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Can Colleges Report "Unsecured Loan" on your credit file?0alannah2012-10-03 23:51:25
I was a student at the University of Phoenix and was abandoned because the financial advisor said he owed a balance of $ 1,200 to the school for loans that turned . I fought and fought with this school for 1 year and now , after being told he was just going to your internal collection agency that actually sold to an outside agency and now appears on my credit file as an unsecured loan . I went through the records of the account because I know that I owe this money and finally got the test counselor who started it all in the form of an email account showing break I 0. I've emailed to solve this problem and the university , but they refuse to respond . that while I have this big loan , named my file showing as unpaid . What should I do ? Note : I sent this twice to the credit bureaus and have verified that I owe , but I do not. The university s refusal to fix this problem . HELP
Can a bank require my credit report on an unsecured loan he took out in his name?2ibob2018-12-14 00:04:33
My husband recently applied for an unsecured loan in the amount of $ 3,000 on your behalf. Last night, the loan officer called and said it was approved, and he had to come and sign the papers. My husband called the bank this morning and the manager said he needed my credit information ? I have bad credit , so they applied for the loan on your behalf. I live in Wisconsin , where he has to say on the loan, but I've never heard of them asking for my credit information. He was rejected because of my bad credit. Are they on the right to do this ?
I got 2 defaults on my credit report and i cant get unsecured personal loan and credit card.What should i do?1maman2012-11-04 22:05:02
I got 2 default on my credit report and I can not get unsecured personal loan and credit card.What I do?
How to get unsecured persona loan and credit card with defaults on my credit report.?0echem2012-08-30 09:40:03
I 'm beaten again , however my two WLL clear breaches in 2011 and 2012 , and then I'll have clean credit report , but I can not wait that long
How do I file a police report online for a fraud in Minnesota?0Ritshidze2012-09-05 11:00:05
We applied for a loan through Nation Wide Credit Group of Bloomington Minnesota but needed 2500.00 was approved in advance during the first 6 months. payment for what we paid and never seen our 40000.00 2500.00 or who requested again. This is a fraudulent company and I have to report to the Police Department as soon as possible .... Minnesota Still I have all the papers and all that just need to know how to do it on line because I live in MI . and I'm not rich by any means.
How long does a good loan report to your credit report?0Tyson Hanlon2012-08-29 16:58:03
From what I can say is 10 years , but I 've found three different unsecured personal loans , $ 1000, $ 1700 and $ 1000, they are not all the reports for XP / TU / EF . One is to inform EF and the other two are informing XP / EF . I contacted my old bank that was through these , but can not find the role of them anywhere in the system . They were open to all, paid all the same exact month , February 2007 . My score is ticking and I'm sure you have these three reports to the three major credit bureaus would help a lot . Please advise , thanks .
I have an alert on my credit report online that there was an inquiry for a credit report on me and I haven't0kanisha2012-09-06 10:52:03
apply for a loan or refinancing one . I called the credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on my account . Anyone can get a loan in my name and not be on my credit report . The survey also was a mortgage company , I found out.
How do I cure a bad credit report?? There are 2 potentially negative items in your report.?3teleisha2012-10-22 14:44:52
I have this thing on my credit report that says .. " There are two potentially negative items in your report." Now , I know what they are and they are both February 50 dollar bills doctor something I forgot to pay a little (I'm only 20 these things slip my mind lol ... ) If I pay where they go , or will stay there for 7 + years: - / . I would get a car loan . They've only been there since April 2009.
Two mortgages ($3267/m), unsecured debt of $80000 and total annual income of $115,000. Can I file bankruptcy?0koala2012-11-03 05:32:02
More ...... We are a family of 5 . Approximately $ 24,000 of unsecured debt are student loans and the rest are credit cards . We live in one of the two houses ( $ 1,800 / m ) and the mortgage on another house we have been trying to sell unsucessfully ( $ 1,467 / m ) . We currently do not have enough money home every month to cover the minimum payments let alone buy groceries . Any information would be helpful. Thank you !
How much can one bad report on your credit report hurt your credit score?1Lola2012-11-02 12:46:03
I have 26 years and so far has had impeccable credit - I have 4 credit cards that I have held from 3 to 7 years , everyone always paid on time , a mortgage began 3.5 years ago always paid on time, and a couple of loans for cars that have been paid off. However, recently contacted about a bill that I have never heard of before , and I'm being threatened with a collection agency to go after me and post a negative item on my credit report . The bill is $ 500 and I could afford , but I feel this is extortion and should not touch . If they do publish a negative article can not get rid of, how much can drop my credit score ?
Can a Texas lawyer who is collecting for a payday loan company, threaten me to file off my file to the DA?0Tebogo2012-11-04 08:34:31
Additionally, I took out a loan from AmericanWebCash back in 2005 and I feel behind on my bills and couldnt afford to pay the loan back. They eventually kept trying to draft the $36 fee out of my account, in which I had no money in my account, until my bank closed my account because it was overdrawn for a long time. I guess the company is using a local law office here in Houston to collect on this debt and for some reason the original loan amount was $300 and now it is $2400. Initially in 2006, I began to mail in payments of $50 and $100 or whatever I could afford, but I fell on hard times and couldnt afford to send in those amounts. So, they told me I could deposit funds into their Bank of America account and that I had to pay over $200 a month or they would file off my case, have a warrant for my arrest and my license suspended for two years. Is it possible that in Texas, they can file off my file and have me arrested for this debt?
Would it report 30 day on my credit report?1Guadalupe2012-09-07 23:10:02
I just paid my mortgage than a week before it was 30 days late . But since I was online , I have not had to pay the surcharge of 5 % until later, I realized how online payment .. but that was a week later. Do you think the lender is still inform credit beareau 30 days late ? or give me a chance ?

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