Which one is better to build fast credit history, secured loans or secured credit cards? any bank recommended? related questions

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Which one is better to build fast credit history, secured loans or secured credit cards? any bank recommended?0seesaw2012-09-28 04:45:03
Which is better for building credit history fast secured loans or secured credit cards ? recommend any bank ?
Getting secured credit card to build credit history. The more (deposit and number of cards) the better?0Tenderly2012-10-13 05:28:42
I just moved to the U.S. . Applied by credit card are rejected because "can not verify" my information . I try to ask Equifax.com credit report to find out what is wrong , but I can not find my profile. My SSN # was published in 1991 , when I went to college in the U.S. , never applied for a credit card or a loan at that time. Now I am trying to build credit history in the U.S. and found that I can do it with a secured credit card . My questions are : Should I apply for one or more cards ? Is there a difference if I can deposit $ 300 or $ 1,000 as collateral? Thank you !
My bank doesnt offer secured loans only secured cards is going to not make my credit as high when im trying.. ?3bola2012-09-10 12:17:03
to rebuild my credit as high as possible . I'm worried about the card will not be enough? help
Would getting 4 secured credit cards and 2 Secured Loans boost my Credit rating in 1 Year?6pig, swine2012-11-03 04:48:02
Could get 4 secured credit cards secured loans and 2 improve my credit score in a year?
Need to have 2 open revolving credit accounts to build a credit score. having 2 secured credit cards help?2kel2012-08-30 00:36:16
I have a capital of a secured card. I always pay on time and keep a few dollars over yet . I have a car so it will not get a loan and pay 25-29% on a car that does not need. from the bankruptcy that I got a really good job making the most 100k/year . i have managed to save fight 30k this year. I'm mostly trying to find ways to build and goin to get a credit score. and I wonder if you have 2 secured credit cards is a good idea?
Using share secured loans and secured credit cards to rebuild credit?0Amelie2012-10-01 07:02:03
BACKGROUND : My Equifax score is 516 .. I just raised 61 points to 455 in the last 30 days for " clean " , my total credit outstanding is 24,000 to 17,000 .. or about 74 % at maximum .. 12,000 of that balance is a car loan that I was late in beverages and have had it for 10 months MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my question is : I want to lose my reason for using credit .. below 50 % this increase my score ? And if so to what extent? MedlinePlus My plan is this : use my credit union share secured loans .. I just got one for $ 1,000 and can reach as many as you want essentially the same $ 1,000 .. I want to get at least 10 of them ( $ 10,000 ) to pay one or two months after posting bail my back and pay the next and so on until all pay off in the second month .. MedlinePlus I am also receiving a $ 2,000 secured card next week .. thus bring about maximum credit to $ 36,000 and ill be below 50 % usage .. MedlinePlus Any comments questions or ideas are appreciated .. MedlinePlus ( Note : I can not use my money to pay down the balance directly because I have anindoor flea market and needs the funds to pay suppliers and invoices at the end of the month .. but I can not use it in the mean time and this situation is no risk)
Take secured personal loan soley to build credit history?1jejel2012-11-04 01:50:03
Hi I have 19 years old my credit history is about 1 1/2 years old and I have two credit cards totaling 2,500 credit and my credit score is 736 now I need a loan , but imagine having a fast and paying back (a secured so that no credit drag ) increase my history / credit score and help my account and have to rent a car in the future . Does it make sense ? Is it a good idea? Thank you !
Is an advantage to use multiple secured credit cards to build up credit?0Tesa2012-08-06 23:47:04
I am applying for a secured credit card after bankruptcy (due to medical expenses) , is to my advantage to get 2 or 3 secured credit cards to build the story or just use one? I really do not need or want the loans and credit cards now and I 'm big in cash, but I have to rebuild my credit. Will 2-3 secured cards to build my credit faster than an insurance card ?
How to build my credit score fast, i just got a $200 secured card.?2kinwa2012-10-26 23:11:02
I have absolutely no credence in my bad credit history , but in the same sense that I have good credit but no ... so I took a small loan for $ 500 and have made ​​three monthly payments , all the principles so far ... Next we got a master card in the capital of an insured for $ 200 and a fee of up to $ 101 and made ​​my first payment today for $ 30 and this payment was not due until 4 days .. i hear different directions , one is to keep the balance and just pay more than the other minimum, always keep a small balance and pay more than the minimum , and finally one of them said charge a small amount and pay in full each month before .. I need to know the best , fastest way to build my credit , please help I have the means to do it anyway possible ... thank you very much
Is 2 secured credit cards and a secured loan enough to rebuild credit? detailed info inside 10 points?1Sum1Special2012-11-04 22:07:02
I have defaults on student loans a few years ago , due to the difficulties . also a credit card . i finally started to pay off student loans and I hired a company to repair my credit by sending letters to take my negative reports. Meanwhile I wanted to build my credit because id like to own a house in two years after im married . Will 2 secured cards and a secured loan work ? help
I am trying to build my credit at 19, should I apply for a secured credit card or a secured loan?0madalyn2012-11-05 14:07:02
I have no credit history , but I am very responsible and I have a good job , while being a full time student . I've been doing research for the last few hours and see that a secured credit card is my best bet. I would make the payments on time , complete, and do not mind paying the annual fee , I think it's worth . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, my union bank offers a secured loan ( that do not offer a secured card , which are small and private ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So one must ask ? :/
Which bank would open up a secured credit card for me? (to build credit)?0JYD!!2012-08-27 05:14:17
I have only 19 and want to start building a credit history ? Any advice ? MedlinePlus im with a small bank that offer secured credit cards , but makes loans secured credit .. I do not want to do this , however , I have a secured credit card .. which bank do this? Builiding any advice on credit ?

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