Should I file bankruptcy?

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Bob Jones
Asked at 2012-09-28 07:40:03
Ok , I have 5 positive and 5 negative credit on my credit report . My boyfriend has 0 positive and negative 2. We both have a negative mark for a regular car . The two were in an accident ( not our fault ) and have been w / o transportation and a job b / c of the wreck . It caused a lot of things to become negative marks . MedlinePlus I do not see how I have positive b / c they could not afford anything other than the rent / electricity / water. We got some money from the insurance company for pain and suffering and lost wages . Today , I paid one of his negatives ( not the vehicle , but the credit card you have) ... and 3 credit cards that were negative . I'm still months behind on a loan ( which is still considered positive) . The other credit card I have never used and had closed a year ago. The other positive I'm making minimum payments on ( but it was two months later ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, all APRS have skyrocketed ... Combined , we are about debt 12-13000 (most being the vehicle , followed my loan and credit card ) . The APR on the vehicle is outrageous ... and more than double payments . Only ninth going into the vehicle ... another 8.9 goes to the finance charges . The vehicle is Honda credit card .
MedlinePlus Should I file for bankruptcy ? What about bankruptcy within three years ( or less ) ? How does that ... display it in the future after three years ?

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