Should I apply for an unsecured consolidation loan through a bank instead of paying off my credit cards? related questions

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Should I apply for an unsecured consolidation loan through a bank instead of paying off my credit cards?0jeannine2012-09-29 16:25:02
I owe $ 20,000 , and have a good credit history .. I just do not have any collateral .
I'm looking for a $25,000 unsecured loan for debt consolidation. EVERY PENNY of my pay goes to credit cards!0ERASER2012-09-08 04:35:02
Seriously , every penny goes to bills ... if you want to eat cuz I have to load no cash left. Looking for a way to pay a creditor , not a dozen . Need to free up some cash in case of an emergency! PLEASE NO SCAMMERS ! SERIOUSLY ! ! ! NO SCAMS !
Will it hurt my credit on my preapproved home mortgage if I apply for a consolidation for my credit cards?3Na-Na2012-09-27 21:52:03
I have been pre -approved for a mortgage loan. I have not found a home. I want to consolidate my credit card and personal loans into one loan . I did not want to exonerate my loan approval home.
I have bank loan on my house and on my car.i cant keep up paying on my credit bad is this going to h1britt2012-10-05 16:52:04
Bank loan I have in my house and in my song car.i keep paying my credit bad is this going ah
Where is the best place (other than my own bank or credit union) to apply for an unsecured loan online?0Nina2012-10-11 01:11:00
I'm trying to get a short term loan of about $ 800 to pay for tuition and books for a class that I want to take this semester . I think maybe money back in 4 months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
What will improve my credit score faster- Paying off an auto loan or paying down credit cards?0leroy2012-10-19 10:22:08
I get my credit score up a bit more , but I'm not sure what would be more beneficial . Pay my Full auto loan ? Or pay some of my credit cards with high limits ? What is the best option to improve my credit score ? Besides, if I pay some of my credit cards fell my limits ?
I borrowed $6500.00 unsecured from a bank in 03/2005, can I end this loan without paying all the intersest?0JACQUELYNNE2012-09-26 20:42:05
I borrowed some of the unsecured debt of $ 6,500.00 in a bank 03/2005 , I have never been late until I lost my job in 10/2006 . My monthly payment is $ 227.00 and interest rate of 26 % , but have kept harassing me send me a bill for $ 6,243.92 and $ 989.32 up. making my total balance $ 7233.24 . Please advice me on how to solve this bank .
When getting a consolidation loan, what happens to your credit cards they are consolidating from?0stacey graham2012-10-14 13:24:48
Does StPO accounts ? Put a hold on them , or keep them open ? I do not mind putting a stop , but to close the accounts , after all is paid on the consolidation loan , I would know that I have an open line with my credit card company . Any feedback will be gladly appreciated ! Thank you !
Student loan consolidation and credit cards?0Ilene2012-08-10 10:23:41
I graduated a few months ago in college and I'm starting a new job in a few weeks. I've been going through my finances and looking to consolidate my student loans (about $ 35K ). All my student loans are alternative student loans , but can be consolidated. Unfortunately , during the last year of my career , I had to rely on credit cards so the loans do not cover, and left me with a credit card debt is also important . Is it possible to consolidate the balance of my credit card my student loan consolidation . I prefer to make a large payment in everthing instead of making smaller payments on all the different loans.
I need info on how to apply for a loan to pay off my credit cards?1Jaylin2012-09-18 05:53:02
im 19 years old and $ 3,000 in debt to Bank of America . I want to pay my debt but increases and improves the way to0 very im tryna pay , but not enough , I have to pay rent + phone bill .. I have no kids just want to go to school and fast ... i already asked fafsa but im looking to find a good loan . will be much easier for me to pay a 4 takin time bill.thanx
Should I open more credit cards before I apply for a car loan?1Gustave2012-08-13 10:35:36
I have only one right now with a zero balance and the limit of $ 1,000.
Car loans? credit cards... debt consolidation?!?!?1mike T2012-10-07 12:19:03
when he was between 15/16 years I have accumulated a phone bill I could not pay . ( Family matters arised and I had to leave home) - I was trying to find a way out , and being as young as I was , I was not sure what the bankruptcy ' was , and apparently had done , I sought help through a debt consolidation group - I have no proof that off , and I can not get a personal loan or a car . I think the debt consolidation group I was with has gone down , and do not know what to do . im about to start a family, and I have to buy a new car. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How I can go about gettin a legit loan ? I do not know what to do!

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