My husband a soldier, moved in with his gf & stopped helping with bills/mortgage I have POA anything I can do? related questions

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My husband a soldier, moved in with his gf & stopped helping with bills/mortgage I have POA anything I can do?4Izeck2012-10-09 06:12:02
I've been very patient so far, but he just has to give half of his BAH ($ 500) and you're not paying a dime to any of our vehicles , mortgage , bills , etc. . I'm working , but can not cover what we owe both . I have a durable power of attorney valid I guess he did not think and have not used it , but he will not return my calls , changed all their database (I have the routing and account number, but no checks or cards to him) . I'm not sure what my options was to get a loan in your name , but your credit is bad (so do not mind if the bills are not paid ) . Please advise ... I can go to the army ? Finances and change their assignments with a POA ? I went to the bank , but they will not accept a POA unless it is said that specific account and a new account ...
I have lost my job and moved to another state and I don't have any money to pay my bills. what can I do?0grass_snake2012-09-19 14:01:04
I have two loans , plus insurance beyond car because less than two weeks, I've been in search of employment and put in applications everywhere, even if I have a job I do not get paid enough to pay all overdue invoices , plus it 's been expired credit cards . I have no family and really bad credit , what I can do. The debt consolidation debt help because I have more than enough . Please only helpful answers 'm leaving at the end of my rope
My sisters ex husband has stopped paying alimony?1biti2012-10-16 06:33:02
My sister divorced because she found someone else . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically the house rose , children and gave the car , it was a nice thing to do , as it could have been . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , she has no job and is dependent on him to repay student loans for women's studies , as well as child support and alimony . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has failed to pay child support as well. MedlinePlus He says he is barely able to pay for your medicine . BS . It's called insurance . I should get some MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I have really wanted to turn around to wherever the hell it is and kick his . MedlinePlus *** MedlinePlus My sister wants to know if there are legal options for this?
I loaned my car to my astringent husband for 2 hours. He never brought it back. The police are not helping me?4PeyPey2012-11-04 14:22:02
I've been separated from my husband for a few months . He had come home for 10 days.He asked to use my car (which was in my name only) for an appointment. So I lent it to him. The 2 hours passed and never returned. We have 5 children . It was my transportation to my job / baby sitters . Police said wait one week and will be making a report . Now do nothing. What I can do legally ? He has a history of methamphetamine use.I just know that he could be in Portland . And I can not get a cab to the nanny and work? With little or no money , and the holidays are here , what I can do? Please help .
What would happen if you moved three states away and left your home and mortgage behind?2Growl2012-10-04 19:42:07
Someone I know is doing this. They are moving three states away , and no forwarding address . They are leaving behind a mortgage and a new car and car loan. Also, the husband has two children from a previous marriage who pays child support for . He has said, but has not said his mother. Do not be in serious trouble with the state looking for him for child support and the court issues an order for them after that is not presented to the court about the mortgage? What ? Does anyone know ?
I have been moved to part time status, and have a mortgage, growth (new baby on the way) should I pay off my?0study freak2012-10-27 18:26:06
Student loan - interest is compounded MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have $ 10K in the bank and owe $ 20K on the loan - I : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Pay all K $ 10 loan for MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Pay the loan part MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) Wait and see until my financial situation improves MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4) Invest the money in a business opportunity fire insurance ( package store ) to grow my personal economic situation
Should I feel guilty about not helping helping my mom out financially?0Javal2012-11-05 23:32:13
My mom earns about 25,000 per year from her job, and my dad recently stopped paying my mom child support (15,000 per year) because my twin brother and I recently turned 18 years old. I am putting myself through college right now, I am literally working almost every moment i'm not in class to keep my head above water. I've become pretty thrifty by staying on a very specific budget for food, rent, etc.. and keeping track of all my finances. Right now, I have almost $2,500 saved up, and my mom receives my bank statements in the mail back home so she knows this too. I truly believe my mom's spending habits haven't changed since my dad stopped paying her child support and she called me today talking about how she is so broke. I have trouble feeling sorry for her because she was never really a mother to me growing up, she is an alcoholic, and she does spend money on alcohol which should be going toward far more important things. I've basically been taking care of myself since I was 14 and could work legally. My mom never calls me when I'm in college to just say "Hi, how are you?" Whenevr she calls me, it's almost always complaining about something, usually about how broke she is. She really frustrates me because I know she could get a better job if she put effort into it, but she says "i don't like change", she's not the type of person to stick to a budget, and when she called me today, she didn't straight out ask me for money, but she did say, "So I see in your bank account statment you have $2,500 in your account, I only have $250.00 in my account, I'm REALLY broke." Geez, what the hell am I suppise to say to that? I'm a struggling college student with accumulating student loan debt and i'm just now barely beginning to build a little cushion in my bank account and she puts a guilt trip on me. Am I going to deal with this for the rest of my life?? I'm not going to give her money because she is the type of person who would NEVER pay you back if you loaned her money, and I have rent going through next week. I suppose I COULD give her like $100.00 or $200.00, but then what is she starts to get comfortable asking me for money? This is not the kind of relationship I want with my mom. Right now, I really just feel like I want nothing to do with her because she's not helping me in any sense, she's not supportive, she never really encouraged me to go to college in the first place, I put myself here so I can give my future kids a better life than I had one day. Should I feel guilty?
With a joint mortgage who gets paid from cash for keys if one party has moved but no payments have been made?1patti2012-09-12 06:27:03
I have my name on a deed to a house with my ex husband. I moved out in November 2009 , but there have been no mortgage payments since July 2009 and since then it was too late. I recently learned that cash for keys has offered to pay $ 13,000.00 to vacate. My signature is required to release the check, but my name is not on the check for my name is in fact just not lending . Since we were married at the time they paid for the house and no longer paid after the divorce I have a right to half of that money . What is the best way to go about making sure that I get half that I deserve ? I have verified that the check will not be sent without my signing off on writing .
How do I split up the bills with my husband?2(i mean,) scrotum 2012-11-06 04:12:02
Should my husband offer to pay a little more of the bills if.....5no comment2012-09-11 10:07:05
If my husband offered to pay a little more of the household bills if he earns $ 20,000 more than what I do and I have about $ 700 extra to pay bills a month. ( We split the household bills ... I have $ 700 more a month to pay off student loans and car payment . ) Please tell me your honest opinion ... or ideas . Thanks for your time.
We are looking for a more convenient payment plan to consolidate everything together , but do not want to refinance our house any suggestions
Husband hasn't paid for mortgage in 2 mths. what the mortgage company said to us is "Once we receive and begin0ct2012-10-16 02:39:09
your application and documents we request, some of the options that may be available to you include : MedlinePlus Repayment plan, loan modification, short sale , Deed in lieu of foreclosure . " I know you have no choice , but can someone explain to me what is the way forward ? Mortgage Co budget request form , income , and a letter explaining our situtation .

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