Best fdic insured bank for a unsecured personal loan? related questions

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Best fdic insured bank for a unsecured personal loan?0Eugen2012-10-03 21:18:25
We need $ 5k in a few weeks
We bulit a home using credit cards and bank loans.we were insured by a broker financiing would be easy1Lione2012-10-26 01:37:04
which were secured to finance the house rent would be easy once you finished ... so went bankrupt to complete the house .. inspections and assessments is that when you are ready to finance ... broker could find any lender to funance . the more he tried , the more the credit score dropped ... So now we have a home that is new .. and sits ... we are waiting for sewer to be provided by city workers .. waiting for them for months ...... we could not rent it ... we really want to fund it as a tenant house and rent it out and get the money to pay off the cards and pay off the land where you just build build and sell , and this is going to install and our mothers ... ... we are both self-employed is another fall when applying for loans ..... also run to not live there .. .. be a problem ..... any advice would seem , would be appreciated ........ have been crushed in more ways than one ..
Has anyone gotten a personal unsecured loan from HFC bank?0Martavia2012-08-06 07:22:02
If so how bad was your credit and how bad it was the interest rate ? Do you really lend to anyone with bad credit ? Whenever you have a decent job and have been trying to get your credit under control? Thanks in advance for the answers!
Can someone tell what is a good bank in FL for an unsecured personal loan?0Charu2012-08-31 15:48:04
Hello , I have a good credit and need a personal loan ( $ 10K - 15K ) I went to my bank ( Bank of America ) and was told that the banks do not give loans without collateral , but after searching on the Internet I learned that some banks that I do not know which bank ( s ) (virtual or not ) I can trust that I offer a fair deal ( low interest rates , no upfront costs or hidden , fixed monthly payments , etc. I live in central Florida , but this is my first time trying to get a loan , can someone who has received a loan to give us a piece of advice based on your experience? ... I really appreciate it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Raymond.
Which bank will make me an unsecured/personal loan?1smiley face2012-10-21 11:49:02
Which bank is going to make an unsecured loan / staff with better conditions and pay me the most money just based on my credit score alone? I have good credit (725 in all three offices ) , but I do not want to use my house to borrow. Any suggestions on good banks that do not verify income and just go on my credit alone ?
Need a unsecured personal loan with no bank account required?0DeNawQisha2012-10-08 09:20:07
Need a personal unsecured loan no bank account required?
When will Bank of America accept a settlement on a personal unsecured loan?0mnarjann2012-10-03 11:09:11
Bank of America offered me a deal of approx . 50% in April , when I first told them just lost his job and could no longer make the payments. At that time I was only 3 weeks ago . Now I am employed and want to settle the account . After August 1 account now will be 4 months late. I called today and was told it was not available closure account . Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with them or when they accept a deal ?
If you've an unsecured bank loan & can't repay can they seize personal possesions etc?0lizbeth2012-09-13 08:10:04
Or can you only do that if you have a secured loan ? Just wondering , not in that situation , but you never know what might happen ! Thank you.
What is the lowest amount a bank would lend someone for a personal unsecured loan?0jade.2012-08-25 06:10:20
What is the lowest amount a bank would provide someone for an unsecured personal loan ?
If you've a personal unsecured loan but default(don't pay it back)what can a bank do(aside from credit rating)?0Odelette2012-09-17 05:44:03
I guess you can not take anything possesses , rather than the loan is unsecured ? I will not do this , pay loan in full , is being " restructured " , but overall just wondering what if someone says , nah , f it.
Can you obtain an unsecured personal loan from a bank/credit union that you don't have an account with?0Liz Bell2012-10-16 15:56:10
Can you get an unsecured personal loan from a bank / credit that you do not have an account ?
Will it be hard for me to get a personal unsecured loan from my bank with a lower credit score?2Sibyl2012-08-23 18:19:01
I bank to bank associated with my checking account. I am a college student with not a lot of credit history, but my credit score is low, or lower right 600. I work part time and that around 1000 a month in school. My car needs repair it will be about 1200. I wondered as I really have no one to borrow , how are my chances of getting a loan for that amount or if there is a better idea? Tks !

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