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Would closing this credit card hurt my score?0adjective2012-10-01 20:55:03
I recently graduated from college , and I have really wanted to start building my credit , which currently does not exist ( I managed to pay all my debts just before I graduated , so I can not build credit that way now ). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking of applying for the secured credit card Citi intended for people who have no credit history , and after a year and a half that could be eligible for a card "unsecured" credit . However, this secured card has a $ 30 annual fee and the guarantee has none. If I was to finally get the unsecured card and close the account for the insured , and he does not want to keep paying $ 30 a year , which hurt my credit score ? And any tips for building credit , please ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Will closing a secured card to obtain a unsecured card hurt my credit score...also more ?s 10pts?1oshar2012-09-23 04:14:02
Is 2 secured cards and a secured loan to much to build my credit?
Closing new Kay jewelers card and credit score?1Milly2012-11-06 03:14:02
So I got roped into opening a Kay Jewelers card because I'm young and stupid ( the lady said that I was just checking what my credit limit would be ) . This was a week ago . If I close the account now , will it hurt my credit score ? The lady said it would just be a little bump , because credit is funded by Kay instead of a bank . MedlinePlus I've been using a credit card for regular purchases for three years , and buy everything possible on it and have my autopay pay for my savings account each month , so I'm doing pretty well so far . MedlinePlus Would it be better to keep this card open kay and never use it , increasing my credit to debit ratio ( my car other credit is limited to 2,400 and this has a limit of 8,000) , or close to it now , without paying anything with him ? Also I have about $ 70,000 in student loans if that affects your answer . MedlinePlus Thank you !
Will lowering the limit on my credit card hurt my score?0Athena2012-09-13 10:44:08
I have two credit cards . One that had a limit of $ 3,000 . I dropped to 700.00 recetnly because I use it online and I have fear of identity theft and did not want a lot of credit on it . The other card that I have has a zero dollar balance . Now I worry that this will lower my credit score . My husband and I are planning to buy a house , and I worry that this will reflect negatively against us to get a loan . We have a good credit score , not lower the credit limit on your cards . Does anyone know if this counts negatively? Should I call my card and raise my credit limit again ? Or is it bad to do well?
Does maxing out a credit card hurt credit score?0fubu2012-10-07 03:56:07
My friend told me that maxing out a credit card or near excessive spending is not bad for your credit score when you just have a lot of credit to start . I approved for 1260 a limit on the BestBuy card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I 'm only paying a student loan and car loan and I have a Sears card . I have no credit cards. Be store credit cards do not have a big impact on credit scores . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know if this is true that I have almost no credit established that if I spend the 900 + for television at best buy and put it on the credit card with a limit of 1260, it will affect my credit score ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will make all payments on time and pay more than the minimum required .
Will opening a 3rd credit card, hurt my credit score?0Dexter Gibons2012-11-02 11:25:03
I have 2 credit cards today and a car loan all in good condition . So if I open another credit card that will hurt my credit score in the short term? MedlinePlus THANKS
Does it hurt to apply for a credit card and get denied?1emmelie2012-08-21 23:26:02
Hello, when I turned 18 , I reported about 3 or 4 credit cards in 3 or 4 different stores. I applied for the start of the recession so it was not easy credit as they did before . I know I do not have credit or criminal in all accounts. I am advised that the Colorado collection agency when I was 17 years for a student loan. I only owed ​​$ 232 which was paid immediately. As to my knowledge, the agency was only after me for two days until I found out and paid for them. Could you be my fucking credit card , due to the application of credit cards , when just turned 18? I owe money to anyone (I know because I have a credit report) , I own a car, but I paid cash all the time you bought it from the owner and not a dealer.
Will getting a Best Buy credit card hurt my chances of getting a loan for a car?5[hamlet]2012-09-17 21:37:03
My boyfriend has a good credit , but still owes about 250.00 by credit card or been in their current employer for a year so it is not eligible for a credit card from Best Buy. Your laptop recently broke and now wants a desktop computer. I'm thinking of getting a credit card to Best Buy to buy him one for Christmas . I have no credit in my name so I have no debt-to- income. If even I can get approved for credit card I have only one concern. I will look at the cars in the next few weekends with my dad. I'm getting a car in my name so I can leave the house . If I am approved for a credit card from Best Buy it hurts when I'm trying to get a loan for a car in the coming weeks ? Only one would be about 300-400 limit on the card.
Will this action hurt my credit score?3brianca2012-09-29 06:19:03
Currently I have a good credit . I have a loan on Demand Cash Card type I am already paying high interest . I recently received a notice from my bank tells me that the interest rate increase in August. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can close the card / account and keep my current interest rate , or do nothing and keep the account , while the rate increases in August. I have no desire to continue using this account once it is paid off , but my balance is very high right now for me to pay before August. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It will be closing this account now , while still maintaining a balance , hurt my credit in any way?
Would it hurt my credit score to pay off my $12,000 in student loans all at once?1Sherri Mcgovern2012-11-02 17:17:01
Does it hurt my credit score to pay my $ 12,000 in student loans at once? I have about $ 15,000 in the bank. I've been interested in buying a house sometime in the near future. Since I have the money in the bank to pay the student loan, I do this? Would it be bad or good? I am currently paying $ 250 per month in student loan. I have 26 years old and earn about $ 80,000 ( before taxes) , living at home, paying $ 400 per month in rent.
Would it hurt my credit score to pay off my $12,000 in student loans all at once?1John Jacob2012-11-03 10:09:02
I have about $ 15,000 in the bank . I've been interested in buying a house sometime in the near future. Since I have no money in the bank to pay off the student loan, should I do this? Would it be bad or good? I am currently paying $ 250 per month for the student loan . I have 26 years old and earn about $ 80,000 ( before taxes ) , living at home , paying $ 400 per month in rent .
Will it hurt my credit score if i see if i can pre approve for a car loan?3Jessica B2012-10-15 20:27:02
reason I ask is because I was told that the application for a car loan or even check your credit score often do you " look bad " .

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