I am in debt, should I ignore those creditor and collection calls; file bankruptcy; or try to repay the debt? related questions

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I am in debt, should I ignore those creditor and collection calls; file bankruptcy; or try to repay the debt?1tera2012-10-06 07:49:02
I am a 24 year old in California who is currently unemployed . I am a full time student and have less than $ 1,000 coming in every month. I have about $ 15 - $ 20k in unsecured credit card that I paid for 6-12 months. Also I have a secured car loan of $ 25k , but luckily , I am able to pay every month on time. I get phone calls every day , but have ignored them all. Since my credit has gone down the drain , I still miss those phone calls and have canceled my debt ? Or should I try to talk to the creditor agency / collection and try to pay ? You should consult with a debt consolidation agency ? Finally , in case of bankruptcy even be an option for me ? I would be grateful for any advice given ... thank you!
Credit card debt, bank collection, phone calls?0사람이나 사물2012-11-02 20:24:02
I have over 25,000 in credit cards and a car loan of 14k . I'm at the end of everything, just start working . What can the bank ? 22k in CC and the car loan is 14k with the same credit . What should I do ? Bankruptcy ?
Creditor on car loan has repoed car and charged off as bad debt am i liable to third party collection agency?1tonisha2012-09-06 05:05:04
creditor took the car back and told me I would be charged for the loan as a bad debt . appears in all my reports credited as " bad debt laden " , " Acct charged off / repossession , discharged $ 12,793 " and " load off " . Now I have a company trying to collect $ 15,573.00 from my relationship with self .
Should I file for bankruptcy or do debt consolidation. I have $42K in cc debt + my car, house, i cant keep up?0katniss2012-10-26 04:00:43
I have $ 42K in cc debt with an average of about 14 % interest. Other $ 10 0% financing on things , mortgage of $ 1,400, and $ 330 car payment , $ 650 payment of student loans, and another $ 2K in bills each month . Due to the new guy and since almost half of what I did because of the sudden change at work , I can barely pay the minimum I need more just $ 1K toward my debt each month . I stopped spending money on anything but the interest and the amount of debt is killing me , and I'm sure the credit card companies are waiting for me to miss a payment default me to 33.3% of interest . Please do not guilt trip on the amount of debt , I got stuck with a lot of it after a divorce two years ago and I do not even spending !
I want to file for bankruptcy. Will I be able to file my financial aid debt?2Angy20202012-09-18 15:08:02
I have about $ 30,000 in credit cards and car and $ 23,000 in student loans and earns $ 42,000 a year.
Trying to dodge bankruptcy....Can I negotiate payment terms even after the debt has gone to the collection...?3wolf2012-10-01 23:11:03
The story is that after a failed business , my house was lost to foreclosure , mounted on various bills and now I have a means of debt repayment . The other day I was successful in obtaining an agreement to pay $ 50 a month on a balance of 5k and it is my hope that can get to do it with all my debts. The monster in the closet is a home equity loan was secured by 20k to my house which is no longer mine. When I approached the office that normally would make my payment that gave me the number for the collections department and before he could reach them DCS (collection agency ) contacted me . Now I told you I would start making payments , but with my other debts I'm trying to honor that is added to the monthly expenses , payment of age in the home equity loan ( 250/month ) is quite difficult to handle. Is it possible to negotiate with these people? They offered an array of 13k 20k on the loan , but I have that much money . Actually I was hoping to go through the same company that had provided the loan it back in good standing with the hope that in time to help me restore my credit status after being hit by foreclosure. any ideas? I want to avoid bankruptcy , heck I think after you get back taxes that put me on the median income for my family is just my son and I anyway. Not sure what to think about Chapter 13 either.
I'm being sued by a creditor, I'm already in a DMP and don't want to file Bankruptcy.?3Krissy2012-11-03 19:18:03
I am being sued by a company that had bought a debt with a loan company . The loan company had refused to work with loan officers , I mean I made ​​an offer , the loan company came to ask for more and accept , but then decided to pursue collections anyway. I have all my debt to one side of the DMP directed ( federal tax debt ), except for this problem. The DMP is working , but this lawsuit is to put all in jeoperdy . I talked to a lawyer who thinks he can handle this, but I disagree . He thinks he may have the answer, buy a little time to accumulate cash, and make an offer once a meeting has been set. Another lawyer is to push I file for bankruptcy . I do not want to do this , I have been trying to get a small business going. Any advice ? The debt is $ 1,100, they want an additional $ 467 plus interest and legal fees. If they can get the trial going to have to declare bankruptcy. I'm in Ohio and the case is in Franklin County .
Should if file bankruptcy or pay off my debt?3jerry carter2012-09-12 08:43:04
I am a school teacher aged 28 in North Carolina . I make $ 36k/year . I have 5 charged credit cards totaling about $ 5k. I have $ 45k in student loans in deferment while I finish my masters. I have $ 13.5K car repo on my credit. I just do it on my salary and borrow a car from my parents. I have to get them this time with the car again and buy my own car ? But I live on my own and can not be really afford the payments or, and I doubt you can get a loan anyway . This is stressing me so badly and I want to go so you can start living again. It seems to take forever to fix my finances. I have a few thousand in the bank, but I want my next step to be my best move. What to do?
Would you file bankruptcy if you were $32K in debt?1Wellness 22012-10-02 12:32:02
I have 46 years of age. I owe $ 757/month in credit card debt , five creditors . I'm unemployed and now is the perfect opportunity to file bankruptcy when my income is low enough to qualify for it. I'm selling my house bare because I'm unemployed and I'm moving back to my dad . I hope to get a job soon . With what I pay in my career , I will be able to double my monthly payments on credit card while living with my dad , but I'll never pay them only doubling up on them . Consumer Credit Counseling I hear is really bad , kind of scammy . Be bankruptcy could ruin me get a car loan , a home loan , or even get a job . However, I'll never be able to get out of debt if I pay $ 757/month for my credit cards . It will be difficult for me to buy a car and rent a place to live , because much . Thank you.
Debt help PLEASE!!! should we file bankruptcy?1EnglishLove2012-10-16 17:28:02
My boyfriend has a disease that causes blood clots and we have to take him to the doctor twice a month, sometimes more , and insurance just started covering preexisting MedlinePlus MedlinePlus has good credit , but is 60k in medical bills .. what makes her so good credit would look bad .. we go to the credit union we got our car from next year to buy some land , but are afraid of their medical bills can stop us from getting a loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus call all collection companies to try to consolidate the accounts and told us will have to pay $ 600 per month (total between them ) and that is the least we can take. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want to file bankruptcy , but we do not know what to do ? someone please help!
Should I file bankruptcy for 7,000 medical debt.?2Marylyn2012-10-23 12:46:02
I got a letter in the mail from your provider healht saying they'll get a judgment on me and garnish my wages . I owe $ 5,000 for past medical expenses . Also, I almost 2,000 past debts for various things (this is not including student loans ) . A lawyer said he spoke to me I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy . I do not own a house and I have a car I 'm making payments . (they said Icould keep my car if I keep making payments on time ) . I have no way to pay for medical expenses than once (which is what you are asking ) What should I do? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? /
Can you file bankruptcy after using debt cosoildation?0Yuli2012-11-02 10:31:16
I do not need lecture and I do not want explain my situation because its complicated. Please do not judge me. All I need to know is if I use a debt consolidation program and it doesn't work can I file bankruptcy.

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