Can someone explain what a secured loan is, i have not been able to find any info on this? related questions

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Can someone explain what a secured loan is, i have not been able to find any info on this?2Lucy2012-10-11 00:43:03
Can someone explain what a secured loan is , I could not find any information about it ?
Is 2 secured credit cards and a secured loan enough to rebuild credit? detailed info inside 10 points?1Sum1Special2012-11-04 22:07:02
I have defaults on student loans a few years ago , due to the difficulties . also a credit card . i finally started to pay off student loans and I hired a company to repair my credit by sending letters to take my negative reports. Meanwhile I wanted to build my credit because id like to own a house in two years after im married . Will 2 secured cards and a secured loan work ? help
Can you guys please explain to me whats the difference between a secured and unsecured loan ?1howania2012-11-03 04:30:02
Can you please explain to me what the difference between a secured loan and unsecured and the implication this has on a new venture that requires a bank loan ...
Can someone please explain to me how secured loans work?2Online Bus2012-09-08 23:58:02
im 19 and just want to get a small loan to build my credit, so that's all I heared could only make that purchase and get a secured loan against my savings account I have no i dea what that means , how I have to get my savings to get a loan do I have to have more money in my savings account then what the loan is and if I get a loan as small as $ 1,000 and I do not even use the loan money i just have to use the money to repay the loan and therefore you can only build credit is a smart idea MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to say is that i just go to the bank up to tell you that I get a loan to build my credit only going to understand what a loan of $ 1,000 home you spend the waiting time until the money month is over and pay the bill with the loan money is that it is a good idea
Loans.. (PPI, Secured/Unsecured, APR) could someone explain please?0Cruella DeVil2012-10-09 12:55:05
I do not understand how the loans work and what these terms mean?
Secured Loans.....Need Info quick!!!?6Tlyer M2012-11-02 20:49:02
Me and my partner hav separated . MedlinePlus We want to sell our property , but my partner has a
If you dont pay back a online payday loan can you go to jail in ohio? where can i find out info about it?3Asad2012-11-04 23:05:02
If you do not pay a payday loan online can go to jail in Ohio ? Where I can find information on it ?
Where can i find info on free student loans?0BIO?!2012-10-16 04:08:15
my son would like to go to a technical school . We found several sites online , but its overwhelming . Can anyone suggest where we can find information about free student loans ?
Where can i find info on small business loans?1eric c.2012-08-07 23:29:03
Where I can find information about small business loans ?
How do I find out the most info possible on consolidating student loans?1Fafe2012-09-23 03:30:03
I'm trying to consolidate around $ 45k and the need to find a way to get the best rate or if I have to consolidate at all
How to verify a lender cant find any info online?3mathsen2012-09-06 11:09:05
I have bad credit and recently tried a few web sites in an attempt to get a loan . I got a call today from " this heritage guardian" in Ohio , said there is a bank working with financial private investors . She told me that the rates are : 101.11/month in 8% and my car is too old to use as collateral , so I need a security payment of 700 to get the loan 5k . It really looked like he knew what he was talking about. Tomorrow is supposed to fax me some papers and I have faxed back she said there would be an agreement established before I give him my 700.00 money order or certified check cashiers would then have the money deposited directly into my account . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know how I can find out if this is legit or anyone ever get a loan through this company ?
COLLEGE LOANS!! how can we find more info for paying back!?0rounak2012-08-08 09:59:02
My son performed many of the loans while in college .... And I owe a large amount of money ... How can consolidate these loans and find out what you owe to whom? .. school is of little help .... t

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