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What type of loan should I apply for?0Awesome12012-09-28 07:05:03
I own land , with a tax value of 35k . I bought a single box wide manufactured home , and installed a septic . MedlinePlus I've been renting for 5 years and do it slowly . He was recently laid off and my new job has drastically reduced my income . So now I have to get this single set width on an ongoing basis and has a drilled well , so I will have a permanent home . I'm out of cash to do the same . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What type of loan should I apply ? I searched a rural development loan , but is said to be unable to secure financing from another lender . I have yet to apply anywhere else , because I'm sure which loan to apply for. I do not want to apply for several loans and lower my credit score . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have budgeted to finance between 15 - 20k MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My credit history is 3 years old, paid for a car loan , new car loans and a revolving credit card.
Any suggestions on what type of Loan we should apply for?1katlin2012-08-22 02:38:24
Any suggestions on what type of loan you should apply? MedlinePlus My credit is not very good (I went bankrupt two years ago), but I have a fixed income (disability receipt) and would like a loan to buy a new car but do not want a car loan, because then they have to have insurance full coverage on the car that I can not afford because I receive disability so I'd like to get a personal loan or something so I can buy the car outright and get insurance Dollar a day, that is what I have now. .. I am looking for a loan of about $ 6,500.00 I can pay in 48 to 60 months ... my mom said she would co-sign for me or even take credit for herself ... My mother on the other hand have perfect credit and she owns an open house, but when I went to a bank today Madonna was not being very helpful, said the bank will want to know what the loan is for and if they say it is for a car, then they'll want to do a car loan that I've explained why I do not want that and she also told me that if we put any other reason to buy furniture or do some renovations to below , the bank may ask for proof ... So my question is do you have any suggestions on what type of loan you should ask and / or provide any good reasons to take a loan without having to show proof ... Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated ... PD ... I'm adding this, so hopefully you will not get more negative responses, because I've had a few ... I'm not trying to defraud the insurance company told me my mother said she would co-sign for me and your credit is perfect, so I'm not trying to ruin your credit just to get my mom a car also has an open house that doesn 't owe a penny on it, so do not try to defraud the bank for a measly $ 6500.00 that my mother could lose your home it's ridiculous ... All I'm saying is that it should not be forced to take a car loan and then have to pay the full coverage insurance .... It would be much better for me and really I have no choice because as I said I collect SSI and could not afford to pay full coverage plus interest plus my other bills that we should ask the bank for a personal loan for I can buy the car open and then a dollar a day insurance I have now ... So if you have any suggestions, please share them with me thanks ... Also if you have nothing good to share or to be useful then keep your comments to yourself or you block'm not asking for help mocked or lectures about how I handle my business ... Thank you and have a nice day
What type of student loan should I apply for?0Taylor C2012-10-26 18:13:19
I live in Illinois and want to go to a four-year college in Illinois for nursing and with tuition and room / board will come to $ 30,000 a year should I apply for a private loan or a federal loan ? I received no financial support and what kind of loan should I apply ?
Can i apply for a student loan or grants or any other type of financial in the middle of a "school year"?3moose 2012-09-25 10:05:03
I am a student who has been paying out of pocket in a jc for the last 3 semesters (tuition / books / parking ) and I will not be ready for transfer to a university until next year (2010). From now on , I'm living paycheck to paycheck and it's working so far. However, at the end of the spring semester I'll have to quit my job due to scheduling conflicts summer semester. I know I will need some financial help for the time, but I can qualify for so late in the year? Here are some of my stats : -single (free ) living at home, but over the age of 18 - Currently, earning more than $ 1000/month (which, as I said, it will end soon) - I have my own bills to pay ( car / phone / credit cards / etc)
If i apply for a Student Stafford loan, will my Fafsa results change next year when i apply for it again?2chancel2012-08-14 05:48:03
Because I'm using the loan to get me a decent car to make my school every day . And I can not pay for my results from the FAFSA to get any lower ..
I want to apply for a short term loan in Morocco I have no salary as self employed which banks can I apply?1Can not help but ╰ つ 2012-11-02 07:33:02
I am a resident
I'm trying to apply for a short term loan. where's the best site to apply?0ennifer2012-09-01 07:54:03
I'm looking to get a short term loan . Where is the best place to apply ?
Can i apply for a personal loan ? and where can i apply to consolidate my bills?1alia2012-09-25 09:51:02
I can borrow ? Personal? and where I can apply to consolidate my debts ?
I need to apply for a personal private loan and I would like to apply online. Help!?2is this right!!!2012-08-11 04:56:03
Need to apply for emergency funds and I thought I heard that people can now apply online for a private loan. Does anyone know about these programs and websites I can go ? I checked on yahoo.com and was not a lot of help.
I am gonna apply for an unsecured loan for 5,000 were should i apply?0I need ENGLISH help2012-08-06 13:16:03
i have a good credit and (over 660) and earn about 1500 per month I do a bank? or an online application ?
HELP! Where should I go and what type of loan should I get?2kangaroo2012-11-04 07:51:02
The situation : I have a high interest loan very small and close to 4 credit cards totaling $ 8,000 . Desperately want to pay this off or at least immedietely have it all in one consolidated loan . I need to know what would be my best options would be to get a loan with an interest rate very good. My FICA is about 775-800 ( the high) , I own a house (can not refinance. Just made a year ago with a 3 year pre - payment penalty ) , and my debt to income ratio is well ( I make more money than you spend each month ) . MedlinePlus I have about $ 250,000 in equity in my home ( the amount he had to walk with if I had to sell) . Any advice would be greatly appreciated in detail . thank you
What would be the best type of loan for us?0ilovepink2012-10-14 01:05:43
Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for nearly three years (since high at the time) and our house was included in that, however , the mortgage company just started in February foreclosure even though the house is listed in our bankruptcy discharged . We would buy again and believe it or not , in the Midwest can find decent homes for $ 40,000 or less! Combined monthly income is approximately (gross ) . $ 6000 . We have cash of $ 12,000 to put down and have maintained good credit since the bankruptcy credit scores ( 720 and 680 .... no other debt of a car loan for $ 10,000 and I have student loans that still in the postponement . ) Any advice on what type of mortgage you should. Go after ? I looked at home last $ 23,000 that I would buy ! PS I do not want anyone to tell me you can not get a mortgage for an amount as small as you can ! ! this is not California - ie inexpensive housing in the Midwest

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