Can you start repaying your student loans while you're still in school? related questions

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Can you start repaying your student loans while you're still in school?1FlowerPower2012-10-01 11:45:03
I just accepted a loan for this semester , and I was wondering if I could start making payments. Also , how long I have to wait before the service providers contact me to discuss loan repayment of my loan , because the first day of school is Monday ...
Should I Start Repaying Loans While In School?0[email protected]$?2012-10-27 03:54:13
So I put the Federal Perkins Loan along with some of my school loans , and I wonder if I should start making monthly payments to start repaying the loan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My interest rate on these loans is 5 % . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now I think the Federal Perkins Loan does not accrue interest while in school , but I'm not 100% sure (the other loan that I have received from my school seems to be similar to it ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus According to the Note, which would seem to make monthly payments of $ 50. But I think I can afford that. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I call people up and ask loan about to start paying my loans (I'm a college student this fall third)
When can i start repaying my student loans?1kelie2012-10-11 12:47:02
I went online to see what you should and if you could make the payment , but it is said that a payment is not due until 2015 . Also , I took this semester and I'm not sure if I'll go , so start paying in six months or am I wrong ? If I start making payments now no payment is due so I can pay or a minimum ? If it helps my lender W.Ford .
When do you have to start paying off your student loans for medical school?3Aby2012-10-05 08:00:04
Every year ( since you have to get a loan each year ) or after 8 years ? MedlinePlus B / c I heard from some people until you have completed 8 years but unsubsidized loans srafford that says you have to start repaying the loan after graduation date , so idk if that means by every year or after 8 years . MedlinePlus And also, have vacations during the stay b / c I can not imagine going to school for 8 years without a vacation . MedlinePlus And you can go to school during the summer to finish faster ?
Repaying Student Loans?1Lala2012-11-02 07:47:03
I have consolidated my federal loans and have consolidated my private loans . I have good credit and make my payments each month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it possible / a good idea to take out a loan and pay off my student loans ? I think if I could get a low interest rate , this would be the most logical rather than pay for federal and private loan ( private loan has an interest rate much higher ) . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Repaying student loans?0carolyn2012-10-12 18:43:43
When you are under the Pay As You Earn ( PAYE ) tax system , your repayments are taken automatically , before the salary comes into your bank account? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Repaying student loans?1rolando2012-09-02 14:02:04
I wanted to pay my student loans online with a debit card . which is the reason that this is not an option? is automatically passed to the routing number and account number.
I have to start repaying right away?1Cody Davidson2012-10-01 16:15:03
I'm looking to consolidate my student loans , but I heard that I have to start repaying my loans immediately ? Do not you have some time between graduation and pay ... What happens to the time after consolidating ?
Repaying student loans and credit?1Christa2012-10-07 08:52:03
My student loan went into default when I was fired from work. I entered into a contract of 9 months and now satisfied agreemend loans being transferred back to the original lender . My credit was never great , but it went from a 650 to a 570. Now that they are by default , my credit eventually raised again ? 570 I can not even get into a car loan , and I would try to set the goal of having a new car in 6 -12 months. Do you think that in a year I can credit back to 650. Then it will be almost two years of paying $ 550 a month in student loans with no late payments.
Repaying Student Loans Online?0Karianne2012-08-30 01:24:13
I would make student loan payments on the website but I have afraid that by doing so, the feds then win my bank account number or debit card number etc and try to take over the payment required if I were to fall behind in payments . Am I better off just sending money orders to pay my student loans in order to ensure that the money I need doesn
I need advice on repaying my student loans.?2Brittney Hoang2012-08-13 04:35:02
Well , I just finished college and here are student loans and interest rates . 4000.00 - 6.62% 2000.00 - 9.75% 1510.00 - 9.75% 1500.00 - 9.75% 3333.00 - 9.75% I just returned to school now at a community college to work on my second degree , so that I have to start paying my loans now, but I want to cut a little. Also I have another $ 30,000 in loans, but are subsidized and I will not be charged interest until maturity which ... will not be until the 5/09 . Anyway , I can pay like $ 150 now per month for student loans. I just bought a car and have an expense of some others. I thought I would use this extra money to start cutting down my loans a little. What is the benefit to start paying first? I'm trying to cut these down as much as possible. Some months I get a bonus of $ 400, that I could put my loans. Any advice ? Should I continue with my plan to pay these now to avoid paying 15?
Is the ARMY still repaying student loans for new recruits?1ELK2012-08-13 07:08:02
I have $ 50,000 of student loans and has been considering joining the army as a career - especially for the Payment of Student Loan , which pays up to $ 65k to qualify student loans. Anyway, I just talked to an Army recruiter (in Chicago , IL) and said it had suspended the program, and just offer enlistment bonuses at all. All online resources I've found says that still offer this program, including the official website of the Army. We certainly do not think he's lying to me - why would, not your money , but maybe wrong, or that vary from state to state?

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