How to change or what kind of change?

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I 'm in the downfall of my life . He should be happy , but apparently , no matter what you do , never helps. I have a full time job (which I hate , but went to school and I'm not qualified to do anything else and I am still paying student loans ) , I own my home. I just needed a change , so I went and bought a new sports car , which worked for about a month . I thought about selling my house and moving, but I have no idea where to go and really do not want to sell my house unless I 'm buying my dream home . I have absolutely no motivation ! Not even clean my house anymore ( it used to be therapeutic for me ) , I pay someone to come and do it . Take everything that I just got out of bed every day . I was thinking it could be depression, but just started in the last year . I know I should go back to the gym , but as I said , I can barely get out of bed in the morning . My boyfriend is a personal trainer and has been trying to get me motivated , and do not help either. Motivational Any advice would be greatly appreciated or another . I know it sounds like my life is good , and really try to appreciate all that I have, but that does not work any longer .
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People have real problems ... as homelessness because our country George Bush screwed up the ass . You have a life girl , get up and enjoy it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Redo your resume and find another job elsewhere . I'm sure what you're doing can make elsewhere. Go for a cosmo , take that nice sports car for a weekend trip , do some yoga , go to the gym , do something stop being so lazy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm going through the same , you just have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out there . If you do not you'll be in the fall . I hate things like medication for depression , but do not hesitate to see your doctor if you feel you are very depressed and need something to him. I was ... but going to the gym and started doing yoga , stopped sweating the small stuff, tried to see the positive in everything ... works in practice not theory. ;)
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