Who can give an unsecured loan with a 4 year deferment or a 10 or more year repayment plan?

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Asked at 2012-09-27 19:49:03
I'm looking for a financial tool (other than credit cards ) , you can give me an unsecured loan , with either a four-year deferment or a payment plan of 10 years. The reason for this request is that I am a U.S. citizen attending an offshore medical school that is not eligible for student loans. The program is certified and accepted by ECFMG licenses in all 50 U.S. states. I researched all the scenarios of student loans, and I can safely say that this particular tool does not apply to me, since no lender will consider my application . MedlinePlus I have a good credit score . I am also willing to consider a non-corporate ( a personal agreement with an individual ) loan , if there is a place where I can fix this, or my case for eligibility. MedlinePlus Loan " companies " with generic email addresses will not be considered , go scam someone else .
Answer1IngridAnswered at 2012-10-25 12:21:32
Find someone ( hospital? ) That will hire after graduation and ask them if they will pay for their education , or part of their schooling to help you determine if you agree to work for them after graduation at a lower rate payment for so many years . I do not know anywhere except rate loans have deferment government . In addition , payment of 10 years is no longer than ten years in the U.S. and whether to extend or defect then you may be paying until you're 100 years because of the interest that will accrue . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why would be attending an " offshore " medical school ? No its formation will be different than in the U.S. , And I will need to take additional courses or an additional program if it is determined that you want to work in the U.S. ?
Answer2HANNELIEAnswered at 2012-11-06 01:33:28
With the plan you have I would say nobody.
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