Best Way for Me to Afford College?

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I have 24 years , going back to college and living on my own for myself . I have a part time job working 20 - 30hrs a week . My fee is approximately 2grand a semester . Only working part time as me , I will just go through my bills , such as mortgage payments automobile , insurance / . , Food , gas , water , much less be able to pay extra money for tuition and books . I have not much financial support the family at this time and I am not eligible for financial aid (which was on academic probation in the past) . Should I take out a student loan ? Not all student loans defer payment until six months after graduation ? A loan peronal be better? If I take a student loan can some of it be used for credit card debt I have? (That way I can worry about paying for her down the road) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the best way to finance college and living expenses , the Shabang all! ? Thanks for any input :) MedlinePlus

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