Will interest rates for federal student loans raise or lower? related questions

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Will interest rates for federal student loans raise or lower?0Debby2012-10-05 00:24:55
I've been getting a lot of calls from random companies about consolidating my student loans , they lock in the interest rate , I think. Do you think interest rates of student loans will go up or down over the next two years? Thank you.
My credit card companies refuse to raise my limit or lower my interest rates...loan options?0C.J.2012-10-05 03:04:07
I have three credit cards with low limits ($ 300 - $ 350 each) and the balances are more or less at the maximum. I have not been late with any of them in over a year, and I keep my minimum payments, but with the monthly and annual fees and interest, I can not seem to get the balance down. I have not used the card for any purchase in 6-9 months in all. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I called each CC company today to see about lowering the interest or increase balance and denied everything. Now I'm looking for other options to consolidate these loans. I filed a BK7 in 2007 and opened these cards to help improve my credit, and now my credit score is 534, 591, 648. All I want to do is pay these cards so you can put the money in my savings account, but these companies are making it difficult, and in my account and my savings I can not pay more than what you pay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone have any experience or ideas? I made a "bad credit card consolidation credit" google search and just got payday loans - No way. I can make extra money from my student loan, but did not begin until September, and I'm trying not to pay much money per month when I go to school, too. I live in Las Vegas, NV, if that gives anyone local company considerations. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These are my cards and rates from now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Capital One: $ 300 limit, balance of $ 251, 17% interest, no annual fee / monthly $ 25 a month payment MedlinePlus Orchard Bank: $ 300 limit, balance of $ 231, 20% interest, no annual fee / monthly $ 25 a month payment MedlinePlus First Premier: $ 350 limit, balance of $ 350, 20% interest, $ 7 month / $ 48 year free, $ 32/month payment MedlinePlus First Premier: $ 300 limit, balance of $ 278, 20% interest, $ 7 month / $ 48 year free, $ 32/month payment MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a very tight budget already, and really do not want to dip into my savings. Only I have to find a way out of this debt (albiet small, but still it's driving me crazy) so you can start saving more money. :-)
Why the hell do congress want to raise student loans interest rates?0JC2012-11-06 05:58:06
I just heard that they're thinking about doubling the price of student loans? As if things aren't bad enough! This is unbelievable! This country is falling apart slowly!! We will soon be a 3rd world country!
Is it possible to postpone student loan consolidation to wait for lower interest rates rates?0Bryan2012-08-22 20:38:02
I graduated six months ago with several federal student loans combining more than 40K . Which is better for me to consolidate now or stay ? Will the fed cutting lending rates ( now 3 % ) affect interest rates offered by preparers loan? Will I be offered either variable or fixed if I consolidate ?
Do college students voting for Obama know he voted AGAINST lower interest rates for student loans?0dert62012-11-05 04:58:02
Do college students who vote for Obama knows he voted against lower interest rates for student loans ?
I think it's too late to worry about it, but did the federal interest rates go up for student loans this year?0laporisha2012-10-16 16:14:21
I thought I read somewhere that there are changes this year, but they ask me to build so I was wondering if it really changed or not.
What do Americans think of these loan interest rates from an Irish bank,are interest rates in the US lower?0concy2012-11-04 01:57:45
From what I know they are higher than US banks? http://www.aib.ie/personal/loans/Persona
How can i lower my credit debt or get my interest rates lower so i can prevent from filing bankruptcy?0Christia2012-10-11 17:21:38
i have excellent credit , but my payments are eating me alive .... My income has gone down and I'm barley surving but having to pay interest rates exorbant ... I have to have an unsecured loan any suggestions
Why would someone pay the higher interest rates when lower rates are available elsewhere?1Brittani2012-10-15 03:30:04
this is a question I have for homework . Refers to auto loans , banks , credit unions and the like .
Y are private student loan interest rates so much more than federal & y can't i consolidate to get a fed rate2anonomus2012-08-20 06:03:02
And there are private student loan interest rates far more than federal, and I can not and consolidation to get a Fed rate
Should I consolidate my private student loans even tho i already have lower rates?1Nauman2012-09-18 16:17:04
hey guys , now I have $ 10,000 to Wachovia at 7.25 % , $ ​​6500 with Chase at 5.75 % , and $ 4000 with Key Bank at $ 8.25% ... I know it does not seem high rates so my question is Should I consolidate my loans ? or just leave them for now ? thank you!
Why don't they simply lower interest rates...?0Pizza2012-10-27 11:18:09
... for owners of existing homes in danger of foreclosure ? They are variable rate loans mostly greedy putting people out of their homes . Redo loans so the owner can stay in their homes and the banks get their money , despite the high rate of an adjustable loan .

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