Can anyone explain how they work out I have to pay this much to clear HSBC loan..? related questions

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Can anyone explain how they work out I have to pay this much to clear HSBC loan..?1[email protected]2012-11-03 08:23:02
I had a loan with HSBC in 5 years (60 months ) The loan was for
Can somebody explain me in clear english what is going on financially with the home loans crisis?0DaniHat2012-11-03 21:10:01
I heard the market is experiencing one of the worst dowfalls in years. That homeowners are not able to afford their houses anymore. I know that happened because lenders gave out money to less than qualified borrowers. But how is that somebody buys a house today and agrees to pay X amount of money and now can't afford it? Isn't it a fixed interest rate? And also how is that this can affect the whole market or the US economy ?
Loan help! Im not so clear on how the general repayment plans work for federal PLUS loans??1Jaylen2012-10-08 11:35:03
Okay, just read the same everywhere, the PLUS loan repayments must be made 60 days after the last disbursement ...... What does this mean exactly? Which means that repayments after starting the academic year is over ( for each year of college ) , or what? im a little lost . I think my teacher has been giving us bs information , probably does not know what she is talking about her .... said the PLUS loan repayments begin on the last year of college , and I can not even say it if it took into account all loans contracted last year . well , PLUS loans must be repayed begin immediately, not deferred until our last year ( as my teacher said ) or even after college ?
Hows does buying a car from a private seller without a clear title work?4R.T.2012-11-05 22:03:02
Im going to buy a car from an individual to be 15k in his car . MedlinePlus We agreeded he sell for 14k MedlinePlus I applied for a loan for 13,500 and I pay 500 cash along with the registration fee DMV CA (1200) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How will this work once I get approved for my loan and sent me a check? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I give the money to the seller and I hope to repay the loan and emails me the title (which my lender will have a lien on it ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The first time you buy a car from a private seller , thanks
I own my own land free and clear, I was told to cash out the equity to help buy a mfd home, how does it work?2ABIGAIL 2012-10-16 07:03:03
I have no mortgage , the loan officer told us to cash to reduce the loan amount for home mfd . How cashing equity in land or houses owned free and clear work , I need help !
Would someone explain to me how, even why they think this is gonna work?0Karrie2012-11-06 00:24:31
How did the government bailout to the finance institutions help the economy? What good does it do to throw money back into these institutions, when people are unable/unwilling to apply for a loan for anything! I know I'm not a "brainiac", but wouldn't it have made more sense to give that money to the tax payer? Isn't it ultimately the tax payer that effects the economy? If we aren't spending, manufacturing slows down/stops [i.e., the auto industry, the trailer industries]; if we aren't spending because we can't get a loan [i.e., foreclosure, judgments], why give all that money to lending institutions that are not loaning it back out? Does no one else see the cause and effect here? You give money to lending institutions that aren't circulating the money; you give money to GM and Ford to produce a product that people can't purchase, because the lending institutions aren't lending... Help me out here! I'm not looking for a handout. I don't need to be rich, nor do I want to be. All I want is to be able to pay my bills on time, have some tucked back for emergencies, and some available for other necessary expenses. I honestly believe that is what most American people want. Wouldn't it make more sense to put it out there where it's going to actually stimulate the economy? Most people I know [myself included] would: A. Pay their mortgage to current, or pay it off, which would keep people in their homes and stimulate the lending institutions. B. Pay off any other outstanding debt incurred from this crisis [such as credit card debt], because we couldn't afford to fill the tank plus feed the family. C. Pay cash for a more economic vehicle, no matter what the price of gas is doing at the time being. We've learned a lesson here. That would have circulated the monies for the auto industries. I'm not in any way looking for a handout. I, just like all tax payers, am dealing with this crisis the best way I can, which is going without the things I do not need. I just wish I could understand how the government can justify these bailouts, when, in actuality, it isn't going to be effective one way or the other until the middle class feel comfortable enough to start spending.
Can someone please explain to me how secured loans work?2Online Bus2012-09-08 23:58:02
im 19 and just want to get a small loan to build my credit, so that's all I heared could only make that purchase and get a secured loan against my savings account I have no i dea what that means , how I have to get my savings to get a loan do I have to have more money in my savings account then what the loan is and if I get a loan as small as $ 1,000 and I do not even use the loan money i just have to use the money to repay the loan and therefore you can only build credit is a smart idea MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to say is that i just go to the bank up to tell you that I get a loan to build my credit only going to understand what a loan of $ 1,000 home you spend the waiting time until the money month is over and pay the bill with the loan money is that it is a good idea
Will someone explain how mortgages/loans work?0stanly2012-10-17 01:06:30
Okay, so my girlfriend and I want to buy our first home . We found our dream house in the country for super cheap , is an old house about 2,000 square feet Upon inspection we learned its solid structure, but is in immediate need of new siding and roofing ( estimated $ 15k - $ 20k ) . We are both 20 years old with solid credit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the difference between a mortgage and a loan ? How do we know if we qualify ? Are we going to give just the amount you need to buy the house , or we can get a larger loan so we can pay for renovations ? Also, my girlfriend has a loan for your car right now that will make a difference? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If anyone can explain as simply as possible that would be awesome , I have zero experience with any of these things . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Can someone explain to me how student loans work?0lover4542012-10-15 06:05:28
I know nothing about loans and need some help . I want to go to school Makeup Designory in New York . It cost about $ 15,000 . I'm probably living on my own. ? I can get money to help with the cost of housing and school ? The loan that the school has is Sallie Mae . Can anyone give me some information? Furthermore , I have no credit so how I can get a loan ? How much you get adn how much you have to pay each month ? On the website it says something about the repayment of loans up to 15 years , does this mean that you have to repay the loan in 15 years ? What if I do not? What if you do not have a credible endorsement ? Do they have to be living with you ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for any help you can give me !
Can someone explain how student loans work?0sadie HELP!!!!!!!!!2012-11-06 03:39:18
And really, student financial aid in general. Of course I'm going to speak with the college itself, but it's Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I'm really stressing about this right now. First off, student loans. How does interest on them work? Does the interest accrue starting on the day I get the loan, so that when payments begin six months after graduation, my balance is already greatly inflated? Or does interest start once payments start? How long does it usually take for the student loan process to go through? If I applied for one next month, would I be able to have the money in time to pay for the spring semester? Next, financial aid in general. How does a student starting in the spring get need-based aid? The deadline for the FAFSA was months ago for this current school year, but not every student takes the traditional route and starts in the fall, so is there any way to still get aid for the spring? I know this all probably depends on the individual college/lender/whatever, but can I have some generalizations, please?
Refinancing loan vs. a leasing company car loan. Can someone explain how it would work?0Quentin2012-09-25 01:34:03
Right now I have a car loan through Toyota finance for a rental car . My plan is to keep the car at the end of the word . How would it work if I was going to get a car loan through a refinance company ? If I were to get the loan , I just pay the car to Toyota and then monthly payments to the company to refinance ? Does anyone know of any reliable refinancing company ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks ....
HSBC Auto Loan?0dillion2012-09-30 05:37:02
I know HSBC refinance a car loan . However, HSBC will give you a loan for a new car , so that one can go to the dealer and have developed their own funding with HSBC . I mean what are those programs that can be used to fund distributors . I mean, I can go to HSBC and fill out the paperwork for a car loan , and then go find the one I want , and they cut the check. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there other banks that are known to provide a variety of credit accounts ( Translation --- Wachovia and Chase course will give you a loan I signed a 50 with a 850 credit score , little or no debt and a 250k income ! However , this is not what I'm talking about ! ) that can do this . Again, my friend for whom I am asking this question have decent credit , but not stellar and HSBC gives credit to people in all circumstances , so I am looking for a bank with similar policies , etc.

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