Confused between BANKRUPTCY 7 and BANKRUPTCY 13, I need to pay back after i file??? related questions

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Confused between BANKRUPTCY 7 and BANKRUPTCY 13, I need to pay back after i file???0mathurine2012-10-04 06:20:06
I'm a little confused about what the difference between Cap . Cap 7 vs . 13. I read the link below and it seems that both the presentation , I still have to pay your creditors . In addition , people preferred to present C13 , if have large assets . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
If home is going back into foreclosure, should you file bankruptcy or sell house?1tegz =-)2012-10-22 10:30:03
The loan was a "modification " to the mortgage company and we are late on payments. We sold one of our trucks on Friday to pay $ 1,100.00 2 months late, and today we have the letter in the mail saying they were continuing foreclosure. MedlinePlus We called and they said they do not do enough , but what they are working on something , but I have a bad feeling that stalling. I want to sell the house , but my boyfriend does not want . Our house is worth more than you refinanced for, but it will be difficult to sell quickly . Our credit is terrible and our score is very low . What about filing for bankruptcy or trying to sell fast .. before foreclosure starts again ? MedlinePlus I do not think we can do a lot to get out of the mess we're in. MedlinePlus ( we missed because payments a / c broke .. we live in Florida and have the baby again, so we had to buy window units . )
My mother co-signed a loan for me. I had to file bankruptcy but did not include the loan in the bankruptcy as ?1- Love Lock closure scared '2012-09-19 01:53:05
part of the payment plan . I paid out of bankruptcy . In fact , I was worth . Is your credit affected by bankruptcy filed because his name was on the loan ?
How do I file bankruptcy in Southern California and what type should I file?0Meli2012-09-18 16:33:06
Hi. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a very good credit score. I've never made a late payment on anything in my life. However, I am anticipating disaster and see no way out of it. My debt is about 17K in credit cards and student loans about 10 km so that a total of 27K. I'm not worried about student loans, and I'm at school and what they are currently "on hold" until the end and when I am expected to pay them only as $ 110 per month for ten years. But my credit cards are getting worse and worse and the only way I can make myself stop relying on them is to kill them. Unfortunately I have almost zero income (about $ 400 per month) and I'm in college and living with the mother. I have 24 years. This is very sad, I know, but I think it has to present soon. It's a shame because my credit score is 720. I just leased a new car, which is under my name, but again, the family supports me. So ... I think I should file for bankruptcy (Chapter 7 is what I'm thinking) and just live off what I make for thew next ten years. I have nothing of value, and in the morning the lease for my mom, and also want to know if they will take my car when and if the. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please know that everyone says it is a "last resort." I'm seeing it as such. So if it comes to this, what is the best way to go about filing and hoe much it will cost me financially and also how long it takes? Will my debts be cleaned? I heard that student loans do not go away, which is fine by me. Your credit cards that are about to crush me. I need real advice, not only criticizes worthless empty. So please ONLY RESPOND IF POLITE RELIABLE ADVICE. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you guys. Happy holidays.
I want to file for bankruptcy. Will I be able to file my financial aid debt?2Angy20202012-09-18 15:08:02
I have about $ 30,000 in credit cards and car and $ 23,000 in student loans and earns $ 42,000 a year.
Should I file bankruptcy?1Meredith2012-10-25 21:13:02
My credit is getting worse and I do
Should i file for bankruptcy?0Davi2012-09-21 14:21:03
I posted earlier about my 3 letters of credit amounting to $ 600, $ 1200 $ 600. Now , as I said before I'm working 40 hours, but not doing "enough " to cover these amounts , since they want full payment, I offered to pay 50 each and I can not accept payment . I have not been served court papers yet anyway. I have in mind out there , I pay - I have a car payment , I never missed a payment religiously pay student loans and 2 of those accounts are student loan deferment (as not doing enough to pay this time ) the last thing I'm paying not missed a payment . So I really do not have the money for the credit card that I pay thesis . I understand what I'm doing to my credit , but I'm trying to work with them and does not help . Should I file for bankruptcy im tired of the calls. I also forgot to mention that I have a medical bill of the existence of 75 , which I pay , because it is something I can afford a whole, what will happen to him in my credit report since it has already been sent to collections ?
Should I file bankruptcy?2hehehehehehehe2012-08-10 19:09:03
I have 21 years and must graduate from high school next spring. The first two years at school, I went crazy with credit cards . Now I have about $ 6000 in credit cards. Shortly after graduating , loans accumulate and I have to start paying my student loans . I am working 2 jobs now, while going to school full time to try to reduce my credit card bills . With interest I'm paying ridiculous ( I took a cash advance for a family member , I guess I will never return ), the accounts are not getting lower. I've been making my payments religiously and pay more when I can. I called the bank and asked if any other options to help me because I'm having some trouble , I said I 've been doing a good job of making payments and I think only help people when they start to default . I really do not want to see my credit in the bathroom (although it probably is already) but not really, know what to do . Almost all the money I'm doing right now is to go directly to the credit card companies . I was hoping to consolidate bills, but I can not qualify for a consolidation loan. I am very stressed about this. What should I do ?
What to do with my car after I file bankruptcy?2kamsi2012-10-16 18:44:03
I have not paid a car note since November 2011 and I'm pretty sure it was a takeover . I filed for bankruptcy in mid-January and put the car loan in the list of things they could not afford . It is now May and still have not been contacted or attempted to get the car. Should I call and ask when they will come for her or should I just wait ?
How do I file for bankruptcy?0Sam N.2012-08-27 01:45:17
I broke and can not pay all my bills . I just found out I'm pregnant . My boyfriend and I are getting married , but I do not want my credit affect you. I want to file for bankruptcy first, but do not know how . Also, I will lose my car ? I have a car loan , computer loan and credit card from Victoria Secret that I would keep. I can afford to pay that. But not everything. Will I be able to do that ?
Can I file for bankruptcy?2jeian2012-10-26 17:44:03
I owe about $ 6k in school loans , and credit I owe about $ 5k , I'd fix my credit , but I'm working from now only receive disability benefits . Would it be an option to archive or would be better to consolidate ? Also , I forgot , I have some medical bills totaling around $ 2k
Should I file bankruptcy?0Cindi2012-10-06 11:22:24
I have 27 years and is currently paying about $ 320 a month in credit card bills through a plan of debt management . I'm starting a nursing program full time in the fall and will only work part time so they will not be able to afford the $ 320 a month . I moved to my moms house to save money on rent and utilities since I will be a student again. I have about 45K in student loans for my degree . My credit card debt amounts to about 15K and I just checked my credit score is 482 and it seems to take me more time to pay what you owe from what would file bankruptcy and just wait 7 years for better? I do not know how bankruptcy works , but with a credit score of 482 is even worth paying $ 320 a month on a balance of 15K ? My father insists that keep making payments , but my mom says I'm going to get ahead faster by letting him go . Please note once you start the nursing program full time will be almost impossible for me to pay $ 320 a month . Also, my car is in the name of my father , so I do not have to worry about losing my car . I want to make the right decision ... help!

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