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I have a question about a Wells Fargo student loan...?0Charine2012-10-01 10:38:02
I applied and got approved for 16,500 Wells Fargo Student Loan Collegiate . I logged on to see if my school certified . Says my school certificate amount is 7575 . I'm not sure what that means . Does this mean that all I needed to pay my studies was 7575 ? I have other federal aid and scholarships , but I was pretty sure I still add more than that amount . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !
Where can I consolidate my private student loan besides Wells Fargo and Chase?2Noah2012-10-06 15:54:02
Where I can consolidate my private student loan , and Wells Fargo and Chase ?
Is Wells Fargo a good place to get a Federal Stafford student loan from??...?3Keanu2012-09-17 12:48:03
I'm working on finding a student loan for school. ive been qualified for the federal Stafford loan . Does anyone know if Wells Fargo also offers the option of payment in which u do not have to pay anything until six months after you graduate ? please helppp :)
Is there anywhere besides Wells Fargo that have non-certified private student loans?0Mark G2012-10-27 08:39:00
Is there anywhere besides Wells Fargo that have uncertified private student loans ?
How do I consolidate my student loans? I have Sallie Mae and a large private loan from Wells Fargo?0koty2012-09-22 04:59:04
All together I owe about $ 50k in loans w / about $ 40k of my private loan from Wells Fargo . I have to start paying before graduation , which is crazy to me, but that's how my loan and they want $ 400 a month in addition to Sallie Mae want $ 100 + per month . ? I can consolidate my private loans with Sallie Mae my loans ? How I can do ? My goal is to have much lower payments .
Student loans: Citi, Sallie Mae, Chase or Wells Fargo?0Brann2012-11-06 01:31:28
Which student loan is the best option? (I can't apply at all banks without being forced into a contact - all I can do at this point is guess) Please advise me which student loans I should choose... Federal is not an option! Thanks Chase: 3M LIBOR + 3.56~12.25% (min to max) no fees Citibank: 3M LIBOR + 4.75~11.50% 0~6% fees Sallie Mae: 1M LIBOR + 4~14% 0~5% fees Wells Fargo: PRIME + 0~4.5% no fees
Does anyone know if Citi bank or Wells Fargo is faster at getting there student loans into the school?1Lace2012-10-10 13:28:02
Does anyone know if Citi or Wells Fargo bank is quicker to get there in the school student loans ?
Any info on these college loan consolidation places- Wells Fargo, Next Student, Student Loan Network?0rabiyah2012-09-08 12:26:02
I'd like to hear from anyone who has consolidated loans through one of these places or if you know of a better place I would love to know . Thank you.
Can I defer my Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation Loan?0turtle dove2012-08-06 20:46:03
I have a lot of small student loans totaling up to me a total of $ 50k. I am currently differ, or more specifically to a payment plan based on income for them as they really do not have much money yet. I would like to consolidate into one loan for convenience, but I am still unable to make payments due , so I was wondering if anyone knows if you can postpone or use the IBR program consolidation loans at Wells Fargo?
Personal loan question? I have a Wells Fargo personal unsecured loan in the state of california.?2Kimberly2014-12-05 23:41:59
When I took out the loan, I could afford it , however , much has changed since then and I'm starting to fall behind in my monthly payments. Until this month , I am aware , I have not paid this month , and I can see myself . I called and spoke with his representative, and acted like I was a horrible person who never paid a penny. My question is , how many months before I can be late to take me to court? How many months prior to default ? What can legally take from me? I have a car I have, is worth 9600 in the blue book , but that's my only good. Will you take this? any other relevant information would be greatly appreciated .
I got approved for a car loan on by Wells Fargo. . .?3Marzi2012-10-23 11:31:02
I credit application through the dealer ( went through 7 or 8 lenders - Wells Fargo was the only one I approve because I have bad credit ) . Anyway , was approved for a loan , but the payment had to be 20 % of the loan amount , and the car I was seeing, it was a little more than I could afford at the time ( there was also a stipulation that the car had to be at least 06). This concession did not have many other cars that qualify to choose which came a little cheaper . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I 'm wondering is , since my app approved (although the credit application was withdrawn ) would it be reasonable to think that if I contacted Wells Fargo directly I would be able to obtain financing and then just go to any dealer I wanted ( which I wish I could find a slightly less expensive vehicle ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any reason that might reject me because I'm not asking for a loan through a dealer?
Wells fargo refinance car loan?0Carmela2012-09-23 08:03:02
Just wondering if you have to have good credit to refinance your car or get a loan extension only have 23 months to go, but my payments are very high

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