Payday Loan Consolidate or Contact them on my own?

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Rashed Alhajri
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I live in the state of MO and have about 7 loans online , I recently changed my bank account information because after all the costs of renovating / fianance his " getting too . Know I should not have done and left go so bad , so I do not need the trial , however , I have contacted two different debt consolidators specifically for PDL . 'm running into trouble with payments , both are extremely high . was wondering if anyone knew of a legit company that has a lower rate or will it be easier to contact them myself? MedlinePlus I want them to pay and that is my intention , but I want to control my monthly payments for each, so you can get paid off. I'm not sure which option would be better. If someone has been through this , advice or experience would be greatly appreciated , thanks !

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