How do I remove a judgement from my credit report after a Chapter 7?

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Asked at 2012-10-02 10:05:03
I was discharged in Chapter 7 January 2006 . MedlinePlus Before I was full, I had a car loan that was in collections . The car was in an accident ( friend was driving ) and was taken to a garage for repair . Long story short , the repairs never happened and I received a notice that the car had been " reposessed " . Soon after he received a warning citation regarding the unpaid debt . I filled chapter 7 and told my lawyer that would be taken care of . MedlinePlus The lender was included in the program of my D as a secured claim and under Article 5 as " Repossessions, foreclosures and returns ( because I did not have the car to " surrender " ) . MedlinePlus I just pulled my credit report and found two sections labeled " judgment" in my credit report . MedlinePlus My lawyer is not where you are. (phone number is disconnected and has no number 411 new for him ) . MedlinePlus My question is , can this judgment be removed from my credit report or I will be stuck with paying the $ 9000 + ?
Answer1claudeAnswered at 2012-10-10 12:45:21
Wait seven years ... Or will only pay the debt and let drain our country
Answer2SamuelaAnswered at 2012-10-16 05:26:30
You are making multiple questions. A credit report contains information and if it is accurate, that the credit reporting agency is not required to private removal. The second question is whether the resolution is actually published and , if so , whether he was discharged in bankruptcy or if you have to pay . To do so , contact the bankruptcy court and get a copy of the orders issued by the bankruptcy court . If you are unsure of the meaning of these orders , did not offer to pay for a lawyer who has the education and training to answer , just ask the thousands of strangers on this site . That should be just as good .
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