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Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or not paying bills?0i love nicholas 2012-09-29 02:50:02
Hello , I have about $ 13K in unsecured loans. I can qualify for Chapter 7, but I do not even I have enough money for a lawyer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Long story short . What happens , in theory , if only to stop making monthly payments to my creditors ? What can you do in the worst case ? thank you
Texas Bankruptcy and not paying bills?0Ninja :P2012-10-19 07:42:23
ok, my mother only makes 8100 a year. She owns her house that is not woth, owns a car prolly worh 1500. She only has 675 pension when her husband died. She owes about 20,000 in credit cards. It is used to buy food and medicine because of his diabetes and is left with nothing each month. She spends about $ 400 a month on all three scorecards. MedlinePlus We can not afford a lawyer right now, but trying to find a cheap hotel or even pro bono iin my area. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What if I just stop paying your bills right now, while trying to locate a lawyer? And they will stop because the loan amounts are so high? Do you lose your home or your car? I remember something about not Aying accounts for 3-6 moths before filing. I dn't want to cheat. we introduced five years ago and that's what I was told to do. I know she has to do counseling. cabinets where the bankruptcy court is 2 hours away and is off, wuld i be able to get power to represent it or would have to go? \ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess bottom line, can you stop paying your bills right now for a couple of months while we find a lawyer? She just canÂ't do. She will not sell her house, she is 62 so a lien or judgment in question would come home and meets the means test. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus is only credit cards that will fo file bankruptcy. Like I said, it's 20k. MedlinePlus I told him notmake payment next month and let me investigate some local attorneys. MedlinePlus He would not go to jail would MedlinePlus "And the funds are a pension, Thye decorate them? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please any information would be helpful. She can not do it and it's hard for her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance
Chapter 13 bankruptcy?0Fauzi2012-09-30 09:45:02
The question here . I will be filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy . Because helping others out ( by the goodness of my heart) and not repaid on any of my money , can not keep up with the bills. I'm not proud of it because I'm young and should not be in this position . But I can put my car there and I 'm doing what I have to do to get rid of my debt . My question is . If you have loans with collateral , is part of the interest will be taken off loans ? Do you negotiate with creditors to reduce the current bill . For example , I took a loan from a financial institution for about 6500.00 . My bill is currently 15,900.00 . The interest rate is very high for a period of 5 years. I felt cheated, but also seriously needed the money . Will you negotiate to lower the interest rate so you do not have to pay all this back . Another question , I know that the payments are based on disposable income once a month . Is there a limit that you can take . I live in Louisiana .
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?0janille2012-10-11 23:38:21
Can you file ch . 7 bankruptcy in Cash Advance / Payday Loans ?
Is there something better than chapter 13 bankruptcy?4LEXI2012-11-06 04:43:03
I have allot of department because of a car accident . I have hospital bills , medical bills , student loans , two credit cards , a personal loan and a car loan . Now my credit is really bad . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All together , my department is about $ 46,000 .
How much will i Owe on car after chapter 13 bankruptcy?0shkhan2012-08-26 10:53:03
I understand that if you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy can put down your car payment to what the car is worth I am upside down in my car loan for a $ 8,453 negative equity No distributor would change by less than a car and I did a chapter 7 due to the loss of my previous job no bank will refinance me or give me a personal loan that is why my fascination rate is soaring by 23 % the payment is $ 418 for 2010 Verso Nissan I 'm discouraged , but doing my research is that I do not want to pay lost my job that allowed me to pay a lot of money to spare, but I lost that job and get paid unless payment is difficult to maintain that I have had the car to 10th over the interest payment was to say I only paid $ 448 on a $ 15,000 balance modes in three years when I file bankruptcy you may owe on the vehicle I mean the car's value has plummeted
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - What to do With My Car? PLEASE HELP!?0bkay2012-10-16 02:16:19
I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy ( pro se ) about two months ago . In my statement, I said " reaffirmation" , as they covered my car loan . At the time it was filed , it was a month behind in payment. I intend to rectify the defect so that the current loan, but the day after my meeting 341, the creditor filed a motion to lift the automatic stay . In an attempt to curb any possible repossession attempt (yes , I admit ) , I created my own reaffirmation agreement and sent it to the court , the creditor and creditor 's attorney . They have since filed an objection to the assertion (think ... ) , and the hearing is scheduled for later this month. I realize the agreement unenforceable because the account is delinquent (now for three months ) . Here's my question - what do I do ? I know that if I have a chance to hang in the car , I have to take my checking account, but it is almost impossible to get three months worth of payments in one go . Does the lender accept anything other than a lump sum to bring my current account (ie , a partial payment per week ) ? Does anyone have any experience with this? I have an old ( but nice) car that has a retail value of about $ 6,000 ( present value of about $ 3,000) , so I'm pretty sure that the creditor is not exactly eager to send the repo man out after 10 years of age , vehicle that value. Any advice would be helpful , and yes I realize it's my own fault for the delay , so please refrain from reminding me of that fact. I'm looking for constructive solutions and practices here . Thank you !
Questions about Chapter 7 - Bankruptcy?2Clac77242012-09-29 09:17:02
I'm thinking of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy , because I have a lot of credit card debit old when I was young and foolish , and I was in college . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is ... I can keep my car ? 'm Paying my secured credit card I'm paying ... after my application and I am discharged from chapter 7? And how long should I wait to have a good credit score and you can start applying for loans . I am very responsible with credit I have now ... it's just that I have not enough money to pay my old debt ! ! Please Help Yahoo Answers ! !
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Question?0Sean Micheals2012-10-03 21:19:16
I am currently unemployed after a failed attempt to move out of state . I 'm in Michigan and I have been trying to find a job and is not working . I did get an hour and 10 weeks of work at Macy's. But I wonder about the bankruptcy filing . I have a contract for three years in my car . My mother is the main person and I am the co -signer . Also I have student loans that I have acquired from my degree . I also live at home with my parents . Does this work ?
Would you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?0shaje2012-08-15 01:36:02
I have about 60k in debt and a credit score of 500. I could pay the debt with a company consoldation debt payments are about $ 900 a month for almost 4 years. Agencey debt charges about $ 9000 in 60k amount in hopes of reducing its debt by 50 %. The credit score will eventually return and payment of the debt is settled show the credit bureau . Chapter 7 will show a bankruptcy for 10 years, although the scores will be within a year or less and the debts are gone forever. Getting a mortgage will take about 2-3 years , which is at the same time as the program of debt . What would you do if you take out Morales.
JUST FILED CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY WHAT DO I DO NEXT?1.�*�.�i�LoVe�Sk8Er�GuYz�.�*�. 2012-10-13 05:09:02
This was stated in a chapter 7 and was wondering what are the steps to get a FHA loan was in foreclosure in 2006 , so I'm not a first time buyer my wife is not working , so I'm Sollie according my income and I will not know what credit score do I need for this loan and how to chop down a credit card also raise my score fast enough to qualify
Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio?1Mounika2012-10-25 10:07:50
My husband and I have to file for bankruptcy as soon as possible before the start though. I have several questions regarding the presentation though. I know I need a lawyer , and I've talked to some people who have had , and prices vary , MUCH ! What is the average price of submission ( my husband and I to present , with about $ 30,000 in debt ) . It also comes in four liens , medical bills , utility bills , credit cards and cell phone contracts . We have a loan at this time we have been today , that is our only vehicle , but we use our mobile home as collateral to secure the loan . We do not want to file bankruptcy on this loan, but almost everything else . Is it an option ? I'm completely clueless about this and need some general help before going through with it . Thanks so much!

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