post grad (or undergrad) student loans to buy a car?1green_heart2012-08-11 13:52:40
my wife is beginning post-graduate studies in the fall to get his master , and she received an offer for Stafford loans ( subsidized and unsubsidized ) and the sum total of the amount of tuition for the first year without any food and lodging. we were expecting something extra to buy a car because our current car is not suitable for us and our children 2. my question is are there other loans that can get you to buy a car? we were hoping not to have to start making payments until graduation . I will also start school in the fall at a community college , if that increases our options at all. I will be able to get the Stafford loan too? we were hoping to spend at least $ 10,000 so we can get a car that is going to last. I filled out the FAFSA and will get at least $ 3,000 you want to use to pay our current apartment.
Graduate Student Loan to Pay Undergrad Loans?0Scarlet2012-10-19 06:52:17
I've always offered a lot of student government subsidized loans for my undergraduate degree is not necessary , so do not take them out . However, I have a $ 15,000 loan from Sallie Mae my degree in a relatively high interest rate of 8 % on my rate of government that is set at 6% . My question is should I pay the loan with Sallie Mae loan from the government ? This would make all my loans in sub loans , and do my student loan debt to total BS and MS degrees at 35,000 fixed at 6 % . Just a thought . Thank you. I'm working full time , with an entry level salary of 32,000 . If what matters . I got an increase in the graduation of my teachers . Thank you.
I have roughly $60,000 in private undergrad student loans.?0Bridgett2012-08-25 23:50:03
My grace period is over and my loan payments have begun . I will be attending law school in the fall so I'd defer payments until after graduation . However, since interest rates are low , I would defer to consolidate before . Am I able to do this ? And if so , who is the best lender should I go? My interest rates are 5.5% for half my loan amount and 6% for the other half .
How can one get a college degree while paying off a huge student loan?0mayank2012-10-25 23:04:23
A friend contracted mononucleosis and did not graduate . Now he's trying to pay a large student loan , but you have to work in a menial job , due to not having a title . It feels like you never get the loan paid off , even with low interest and consolidation . Any suggestions ?
I want to go back to undergrad school. Question about Federal Student Loans?0Oma2012-10-26 15:03:25
I can only go to school part time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know how much you can get per semester if I only part time? I'm sure I can get a federal loan when I go part time. I wonder if I can get extra help with living expenses . Does anyone know how much general?
If i consolidate my undergrad student loans, can i still defer the consolodated package?0J2012-08-12 22:43:02
If I consolidate my student loans undergraduate, I can delay ¿ consolidated package if I go back to school for a degree ?
If i consolidate my undergrad student loans, can i still defer the consolidated package?1hadley2012-08-09 23:39:03
I'm looking to go to Graduate school .

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