I have a question about my credit score....?

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What mostly affects and how I can bring back ? ? ? I was fine ... 600 High ... but then I lost my job and had to leave a few car PMT Go, a credit PMT few cars go ... I went into collections in a few things , but since then have brought everything now and has things under control. And also , before all this happened I also signed a car loan for my ex ( before he was my ex ) and soon will completely pay off .. hope it helps. I have sent a request for a copy of a credit report . I'm just afraid to look . I try to get a house ... a small loan , the houses are very cheap in Ohio . But I had a great story pmt since I was 18 ... only 3 or 4 months where I lost a job ... Over the past four months has been all point again. Will you take this into consideration ?
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Hi Judy,
US answer
FHA and other major lenders do not focus on the scores.
They focus on the reports and what's in them.
(They do not worship the fico - neither should you).
Worship the reports and how to maintain top credit.

Today go to your library or bookstore and get two books.
Credit and Debt Repair
Home Buying for Dummies - (not for dummies at all).

There are many tricks to fixing your credit reports.
Note that your score does not go up drastically when you pay off items - it takes time.
But a lender will notice "paid" on the reports and act accordingly.

Once you get everything paid off - you will be on your way to get your home.
Also make sure you have at least 10% to put down.
20% down - will avoid that nasty PMI - which is like throwing thousands away a year.

Do not close your oldest credit card account unless it carries an annual fee.
Length of credit history is 15% of your rating.
Also do not close other cards that have been paid in full.
Showing unused available credit limits is very good for your rating.
IF you continue using your card - pay in full each an every month.
By doing this - you will end up with some pretty amazing reports.
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