When do I have to pay back an instant CASH loan?

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Vinny...help plz!!!
Asked at 2012-08-11 22:58:02
I was thinking of applying for a loan for $ 500 - ". Americash " $ 1000 in a place called I am a student , but I need some money now and my student loan money does not come in until mid / late September - mid October . Not enough, anyway. My question is, when I have to repay the loan if $ 500? Also, what is the rate of interest considering I am a young college student, no credit cards or any property or bills? thank you very much .
Answer1MatthewAnswered at 2012-08-13 21:43:03
You would have to check. Expect the interest rate to be high as 30 %! If you have no credit and nothing to offer as collateral , then they are unlikey to give you a loan. We're sorry .
And forget about any of these loan offers online , they are all scams. We charge a nonrefundable fee of the application and then deny your loan. They are never going to lend money , I just want to return the application fee ! I warn you !
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