How do we find help paying bills?On state assistance. 3kids ages 4&under. Husband 22yrs=$9/hr.Me 25yr=student.? related questions

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How do we find help paying bills?On state assistance. 3kids ages 4&under. Husband 22yrs=$9/hr.Me 25yr=student.?0sneha2012-09-30 00:20:02
I am a 25 year old stay-at-home mother / college student working full time to an associate in Early Childhood Education. My husband is 22 and works full time as a CNA in a nursing home. We have three children aged 4 years or less. Evalyn is 4, Berlin is 3, and Joesph is 18 months. MedlinePlus Joe and I have been together since I was a junior in high school (8 years) and have been married for almost five years. We have worked hard to offer our children a home and finally made it out of the government housing about 2 years ago when he took a loan from my aunt and uncle's house. We qualified for the Kansas weatherization program last year so our home is warmer than last year, but still worry about being able to pay for heat. MedlinePlus Anyway, are not lazy or scroungers. We were both working full time and (almost) the payment of our bills every month until my work said they could not afford to have me. Instead of looking for another minimum wage job, I enrolled in college. I'm doing an average of 3.8 and will graduate in 2010. MedlinePlus Because my husband only makes $ 9.00/hour, we have fallen behind in all our bills for about $ 150 each month. We have not been able to make the minimum payments on any of our credit cards (we've been grateful to pay our mortgage) and have now been canceled and turned over to collections. We can not pay the amounts they want us to pay the payment plans that are offered (which is more than our minimum payments were) and they are adding late fees and limit fees each month. MedlinePlus We are now on food stamps, WIC, Medicine (for children) and we qualified for LIEAP, but none of these agencies help pay the bills. We were told that because Joe works full time, can not qualify for cash assistance. I was so desperate to help pay our bills, I started filling out online surveys for 0.50 each. No money to try any of those crazy on-line schemes. MedlinePlus If you have any real suggestion that can help our family before we're losing our house and have to return to the home government, we would be very appericiate! Thanks for your time.
Where can I find help paying for my puppies medical bills?2sameen2012-11-05 10:24:02
My boyfriend and I adopted our puppy 3 months old , Elizabeth , June 7, 2008 . We were told the following Wednesday that one of the puppies in the litter had parvo and that she should be tested. She tested positive . Although he recovered, the cost of treatment over $ 1300 and while putting a financial strain on us, that was not the end : After recovering from parvo , she came down with pneumonia and that treatment has cost us an additional $ 450 + . We carried out some loans , but the problem is that my boyfriend and I are students and only works part time to pay other bills (car , medical bills , school , etc . ) If we do not help, we will be behind other bills . We have searched the organizations that can help, but most are for future treatments . Does anyone know of an organization or maybe even people who can help us ? We love our puppy and I tried to do the best for her ...
As a full time nursing student what kind of options do I have for assistance in paying for my rent?0Myra12012-10-03 20:34:42
My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment in March and I start full time nursing school in August for the next two years , so I'm going to have to quit my job to pay almost all my bills . Is there any way to get some type of loan to pay the rent? ? I can get a loan if your name is on the lease as well ? Or is there some way I can be denied a loan ? Also I have a monthly car payment and a bill for those credit cards that hurt my chances of getting a loan ?
Desperately in need of some emergency cash assistance to pay bills.?1meggie2012-11-03 09:04:02
I am a single mother with 2 children, and have recently fallen on hard times . I was fired right next to my work as a waiter, and I'm having a difficult time finding a new one . I also just go into a lengthly , and stressful legal battle with the father of my son about him not having informed their child support payments . My rent, water, and electricity are all behind. Please, if anyone knows of anywhere / anyone, who could turn to for any type of loan, etc. .. I am for them unemployed, uneligible for a loan of payday. I have no family or friends who are able / willing to help me succeed .
Is there any way to get some kind of one-time assistance to cover bills without applying for a loan?0Raheel2012-08-13 11:44:04
My husband and I have been forced to change jobs which in turn meant he had to settle for a big pay cut (long story ). However, the bills and the rent must still be imported, and we really want to stay out of any payday advance locations (mostly because they usually require that you have been in their current job for at least 3 months before you pay nothing) or any of these places quick money because interest rates are sky high and if not paid on time, they call the whole damn neighborhood looking for! I was thinking about everything that a local church may be able to do , even our local Department of Social Services until we recover , our feet again and again , they have fixed salaries flowing ? But whatever the solution, you must provide us with the help almost immediately but no later than tomorrow. - Unfortunately , the overdraft money is not an option at the time or
I need financial assistance or i will lose my home and my husband?0Name2012-09-04 21:30:04
We have a mortgage with the freedom that has been delinquent . They offered to write the loan arrears so now we have to kill the payment of arrears and monthly repayments . We need to get a loan with a lender normal and a cheaper price , how can we do this ? As the loan value of 90%. We can afford the loan at a normal interest rate not only by 12 % . We had some serious financial problems in the past and now have got rid of everything and focus on the mortgage loan . Please help someone .
Is there assistance for full time college students to help pay for other bills (car loans, car insurance, etc)0sheetal2012-09-22 09:11:03
Unfortunately , as I've decided to take a accelarated nursing program , and no way anybody to work while on this program accelarated , so now I'm confused as to how to do this . Any suggestions would be appreciated . thank you
We're drowning in debt. My husband makes too much for financial assistance. Do I have to leave him?14rubi2012-11-05 14:42:01
So I doubt you want to know all the details about my financial problems, but I need help. I'm completely lost. My husband and I can not afford to buy food after paying our bills. I have a child under 2 years of age who has to eat, my husband and I only eat dinner to conserve food and still do not have much in the cupboards. My friends tell me in a lot of money to qualify for any help, I quit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is a review of our situation: MedlinePlus My husband does MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 2,628 monthly Monthly pay MedlinePlus $ 933 - Rental MedlinePlus $ 80 - Electricity MedlinePlus $ 80 - Child support for child who does not live with us MedlinePlus $ 400 - Car MedlinePlus $ 112 - Car Insurance MedlinePlus $ 200 - Cable / Internet MedlinePlus (Which my husband refuses to stop paying because they want the account was sent to collections) MedlinePlus $ 188 - Cigarettes and coffee every morning before work (my husband refuses to quit ... I quit smoking for several months because I realize that it is no longer affordable) MedlinePlus Around $ 160 - Gas to put in our browser. (For 30 minutes commuting to work each morning husband and 30 minutes back ... and other transportation needs) MedlinePlus My son drinks about $ 50 per month in milk MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That leaves about $ 105 for the next week to nothing after trying to buy food for my son and my husband every time you eat a whole box of little Debbie snacks in a day (surprisingly, not is overweight) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As a married couple, I will admit that quite bad in managing our money together. My husband is going to use the debit card every day without even checking the balance that makes us often found ourselves. Also often end up with less money in a week because of this. MedlinePlus We horrible credit ... both in the range 500. MedlinePlus We owe to the credit card companies, a lawyer, old cell phone, cable companies, etc. MedlinePlus We can not get a loan for a vehicle safe, reliable and is paying $ 100 per week for a summary explorer 1994, for 6 weeks, which could die in us whenever it deems necessary. MedlinePlus I do not know what else to do. I do not want an answer to my problem. I realize that no one has one for me. I just need advice. I'm depressed and even suicidal thoughts from time to time when I feel like I can not handle stress more. MedlinePlus I work 12 hours a week as a waitress in a gentlemen's club. Some nights I make good money, but others have even lost money so do not depend on that income. MedlinePlus Dancers to win $ 100 on a bad night, so it's good money and I could do and help with our financial problems, but I'm too shy and respect my body. It's making me feel guilty that I'm not going to do and just stick to waitress. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm so lost. My friends say they can not afford to stay with my husband and I have to leave, so I could at least be eligible for food stamps and feed me and my son. Although we already have a rocky marriage, which seem so bad. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In case you're wondering, I have 22 years and my husband is 24. We have been married for almost 3 years and just got out of the Air Force in June so the transition from military to civilian life has been hard. MedlinePlus Any advice for veterans and their wives also appreciated.
I have lost my job and moved to another state and I don't have any money to pay my bills. what can I do?0grass_snake2012-09-19 14:01:04
I have two loans , plus insurance beyond car because less than two weeks, I've been in search of employment and put in applications everywhere, even if I have a job I do not get paid enough to pay all overdue invoices , plus it 's been expired credit cards . I have no family and really bad credit , what I can do. The debt consolidation debt help because I have more than enough . Please only helpful answers 'm leaving at the end of my rope
What is the right way of fixing your credit/paying off your debt, without outside assistance?0⺌. 尛 silly gung -2012-11-03 21:59:02
My husband and I want to sell our home , but have decided not really difficult at this time , as our debt seems to be very high . We have about five student loans, two mortgages , auto loans, two, four credit cards and then the rest of the field house - utilities , insurance, etc. What suggestions do you have to pay these debts to pay more out our mortgage and start really getting ahead of debt? We're trying to pay off the smallest debts first , and once paid , the payment of that amount to the next smallest, but this does not seem to be fast enough .
Where can i find a site for texas welfare assistance?0Someone2012-10-19 12:12:08
I need to know of any place Bexar County / texas state financial assistance or sites / places to help me consolidate debt ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My situation : I am moving to Texas to plant roots , for help as I have a car payment of $ 400, insurance , loan w / o option reamoritize interest of $ 200 a month and three cards whos credit are minimum payments totaling $ 100 per month . No spending on the cards , having finances under control , but my car loan payment are killing me . I have a credit score of about 680 , but I'm only 25 y / o and I have no house or anything collatoral big for a loan for equity type . My mother told me that you can search for food stamps and housing assitance throughout the state , but I have no children or anything like that and have no idea where to look for assistance either for things not repoed or in collecting ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help, suggestions or sites to help most appreciated! Thank you ! =)
Is there any kind of financial assistance paying misdemener fines in oklahoma?3Jugrnot2012-10-09 06:59:02
I have a friend who is in the head the fines for violations misdemener age. By the time you finish making your monthly payments do not have money for food , housing , etc. The courts have refused to help consolidate and have refused to lower your monthly payments . Bankruptcy will not help with the fines and does not know where to go for help . He can not afford a lawyer to help him and appointed state attorneys say just keep making your monthly payments . At this rate it will be able to pay in time to retire to a cardboard box . He has bad credit can not get a loan from a bank . Are there any organizations that can help ?

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