Consolidate or rehabilitate defaulted student loans for best credit? related questions

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Consolidate or rehabilitate defaulted student loans for best credit?0Eloisa2012-08-12 00:02:08
Long story short , I have $ 7500 is 2006, loans for students who want to start paying and repair my credit. What is the best option to clear my credit history / score as soon as possible ? ps. I thought the lender and want to call today and see what I can find . I'm thinking $ 150 is my monthly maximum you can afford at the moment and hope it's enough. You may be able to make a payment of $ 300 in the month casual ..
Student loans in default for 3 years- should I consolidate, or rehabilitate?0sadarie2012-10-12 06:56:02
My wages have been garnished for 3 years as well. At this point , my credit score is almost zero ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it be worth the additional payments (in addition to wage garnishment , assuming my loan company offering something affordable , ... $ 100/mo . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I try ( again) to ask for some kind of payment plan on / above the retention , to rehabilitate the loan ? I always offer the option of only $ 450 / month, plus my wage garnishment ( $ 250/mo ) by way of rehabilitation , even after I tell them I can not afford that .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( They are so nasty in this collection company that I hardly dare to call again . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus O, ... Should I consolidate , with lower student loan payments , and start all over again ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A defaulted loan is rehabilitated much more attractive in a credit report that a delinquent loan ( for recent years ) that has established ( and to date ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to fix my life and my credit , and having a very difficult time ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
I want to consolidate my defaulted school loans and defaulted credit card.?1ko2012-08-27 04:40:02
I have student loans in June for about $ 6500 and a loan of $ 1,500 credit card that I would consolidate all together if possible. Can anyone recommend a good consolidation loan that could help me ? I'm trying to catch up and get my finances in order.
Consolidate my defaulted student loans?0Maddie:))2012-09-05 13:13:06
Consolidate my defaulted student loans ?
If I file bankruptcy and have defaulted student loans on my credit, will the defaulted loan stay on there?2SparklyOne2012-11-04 09:06:02
I know nonperforming loans can affect your credit for longer than bankruptcy. If I can not get my loans discharged in bankruptcy default continues to appear on my credit card or I can consolidate or something? I do not want to have a bankruptcy and defaulted loans soup on my credit card for the next 15 years.
When I consolidate my defaulted Student Loans with Direct Loan, when will I "officialy" be out of default?0Patterson2012-10-16 20:31:19
I wonder when they can not make up my tax refunds, etc. Also, if you have any experience with income contingent payment plan , please share. Thank you.
Defaulted student loan in collections, will they take away my tax refund if i consolidate now?0betsy miller2012-10-10 07:35:45
Hi, I'm an unemployed single mother of one and am waiting to receive refunds of state and federal taxes . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, I just got a letter in the mail from EdFund my defaulted student loan went into collections and if not set up a payment plan with them , could take my tax refund. I really need my tax refund , and I was wondering if I can consolidate my loans in arrears now I'll still be able to get my tax refund ?
I have a defaulted student loan with a wage garnishment of about $300 per month. Help me consolidate?2branidi2012-10-07 03:23:03
I have a federal student loan that is in default because it was unemplyed long after I gor from college with more credit card debt . I have a wage garnishment and I want undefaulted me . I have to pay $ 300 per month in wage garnishment and want another $ 170 per month for nine months regular payment and can afford . Sallie Mae worked with and I can get a monthly payment of $ 183 per month , not $ 500. But want three consecutive payments before they will accept it and I can not afford the payments with wage garnishment . Illinois Student Assistance Commission is not going to help at all about getting rid of the embargo in order to pay the monthly fee and have no liens . Is there any way I can do something for the feds do not screw me again.
How do I consolidate my defaulted stafford unsubsidized and subsudized student loan held with the Dept. of Ed.0Apfe2012-10-12 14:55:47
My student loans are in default but I've done the last 3 monthly payments of 50.00 each and time . What else do I have to do to get consolidation loans and default output . Why? I wish to enroll in a program to spend my Associate Degree , and need financial aid for students . He was imprisoned for more than seven years and now I want to better myself and get on with my life .
Help on defaulted student loans?2bobpursley please help me2012-08-18 06:31:03
well I have an excellent student loan $ 3,889 currently in default . I currently work for minimum wage in the film and I was forced to take the job only after being unemployed for a little over 6 months. I look after my younger sister (17) too, and have done since I was 17. Recovery Systems Companies sent me a letter about seizures of wages that would occur soon if I did not start repayment. I have no car, luckily my mother left us when she spent the money and we own our home, but we are struggling financially . I wanted to know how to get some relief ? Who can help me? What should I do ? I'm just frustrated and looking for some guidance. If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated!
Defaulted student loans?0Angelise2012-09-11 05:21:04
I learned this morning that I have student loans in default. I took all my resources and made my first monthly payment today. The credit instead said that if I do the 9 months worth of payments on time , I'll be in rehab and come to my credit. I have two other student loans that are not in default at the moment, but there's no way you can make the payments. Should I consolidate my loans ? I do not know much about the consolidation , so any advice would be helpful.
Defaulted Student Loans?0steve Alexander2012-10-06 02:41:17
This is my story : MedlinePlus Last week my purse was stolen with all my information on it . So run a credit check to make sure nobody was using my identity . While looking at the report , I find a student loan company in the state : "Claim filed with the government." I called the company and they said I should about $ 25,000 in full to avoid legal action . I've been making payments through Sallie Mae , I found that all my loans were consolidated . Since they had an old address on file for me , I never received any notification by mail, telephone or email ( my email is the same ) . MedlinePlus She says they are finalizing legal action on Wednesday of this week , and if I can get about $ 20,000 going to stop their actions . MedlinePlus I work three jobs and living paycheck to paycheck . What I can do? I can not ask anyone to lend me $ 20,000 , and all my accounts are frozen due to the jolt stole my credit card. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for some advice please , PLEASE , I'm so scared .

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