Take out a loan or pay with cash from savings?

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I am a college student with a part-time job . I've been saving about $ 100 from each paycheck to my savings account . Originally it was going to graduate in May and put $ 3,000 for a car ( my parents will give $ 5000 so I can get a decent used car ) and save the rest of saving money in the long term things . MedlinePlus But now I'm graduating in May , and I have yet to take one or two classes during the summer (they have to be at my college , so about $ 2000 or $ 3000) and my parents are not paying for my tuition from May. < Br > What are the best options for me ? If I pay for tuition with my savings , I need an auto loan of some sort, because I will not be able to get a job without reliable transportation (I have long established credit or only a credit card to pay each month) . Or I can get a student loan ( even if it is a low amount ) ?

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