Tell me about buying a car privately when seller still owes on it? related questions

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Tell me about buying a car privately when seller still owes on it?1By Lana2012-10-22 10:10:02
so I guess I have to pay the $ , get a bill of sale, the seller assumes the $ I gave him and pay loan and sends me the title . What if you do not repay the loan? I have the car , but I guess the creditor can come after me for this? How does this work ?
What are the steps in buying a car when the seller still owes a loan?0mrs johnson2012-08-26 15:37:02
Ok , so I want to buy a used car that has no title, since it has a loan on the car and they get it until the loan is repaid . Ok , so I are selling the car for $ 11,500 and you only need $ 4,000 in the bank . So we decided to meet at the bank , but I'm not sure what I should take with me from the DMV so I can have the title and what should I be ready for ? MedlinePlus So after the loan is paid in the bank , should I take the car with me or if you still need to keep the car until I get the title or they get the title ? So I take the car after the deal is done and also printed on paper that the car is mine after the loan is paid ? Thank you.
Buying a car privately ?0prasanna2012-10-07 00:00:19
I am planning to buy this car , possibly this week and now I 'm going to test drive the inspection and ect , I will check charges , guarantees loans car history , now the thing to understand is , payment , how do I complete the sale from the point of shaking hands to registration, slow . I'm thinking of a certified check is my form of payment , but if anyone can explain all the steps that will make your life much easier .
Buying a car from someone who still owes on money on their loan?1Brittani2012-10-06 14:17:02
I can buy a car from a private owner shortly. However, the person I 'm buying the car you still owe money on your loan . He will use the money I'm giving to pay most of your loan , and then you have to pay the rest out of pocket. My problem is I do not know this guy , and I do not feel comfortable giving a bank check for such a large amount , and not get a title change. The technician could return and report the stolen vehicle after getting the money . Aside from going directly through your bank ( probally not possible while in the military and out of state ) How I can protect myself in this case ?
Buying car from Private Seller question?0Danielle Stacey2012-10-19 16:57:43
I 'm buying a car from a private seller and the seller has not yet paid the $ 24,000 loan . My question is if I were to pick up $ 24,000 in a cashier's check from my bank , how I can pay the car safely ? .. Basically I do not want my hose. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know of a bill of sale , but I read somewhere that the online transaction money should not go down until the title is ready to be turned on again. He can not even get the title until we have the car paid off . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Buying a car form private seller?1Can sombody please help me2012-10-26 19:08:02
OK I want to know if the following is possible. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a student of 20 years old university and want to buy a used car from a private seller that costs about $ 15,000. But I have no credit only Chase debit card . So I know that they would be denied a car loan , because it has no credit history and only make about $ 800 a month. So my question is would it be possible to make an agreement or contract with a private vendor to put as $ 5,000 down and finance the rest of the month with a $ 380 compensation and give more interest , without turning a loan from a bank. I really prefer not to involve the bank so they can stop sucking the life out of us and let the seller have the extra money that the bank normally benefit . I do not see how this is wrong , it's a win, win situation . Thank you very much !
I have a question about buying a car from a private seller?0marie s2012-10-12 21:53:01
All private sellers probably wants money up front for the car. But let's say I save to get a car from a private seller ... I can get a loan and pay for it ? Let's say that the car would be about $ 8,000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would I have to pay the bank ? Im only 16 years old. I know I can not get a loan of up to 18 im embargo. I just want to be ready if one day I decide to buy a car from a private seller . I would like to know what to do with a loan as you can get .
Im looking at buying a used car from a private seller, which I will need a loan for.?1Jarrad Michael2012-10-25 05:48:50
My credit is better than me , but not so much landfill . Im Jus wondering if a personal loan or a car loan is best , and that im more likely to be approved . Also, what would be a typical value approipate before I deny ? Any loan amount would help me a lot! Thank you.
Can I get a vehicle loan if I'm buying from a private seller?1Naoto2012-10-05 11:10:03
I will not go into too much detail , but I need a car and most likely need for funding. I have never had a loan before and I do not know much about the process , but I'm thinking of applying for a car loan through my credit union. However, I have also decided that rather buy from a private seller to a dealer . Am I able to get financing for that car ? Will higher interest rate ? How does it work ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And please , I am not here to hear about what a bad idea it is. I know. But sometimes necessity trumps practicality . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Hows does buying a car from a private seller without a clear title work?4R.T.2012-11-05 22:03:02
Im going to buy a car from an individual to be 15k in his car . MedlinePlus We agreeded he sell for 14k MedlinePlus I applied for a loan for 13,500 and I pay 500 cash along with the registration fee DMV CA (1200) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How will this work once I get approved for my loan and sent me a check? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I give the money to the seller and I hope to repay the loan and emails me the title (which my lender will have a lien on it ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The first time you buy a car from a private seller , thanks
Buying a house financing is being down with an FHA loan and seller paying closing cost,what happens?0marquis2012-11-02 11:12:18
what happens to the earnest money. is it subtract from the down payment?
Buying a house for $450k - $230k of traditional mortgage, the rest seller's financing...need help.?2mathie2012-08-28 03:41:03
The house is worth about $ 600k , but I am rescuing a friend. It's a great investment in the short term and long term, so you do not want to hear any analysis on it. I wonder about how to qualify for traditional mortgage, going to work. Will you be almost automatic , since the loan is less than half the value of the house? Or the value of the dwelling shall be considered 230k because that is the "selling price " . Does the bank know about the second seller? We do not need the money down because there is equity in the house to protect the bank's investment ? Thanks for your help in advance. If you know any website about this specific situation it would be great too!

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