Having trouble finding a job after college..?

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I have 22 years , I graduated from the university in October 2010 where he studied Management Office and even graduated with honors . I've been looking for work since before I graduated ( two months ago ) , have had an employment counselor at my school help me and I have had no luck at all. I had to take a part time job working as a cashier at a supermarket where I pull in less than $ 300 every two weeks . I live in an apartment with my boyfriend and I can not pay my bills . My parents have been paying my phone bill and my boyfriend is covering full rent and food. I have student loan payments , car insurance , gas, and that has all my money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a great / attractive resume / cover letter that stands out , the employment counselor at my university helped me prepare . I received a lot of compliments on it , but have not gotten a job ! I have tried to employment agencies and even told me that I can help, due to the fact that I have no experience , but really , how can you get experience when no one will hire you . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder if anyone has any advice or suggestions , or if you are in the same situation as me .

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