If my house was repossessed and I have a loan secured to the property does it get paid off ? related questions

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If my house was repossessed and I have a loan secured to the property does it get paid off ?0Scotty2012-09-30 20:47:02
When m , and the house was foreclosed house sold for
What happens to my secured loan on a repossessed house property?1rodrigo2012-08-28 17:36:18
I had my foreclosed property last May , but I also had a loan secured on the property . The house has sold about 3 weeks , but I keep getting phone calls from the guaranteed loan company that I owe $ 33,000 because the house was sold to the mortgage people used to tell me how much it was because I had just thirsty 18 large deficits mean for both mortgages and loans . Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks .
Can my house be repossessed if I am paying mortgage but not paying a secured loan?2Sometiing2012-10-05 22:39:04
Will my home be foreclosed if I'm paying mortgage but not pay a secured loan ?
Can i take out a secured loan on my property now and then sell the house in a couple of months ?0JESSICA*********HELLLPPP!!!2012-10-14 09:27:11
I can borrow ? Secured on my property now and then sell the house in a couple of months ?
I own a rental property in arizona.. I paid cash on the house?3asha2012-09-06 00:58:07
taking it from my primary residence in California. Now I pay a mortgage payment on the loan, I can cancel the entire mortgage payment as a tax deduction or interest only because it is a rental property ? ?
I don't have a job, but my house is paid for is there any kind of secured loan i can get?0TheMathDude2012-10-09 02:16:15
I have no work , but my house is paid is there some kind of secured loan I can get?
Got a secured loan on a house I've only ever paid interest only payments on. Should they have given me this?0Herber2012-10-02 08:46:03
He had a mortgage for three years. The payment of interest only. Applied for a secured loan , which is based on this agreement in my house that is a bit more
Can my house be repossessed?0Palace2012-09-14 10:04:04
So for a long boring reason I will not go , I have 3 secured loans / mortgages in my house ! This was great a couple of years ago , but now my house is in negative equity and changes in my work made ​​me really fight. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, the real problem is the third secured loan . My question is - can they, as the third charge , initiate a recovery procedure when I say that you can not pay the full amount and reduce my payments . In fact , I'm up front with my two other loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm in the UK . Thank you.
Can your car be repossessed for being late on your house payment at the same bank, when your car loan is not l?1Allard2012-09-28 22:17:02
A friend of mine is behind on their house payment and a credit card . The bank said that if not enough come retrieve his truck even though the loan is not delinquent truck . The three loans are with the same bank that is a credit union .
SECURED Loan: Since a loan is secured by property does that limit collections to the current value?0super-man22012-10-10 14:30:28
If it is worth more or less , what does it matter , since it was accepted as "security " for the loan ?
Deduction of foreign property tax and mortgage secured on foreign property?0Jayson2012-09-27 13:35:05
I have ( own , without mortgage) a condominium ( condo # 1) in my contry mother ( contry # 1) . This Condo # 1 is a rental property (me and my family ( not U.S. citizens or residents ) , do not use more than 14 days or 10% of the year ) . I have a mortgage ( or say " loan " ) set in condo # 1 and took all the money to the U.S. to buy another apartment # 2, where I live now . I usually send money contry # 1 every three months to pay the mortgage ( loan) . I have all the documentation of the foreign bank and send money to demonstrate the regular payment of the mortgage ( loan) . MedlinePlus ? I can deduct the interest paid to the bank in contry # 1 (I think the money is used to buy my apartment # 2 , though not a guarantee ) ? MedlinePlus ? I can deduct property taxes on condo # 1 as a tax deduction abroad?
Secured loan on property?1Cheyenne2012-08-28 14:43:15
I have a secured loan on my property ! What if I sell my house and not enough equity in the property fails to repay the loan?

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