Can someone tell me how collateral loans work or secured loans? related questions

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Can someone tell me how collateral loans work or secured loans?0Baybee Cintia2012-10-04 04:20:55
I have four condominium properties directly . I have planned to establish three security units . I need to know if there are charges or interest related to loans ? If so , what is the current interest rate for loan collateral ? What are the types of expenses that can be expected?
How do I consolidate secured loans that currently hold collateral?0Nancy Jackson2012-09-24 23:06:02
I have some loans that I am having trouble keeping the payments because of my low income as being a part-time employee at Lowe . My schedule change due to a budget , so my income . I have really wanted to pay for four of these loans , but I have a one year old daughter to care for and are threatening legal action .
I work in the government has a TSP account am I able to use that as collateral for a secured Loan?0Jeanna2012-09-07 17:33:02
TSP is a savings plan
Does the automatic stay in Chap. 7 and 13 bankruptcies apply to repo's of collateral on secured loans?0nyaja2012-08-06 19:29:03
I understand that the secured creditor usually retains the right to reposess warranty even if the debt is discharged . I wonder if the stay is going to help a debtor's retention money for the procedure ... For example , a car that may need to go to work , but is in danger of reposession .
If I file for charter 7 and I have secured personal loans(collateral) home goods;what happen with my stuff...?1mathstudent 052012-11-05 22:41:02
If the file letter of 7 and I have secured personal loans ( collateral) household items , what about my stuff ... ?
Can someone please explain to me how secured loans work?2Online Bus2012-09-08 23:58:02
im 19 and just want to get a small loan to build my credit, so that's all I heared could only make that purchase and get a secured loan against my savings account I have no i dea what that means , how I have to get my savings to get a loan do I have to have more money in my savings account then what the loan is and if I get a loan as small as $ 1,000 and I do not even use the loan money i just have to use the money to repay the loan and therefore you can only build credit is a smart idea MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to say is that i just go to the bank up to tell you that I get a loan to build my credit only going to understand what a loan of $ 1,000 home you spend the waiting time until the money month is over and pay the bill with the loan money is that it is a good idea
How safe are secured loans. Do all secured loans required you to send money prior to receiving loan amount?0LiEN2012-09-03 12:14:02
They need to know if First Mortgage Bankers Located west of Las Vegas Nevada are legit . requested loan , however , I can not find your website more . Promised loan but must send sum secured first. Is this legal ?
Are auto loans unsecured loans or secured loans?2Food4thought...2012-09-05 09:10:03
Auto loans are : MedlinePlus one . MedlinePlus secured loans b. MedlinePlus unsecured loans MedlinePlus Thank you !
My bank doesnt offer secured loans only secured cards is going to not make my credit as high when im trying.. ?3bola2012-09-10 12:17:03
to rebuild my credit as high as possible . I'm worried about the card will not be enough? help
Do all business loans require a collateral, such as your house? are there unsecured business loans?2please please help!2012-09-30 21:37:03
What if it is an LLC ? How about a corporation ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
What types of secured transactions are there for secured loans?1Sherif2012-11-05 11:06:02
Secured transactions are those that create a legal obligation to pay and the guarantee is attached as a car loan . If you can not pay the car off , the bank takes it back. There are many types of secure transactions , such as in manufacturing, when a company delivers the goods on credit, as commercial air conditioners ( for example). Say new building is rising and needs a large air conditioning unit , so it is delivered and upon completion of the building with air conditioning manufacturer is paid . Thus, in this case , the manufacturer could secure the transaction . My question is , what is the actual role of call. This is not a mortgage is a ........ ?
Questions about personal loans (secured or non-secured)?2yt2012-10-06 17:06:01
I have to credit that is " fair or poor " standing with 601 . It's more than likely have to make a secured loan , but I have no savings , CD , or accounts or collateral . if so , am I screwed? Do I have other options ? i need a loan of between 1 and magnificent to no more than 3000 . Most places that the minimum $ 3,000 or even grand 7. I use it to pay high credit card interest, 3 credit cards with limits of 300 each . the rest could pay my student loan 2000 . I just want it was worth it to make my life easier . What I can do? I know I will not qualify for an unsecured loan because my credit problems in the past. help ?

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