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Is there a good way to consolidate or handle medical debt?0Garcia2012-10-02 09:03:02
I have a low credit score of 533 , and I desperately need to start working on increasing it. I have many negative charges on my credit , but it is not a credit card - I have no credit card. most of the things that has to do with hospital visits I made while uninsured - ambulance rides , hospital bills , lab tests , etc. that have been sent to collections for nonpayment . I had been told for years that medical debt does not negatively affect your credit as bad as some other things ( such as loans or credit cards ) , but it is definitely not the case! Are there services out there that help with medical debt , specifically ? I asked a question about debt consolidation in general , but every site I got a cheapy ads portal without good information , or at least no information that I did not already have . if i pursue debt consolidation as an option - the knowledge that could negatively affect my credit in itself , but it can be much worse - where I can really go for information on good service ?
We are wanting to consolidate our Medical debt and other debt, what is the best way?2charlton2012-10-05 15:43:02
We have a lot of medical debt and can not wait to get our credit back up , also has a loan that you would like included in debt consolidation . What is the best way? We can not afford to pay what we are willing to pay each month . We expect to consolidate into one monthly payment and then pay off well for next tax season . Any idea ? I'm looking for people have done this and what companies they have used too? Or should we go through a bank? Please help !
Does anyone know from EXPERIENCE good banks to consolidate debt with a good credit rating?0Note: Darknet created 277-284... email i 2012-10-01 16:56:02
My credit is not great but is good for 670-710 . I have around 55k I would like to consolidate into one payment . Me I can get a home equity loan yet because I just bought my house in April 2008 .
Im in debt with $2000 dollars can anyone recommen d good websites to apply for a loan to consolidate my debt?1kailee2012-09-19 01:59:04
then I can only repay the loan
Is it a good idea to consolidate debt?0Leez2012-08-23 20:17:02
My boyfriend has a lot of credit card debt - $ 35,000 $ ! We are trying to get a hold of this. Is it a good idea to get a bank loan to consolidate debt? MedlinePlus Any advice is appreciated !
Is it a good idea to consolidate my debt?0Patrice2012-10-09 12:44:43
So here is my dilemma . In the last couple of years I have gained a bit of debt , about 10,000 , and I'm thinking about looking for my parents to help a co-signer. I have around 3k in student loans , taxes 1k , left my boyfriend 3k
Does anyone know of a good company i can use to consolidate my debt?!?1veronique2012-10-11 06:23:03
I have not much , but I fell behind student loans and credit cards and I'm terrified of what is being done to my credit card ! Who can help me ? ! ? ! ? !
What is a good way to consolidate non-credit card debt?0mARTEKA2012-09-17 17:11:03
I have a very low credit score of 533 . However, I have no credit cards in circulation . I had a credit card bill , but I paid two years ago . everything on my credit is generally little things - except for my student loans - a couple of hundred dollars. I have mostly medical bills - a lot of stuff that was sent to collections to be paid . uninsured visits hospital , ambulance rides , laboratory tests , etc. I did not have insurance for more than two years . are using a debt consolidation company actually a viable way to go ? I heard that just reflects a misuse of their credit , but I really do not think my credit could be much worse . I have in probably a dozen or two negative things on my credit report , but not one is a credit card ! you would think it would be easier to work with - at least I 'm not being charged interest or late fees on any of these debts . but add it all and a lot! any advice?
With what company could I get a good loan to consolidate my debt?1s6c-gEL 2012-10-22 08:50:03
With what the company could get a good loan to consolidate my debt ?
Are home equity loans a good way to consolidate debt? If not what is better?0AveryKae2012-09-04 13:21:02
Instead of paying in two credit cards balances are quite high , I pay with a loan guarantee and has a payment and keep credit card balances to zero every month .....
What is a good reputable company to consolidate private educational debt?0gerry2012-09-10 01:10:03
I would like to consolidate my private student loans ( not federal) and the need to find a company that is both honest and have customer representatives accountable and capable service . Please help .
Please tell me good ways to Consolidate debt, mostly credit cards and student loan.?1[C]razy Baby. -[i love you] (Margie)2012-09-12 08:39:07
The debt is not more than 30,000 U.S. dollors ( Combined is mine and spouse ) . If anyone can help me find the government-funded programs that help people debt consolidation, it will be awesome . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.

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