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Can you buy furniture from rent-a-center?1score2012-10-05 04:55:02
It is used and in good condition. MedlinePlus Someone came in and made ​​an offer to buy some of their gently used stuff ? MedlinePlus No payment - . Only cash on the spot for a sale MedlinePlus Without funding . MedlinePlus ^ Emphasize this , because some people out there know that you can not buy anything without making a loan for it.
SERIOUS RENT A CENTER QUESTION PLEASE HELP!?0baby love 23962012-11-04 17:03:58
alright i just did the contract for a laptop today but i told them id have to give them the first note tomorrow morning and then i will pick my laptop tomorrow morning as well. The issue i have is that i was literally given a brand new laptop about 2 hours ago and i wanted to know can i just call them and say i do not wish to carry on with this loan? their website advetises i can return the object with no charge to me, but i also have not taken delivery of the item. am i able to just back out? please help!! :(
I have a Rent a Center dilema about pawning?0debb2012-09-16 10:20:12
I've been a customer rent a center for 5 years. I have rented several times and paid a lot of items through my years with them . He found a problem. About 4 months ago I ran into car trouble and work and had to pawn the merchadise to help pay medical bills I had. I'm not a person who lies kept paying for the items and admitted to rent a facility that the goods pawned . They agreed to refinance my loan at a lower rate to about 3.5 months, but as if he was never late . Since then I have been making payments on time. Now they have decided to file for bankruptcy to other matters not about rent a center . Under bankruptcy law I have to include all debts including rac . My lawyer says that because they can not pay rac put in my bankruptcy and I'll be able to pay by installments . I know that theft is when they initially intended to sell it, but I did not. My medical bills are taking over my income and I have to stay in a rock and a hard place . RAC talked to say that if I still had the good that I can come back , but not me. If they wanted to arrest me they should have done it when I admitted it. What can happen in this situation I will go to civil court and get sued , or should I let my lawyer settle this. If bankruptcy is discharged Throught that 's fine, but I have no problem paying . It is only now with attorney fees 'm going to be behind on your payments .
What would be the best way for me to get furniture while building my credit?0Taylour2012-10-01 14:43:03
I'm a college student . I have a job well . ($ 2,400 per month ) . This fall I'm going to get an apartment , but apartments near campus are rare so most of them are already taken . I have really wanted furniture, so we want is financed . What would be the best way for me to get the furniture you need while building my credit ? A bank loan ? Financing a store? ( If so , what store ? ) MedlinePlus * Note also I have a rent , car payments , car insurance , electricity bills and food , which must be paid . MedlinePlus It is a cheap apartment . And car payments are not bad .
Financing at Value City Furniture?????0natalie ******2012-09-27 03:37:09
Well , I'm moving out in May this year. All you need is a sofa and loveseat or sectional . I have a bad credit . (531) I have 23 years . but lowering $ in my current job. Who funds the work on Value City Furniture? Because I've been hearing that you only have to apply for a credit card and do it that way . If that's the case , I'm screwed . Or do you fund differently , as a car loan ? MedlinePlus Or does anyone know of any place that will give people with bad credit like me a chance to get some furniture ? MedlinePlus I am current on all my bills , but my credit report I decided with my old credit cards , so it looks bad . MedlinePlus I do not want to go somewhere rent to own , because I will pay twice what something is worth . And I really do not want to buy furniture ( craigslist ) , because it is kind of gross . MedlinePlus I live near Cincinnati , Ohio .
Should we put furniture on a credit card?1Vera2012-09-16 08:08:06
My husband and I currently have no credit card debt , but we have about $ 2,000 on a car loan and several thousands in student loans . We've been renting , and we continue postponing the purchase of furniture for our house because that is a big expense all together . Is it okay to go buy some furniture for the home and put it on a credit card ? Probably could get a card with no interest for 12 months .... (Right? ) And instead of paying the minimum , we split what we spend in 12 months and pay once a month for a year .... does sound like a good idea? Or is there a better way to make big purchases like this ? Thanks for the help !
Is it better to take out loans/credit to pay for furniture? Or pay with cash and go little by little?0Anomynous2012-11-05 23:07:07
Loan secured with household furniture and going bankrupt?2Loli2012-11-02 05:44:03
loan is secured with affected households . Do my friends lose their belongings , because it goes bankrupt ? Due to the fact that she lost her job , and her husband is the sole provider ($ 600 every two weeks) , with whom he has two children . What might be the payments in bankruptcy? ( They are about $ 30,000 in debt) . Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
Is a furniture loan considered an unsecured debt?1lungisile ntobela2012-10-24 02:28:06
A furniture loan considered an unsecured debt ?
We have leased furniture from Aarons, for $2000. would it be cheaper to...?3randijo2012-09-03 14:18:02
We rented the furniture for $ 2000 , which currently pays $ 300 a month for . Would it be cheaper than taking a loan, pay off, and basically transfer the debt to the loan? Really sent us into debt. Only we , the total debt , $ 4000. Our cars are paid, insurance paid , home / services are free at the base. So we have enough money, just wanted to know the cheapest / best to handle this? thanks !
I need a 25000 unsecured personal loan for furniture and pay off some bills I am new to Montana St.?2lindaemory2012-10-15 07:27:02
I just moved here Montana could bring my stuff home , plus they would like to pay some bills so I can buy a house in the future
Can my housing assistance raise my rent &MAKE me pay for rent with a Personal student lone?1nino2012-08-25 08:17:19
Im school in. I have to borrow to pay additional school needs not covered other ex in. tuition: uniform lab jacket graphics s books Etc. bags, but my rent is counting support this extra income . As in. as a grant . But school is a personal loan that has to be used for my studies and I have to pay . if you pay rent with that I will not have enough to get the things they need for school , which is the point that I'm taking . can do this . I am very low income and paying rent . Section 8 , I have a 2 year old son . the only income I have for me and my son is a check for $ 385 per month .

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