Does anyone have any advice on consolidating PRIVATE student loans? I'm having bad luck and need some advice! related questions

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Does anyone have any advice on consolidating PRIVATE student loans? I'm having bad luck and need some advice!2anglo2012-08-13 18:55:36
Does anyone have any advice on consolidating private student loans ? I'm having bad luck and need some advice !
Can anyone offer advice and/or personal experiences regarding consolidating federal AND private student loans?1ssmhollywood2012-10-04 14:46:03
I'm trying to learn about the best way and the best lender , if any , with which consolidate my federal and private student loans together into one consolidated loan and payment . Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated .
Advice on consolidating Student Loans?0Abgail2012-08-30 06:54:03
I graduate next May in college and I've been told by many people to consolidate 5-6 months before graduation, but I've never heard a reason why. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I have four credits (3 private and federal 1) and the total balance of all of them is about $ 60,000 you paid for four years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are the advantages of early consolidation ? MedlinePlus What should be on the look out ? MedlinePlus and what better company to consolidate with ?
Where can I get advice about consolidating my student loans?1goose2012-08-10 13:11:40
Where I can get advice about consolidating my student loans?
Any advice on consolidating student loans?1Aluna2012-11-05 06:26:06
Is it good , bad .... companies to use , companies avoid ?
Advice on consolidating student loans (going to military training)?0smith2012-09-26 00:47:05
So I'm considering consolidating my student loans so I do not have to keep up with 7 different due dates, etc. I received about $ 50,000 in loans from 4 as federal loans , Wells Fargo , Sallie Mae and persecution . I also put about $ 3,000 of my student loan debt on my American Express card , which in hindsight probably was not the best idea. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , I just think it would be much more convenient to have only one payment a month . However, I 'll USMC basic training in April. my private loans will not let me defer payments while away , so my parents are going to do to me for those 3 months. I 'll contact around a check for $ 5,000 ( lower taxes ) , what I have thought paying my credit cards . I'll be home for 10 days and then go to MCT , and then I'm pretty sure that we go straight to my school, which is one year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my question is : When should I consolidate ? Should I do it now , before I go , and then my parents just have to deal with a payment? Should I consolidate during my 10 day vacation ? Should I consolidate after MCT and start making payments during MOS school ? Will I have time to make payments even during MOS school? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there anyone else that Wells Fargo , consolidating student loans ? I would really like to stop giving my business as soon as possible , as their customer service is terrible. Will my interest rate will be high or average lending rates ? Or will I be able to negotiate ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there questions that I'm forgetting to ask? Any advice is welcome ... Thank you !
Advice on paying Private Student Loans?0Katie Lee2012-08-15 19:18:03
My husband and I have over $ 120,000 in student loan debt (mostly private loans with Sallie Mae ). We are looking to join the Peace Corps and I just found out that our loans can be deferred while serving. I wonder how to deal with this huge debt . Should I consolidate ? Is there something clever you can do to help get these payments? Are there other options for us (consolidation, financial aid options ... etc )? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your advice.
I need some legal advice. Does anyone out there know if you can file bankruptsy on private student loans?0georgian2012-10-25 22:31:17
I know it can not be in federal loans , but these were private loans and not have to be approved by the college I was attending. I really do not want to do this , but I'm really in financial straits right now. I would appreciate any advice.
I need advice on my Sallie Mae private student loan?1Albert Minner2012-09-22 17:20:03
I have a loan from Sallie Mae student with a minimum payment of $ 496.00 and a loan repayment term of 10 years. My question is , would it be wise to make a loan repayment term of 25 years? If so , how much do you think my loan payments be reduced per month ? I realized the life of the loan will increase overtime . Any advice would be helpful because Sallie Mae just give any .
Can someone give me advice about private student loan consolidation?1Daijiana2012-10-20 01:50:03
Currently I have Sallie Mae loans . As many of you know that the bank will take on interest and other charges . Does anyone have any advice on who might be willing to consolidate private loans these god awful. I do not want to be in debt forever ! Any advice is much appreciated !
Sallie Mae Private Student Loan Payment Advice?0Odette2012-08-21 15:39:04
Hello , I am writing to get some advice about my monthly payments to Sallie Mae . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I pay $ 841 a month and just bring an annual salary of less than $ 35,000 a year. I tried to get different payment plan options with Sallie Mae however, claim that this is the lowest monthly payments I can go because I owe about $ 110,000. The problem is my monthly payment of $ 841 is the amount I am obliged to pay for two years after my payments will go up to $ 1,213 for 158 months, which is the remainder of the loan repayment time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my problem is that I am struggling to pay the $ 841 and you're at full financial risk when its going to $ 1,213 a month. When I called Sallie Mae recently telephone representative . said the only way for me to get Sallie Mae to lower my payments and work with my income would be for me to get my loans fall in collections. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So now I wonder what would be a good idea to let loans are divided into collections or I will throw more off track financially ? Also about how many months behind in payments would need to send my account to collections even
Consolidating Private Student loans?0Who cares?2012-08-17 05:46:03
I am completely overwhelmed by my private student loans. Is there a solution I am able to consolidate? I'm about to go crazy !

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