Should I file for bankruptcy?

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I have a job in sales on a fee that averages about $ 4000 per month. This is usually around $ 5,000 six months of the year and $ 3,000 the other six. During the recession I left my house in another city to be closer to family child care. I still own the house and have a tenant living there now. We can not allow even a month of non-payment, and for me to pay rent yet where I am staying. I have no savings. It also now has about $ 21,000 in credit card debt between three separate letters, in addition to about a minimum payment of $ 500 at a high rate. One of these letters that have already closed a deal to reduce rates of 8 points. I have $ 17,000 in student loan debt that is around 3% and is payable amount to about $ 250. I have a car payment $ 330 per month in a car that is $ 6000 in reverse. My mortgage is $ 950 and the rent of the house I rent is $ 675. Then there are the utility bills and my job requires a cell phone. I'm living at the point where I went a whole week without being able to spend $ 5 because it was 4.92 in the bank. My tenants lease is in late December and can stay, but probably no more than 4 months. He's not really the guy who wants to help me if I would sell my house either. Currently working 1.5 hours away from my previous home. I'm lost and have no idea what I can do and there seems to be no end in sight, especially now that we have reached a slow year. What are my options? My wife can not get a job that pays more than a net outflow of about $ 100 every two weeks, after paying their expenses and the fact that the family is no longer available for free childcare. My work is promising in what I'm looking like I can get an upgrade in a few years that would almost double my pay. HELP!

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