Can Colleges Report "Unsecured Loan" on your credit file?

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I was a student at the University of Phoenix and was abandoned because the financial advisor said he owed a balance of $ 1,200 to the school for loans that turned . I fought and fought with this school for 1 year and now , after being told he was just going to your internal collection agency that actually sold to an outside agency and now appears on my credit file as an unsecured loan . I went through the records of the account because I know that I owe this money and finally got the test counselor who started it all in the form of an email account showing break I 0. I've emailed to solve this problem and the university , but they refuse to respond . that while I have this big loan , named my file showing as unpaid . What should I do ? Note : I sent this twice to the credit bureaus and have verified that I owe , but I do not. The university s refusal to fix this problem . HELP

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