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Federal Perkins Loan repayment?0Moi2012-09-26 01:30:05
I'm going to college in the fall , and have been offered a Federal Perkins Loan ( around $ 1,400 per semester) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now , based on my understanding , if you accept the loan , the repayment period begins nine months after graduation . Say you pay the loan in full before the time .. There will still be of interest ?
How does the federal perkins loan repayment work?0Fominia2012-10-19 18:33:33
I've been reading stuff off the government website , and I've been reading the newspaper promissary . MedlinePlus All this jargon is frying my brain . Could someone kindly explain when payment period begins ? MedlinePlus It is in school or after graduation ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AHHH , thanks
Perkins/Stafford loan repayment if going through graduate school?0Mousa2012-09-21 01:21:02
I want to borrow Perkins and Stafford for undergraduate and graduate studies . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is whether I can start repaying the loans taken for undergraduate school , once you have completed postgraduate studies .
Can you make payments on Federal Perkins Loans and Fed-Stafford Subsidized Loans before "repayment" begins?1Corinna2012-10-09 11:51:03
I'm figuring out my finances college , and my college gave me $ 1,000 in Federal Perkins Loan and $ 1,244 in federal Stafford loan .. Do I have to wait until 9 months and 6 months ( respectively ) after that I'm not in school at least half time to start repaying loans or am authorized to make payments before I come up with the money ?
Perkins Loan Default ?0hh.2012-08-24 16:03:02
I have really wanted to go back to school , but I pay my student loan both Perkins and Stafford . I just paid the Stafford , then I have an obligation to pay for Perkins . Do you think it still affects my financial aid if I apply next year ? Please advise , thanks
Can your Perkins Loan be reduced?0MAHAYLA2012-10-27 06:37:35
If you have been awarded a Perkins loan, you can reduce the amount ? I have not graduated or started paying again, the amount awarded has been reduced .
Perkins Loan Cancellation???2EricB's2012-10-07 12:47:03
My company says that its participation in the Perkins Loan cancellation program student debt . However, recently consolidated all my student loans before learning this. Does anyone know if there is a way around this so you can still get this cancellation ?
Can I Defer A Perkins Loan? Can't Pay Right Now?0nay nay2012-11-03 13:38:38
I'm working min wage, I haven't been able to find full time employment yet. I'm attempting to pay off my other loans but it's eating each paycheck up. One is 160, other is 90. I make only around 130-160 a week it varies. I also have to pay rent too. around 190. I'm not sure if I can keep up with my Perkins loan too. It was giving to me by my school, should I call them up and ask for deferment or if they can lower the bill, it's gonna be around 60 dollars, I just don't think I'm gonna have that. Advice welcomed.
Tell me about the Federal Perkins Loan?0Calvi2012-11-02 02:32:02
The school I'm thinking of going to me being offered a Federal Perkins Loan . I have tried to avoid loans ( based on grants / scholarships instead) so far, but if I 'm here it seems necessary . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do any of you have experience with this loan? How does the interest compared to other student loans ? How does the payment process ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP !
Please help what can I do? Defaulted perkins loan.?0mla2012-11-06 05:06:44
2001 perkins loan was issued and now has gone into collections. The FAFSA from said I can't get financial aid because of it. I checked and they said that the perkins loan was issued by the school. The school sent it to a lawyer who has always tried ot hit me up for money. 8000$ for a 500$ perkins loan. now they wanted anywhere between 3-5 thousand dollars. I don't have that much money.
Can I 'unconsolidate' a Perkins Loan?1CHEMBOB2012-09-23 14:19:03
I just found out that my wife consolidate your loans six years ago , while in school. Perkins loan is consolidated with the rest , but in reality would have been able to have the loan forgiven (I may have the terminology wrong ) . Is there a way to "bring it " now or are we screwed?
Where does the Federal Perkins loan go?0Tosha2012-11-04 20:45:59
I got this loan as part of my financial aid for my school and signed all the promissary notes and stuff. Does the money go straight to my school or is it supposed to be given to me as a check?

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