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Time value money problem help please - 2nd part of problem?0y helo thar2012-08-17 11:23:03
For his birthday , he is offered the choice of a gift of $ 1,000 or a subsidized loan of $ 5,000. Loan terms are a 1% interest rate and all interest and principal must be returned at the end of 5 years. Which option would take if the market interest rate of 10%? Why? If the loan is 1% of income is a loan rather than the flat-rate reimbursement above the end of 5 years, would affect his decision? A: . Gift profit in 5 years is 1,610.51 Subsidized Net income (simple ) of the loan is 2,797.50 . If the loan is the annuity rate , then the net result is 1,763.08 . In any case, both types of loans are better than the gift. How ***** I can find net income if loan is type of annuity ? This is the second part of the question . I have all the other parts , but I can not figure this out. If you could help me , I would appreciate !
So what is the problem here?2Yentrouc AKA Court2012-08-10 14:07:40
So I'm trying to get into the Air Force during the last couple of months. I beyond my ASVAB , I became more or less most of the paperwork that had to do until I go to the doctor, but last week my recruiter told me that b / CI have a lot of bill that will to be fighting , if I were to go in This is what I do not understand , if I am elected , I will be at E3 as a class, and I will be doing what I see of the pay scale 2010 $ 1705.80 per month and my bills or my note the car , my family plan cell phone bill , my student loan, and my bill is $ 1,004.36 consolidation , by the end of the month I will have about $ 700 myself , basically , how can I be fighting ? You mean basic training ? idk if I'll be getting paid while the basics, but if they are worried about my bills will be paid at 2 and 1/2 months I will be training. So what exactly is the problem ? I'll find someone to talk about this situation to another, etc. recruiter, b / ci want to go , I want to start something new in my life and I get tired of something is, I would like to better myself as a person, but things go my way. Anyone know why my recruiter did not want to take me ? These bills waiting for my phone, once they are paid is gone forever, the main reason was consolidated b / c of my job was to cut my hours and it was hard for me to keep my payments .
Help I have a serious problem(s)?1Fred2012-10-15 13:33:02
I have a big problem. A few months ago I became obsessed with this fighter I saw on television. I felt I was in love with him, because I want online to learn everything it could and felt we were soul mates. I started twits email and myspace messages for him almost every day. He never responded to me, so I took it a step further and found her address online. I began sending letters to him. That scared him so much that I stuck in twitter and myspace, I knew I should have stopped, but I did not know and could not let it go. I've been a loner all my life and never had many relationships grow. I decided to go home. I saw it the first time, but he did not know me. I had sent a twit about how he was at home. After he extended an injunction on me. I discovered this because the 2nd time I went to his house arrest and even sent me to a mental hospital, because in one of the letters he wrote in his profound things like "if I could not have him is to kill me. Always felt that day a month ago I've been through a lot. I come and go through depression (although I was already going back and forth before all this happened.) My feelings for this fighter has started fluctuating too. A Sometimes I still feel like I care about him, but more often recently I feel hatred and resentment towards this man to the point where I want to die a very slow and painful or suffer for the rest of their way of life as revenge for and did it myself, but I can not do anything because the law does not allow me to touch contact with him for one year (that I can spend half an hour making my revenge). although sometimes I feel like killing myself because I'm only 19 and all this is happening to me. had to spend almost $ 800 to pay my probation and I have about another $ 800 to clear my record not to mention other things I need money to pay as your brother small cell $ 400 that was lost in the place of my arrest. had to borrow money to most so now I have this debt. everything I did not think this would happen to me so I was a good kid, but is as if he graduated from high school my life has taken a downward spiral started, so basically I need to know what happens to me, what kind of mental or diseases you think I have, and how can I get help before it's too late for me or anyone else.
Please help me on a APR problem please!?0cristy2012-09-10 00:26:02
Khafra consolidates $ 8,000 worth of student loans and credit card debt in an account with a coupon rate of 5 % compounded quarterly . Khafra If you miss a payment , the promotional credit will be adjusted to a standard loan with a rate of 16.5 % per day . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) determine the rate of the USDA Agricultural Research loan._____ % coupon MedlinePlus 2) determine the rate of % standard loan._____
Please help me with my problem?0Enid2012-09-05 15:22:06
I am a recovering alcoholic , (8 years) I 've spent the last five years trying to pay off $ 50,000 in debt , I have to 12,700. I can not seem to make any worthwhile progress in this balance . I am currently consolidating the balance on a loan. Actually I have to get rid of this balance for personal reasons , it's imperative to get this paid off. Does anyone have a creative idea to get rid of that debt quickly ?
HELP ON ONLY 1 PROBLEM!?0AnOnYmOuS 12012-09-05 19:51:05
Amanda took a loan of U.S. $ 950 in April by 7.2 % , compounded monthly to buy new sets of tires for your car , has agreed to make monthly payments of $ 38.50 to repay your loan . If you change your monthly payment to $ 93.00. The faster they can be able to pay the loan off ? MedlinePlus A. 16 MONTHS MedlinePlus B. 11 MONTHS MedlinePlus C. 27 months MedlinePlus D. 38 months
Car/Job problem?1Sanni sadiq2012-10-20 03:51:02
So I live in a city without public transportation . I have no job and no car . I need a job to get a car , but I need a car to get a job so to speak . I applied for a job in a town that is 30 minutes away . I will probably be hired and paid 9.00 an hour . Also I have a good chance of getting a job in the small town where I live . My problem is that if I get a job in this small town , her only until September , I think , and the minimum wage . If I get a job in another city of your salary , but ill need a car . You can probably ride a bike to a job in this small town . another problem is the work 9.00 hours and keep me longer, and my salary will increase. I'm confused about what to do , my dad has a bike that said I could use, but it needs to be fixed , and I have no training or motorcycle that he has bad credit , so we can not co - sign a loan for a car . He has debts to pay , so I did not want to lend money , and i dun have shit .. Anyone know of cheap car , or when I work?
I need help with this problem!?0Jaycee2012-10-11 12:15:05
Consolidated Freightways is financing a new truck with a loan of $ 60,000 to be paid in six annual installments of year end $ 13,375 . What annual interest rate payable Consolidated Freightways
I Need Help with a Problem?0T.T2012-09-18 21:24:03
My daughter has bipolar disorder , and has not been on medications for a couple of years .. She is 21 years old and met a guy on the Internet back in january.he facebook moved here in February and got pregnant a week was achieved out student loans $ 10,000 and blew all but a thousand now wrecked his car and is looking for another vehicle to buy is there any legal way that we as parents keep you from getting out student loans anymore (which is working only part-time)
In a big problem PLEASE HELP?1Katie Lee2012-09-19 04:26:03
This is going to be a long question, sorry. It is important. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My sister married a man. He was on drugs and never worked in a previous work. But that's not the worst, had 3 children! My brother and I were always giving their money to "buy food for the children", but in reality he was giving all the money to her husband (the person on drugs I mentioned earlier). My father gave him a good paying job and put in a good word for it. She was making about $ 300 per week + get $ 500 in food stamps. My father was paying his water bill, paying off your home, and all I had to do was pay the $ 350 electric bill! But she could afford. It is giving a drug addict (meth addicts and crack) $ 1,500 a month. Can you believe that sh * t? Not to mention, she does not care for their children at all. My mom babysitting 3 children all at once and payment of tuition. These children have not been home in over two months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That is the background, but it gets worse. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The police caught him speeding, and since I was not checking with his probation officer, was sent to jail. My sister asked me some money to pay his bail, so it was like hell no. THIS IS THE WORST PART. She sold her house to bail out of jail. It was a roach-infested trailer trash and such, but he got some money out of it and bailed out. Now staying in a drughouse surrounded by crackheads and meth. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You could say, this is not my business, but look at it this way, three young children without parents. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I went to the police and social security services, but said it takes years before you can do anything about it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How do I have all this information? Say I can sneak. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for listening.
I need help with a tax problem.?1Natisha2012-10-24 03:31:51
when I did my taxes last year I made the quick payment where I can get a check in MedlinePlus 3 days and the check was from Chase Bank, so I took it as any normal person would, but it turns out that I owed money to the IRS for back taxes so you never chase bank paid the money I paid . Well, I ended up paying all back taxes with the money they would receive from the new tax year , but has yet to pursue . my question is that when I do this is persecution tax years are entitled to recover money from me?
I am having a problem with the I.R.S. and I don't know what I should do to fix it. Can anyone help?2nissa2012-10-24 02:31:02
The I.R.S. put a hold on my bank account for back taxes that I should not . When I was 18 (2000 ) I received a cash payment and I paid my mom and stepdad money to start a small construction company , but my stepfather said I should be put under my name , until I returned . So I did, and it was the biggest mistake of my life . Shortly after I found out that somehow had 5 different signatories of the account , so I froze the account and my parents changed the locks and left town . They still had the construction crew and about 6 months later I was told that the truck was stolen and somehow water collected insurance money , allegedly bought a new truck and opened a business under my social security number of mothers and now the IRS says I owe $ 10,000 in taxes for 2001. What I can do to prove they are the ones who truly need money ?

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