What else can I do if I dont want to go bankrupt and I dont quality for a consolidation loan? related questions

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What else can I do if I dont want to go bankrupt and I dont quality for a consolidation loan?0Katerina2012-09-27 08:14:05
I have about $ 18,000 left on a car loan from the bank at 3.25 % , $ 12,000 in student loans left and at 8.75 % . Its top is not enough to go broke and did not quality for a consolidation loan ... What else I can do to help pay it off faster and easier?
I need a loan for college but i dont have a cosigner and can t get one. at this point i dont car about interes0Franky2012-08-09 08:09:02
I need a college loan bad! if you get money for college as soon as possible and I will not be going back this fall, and that breaks my heart , literally. My parents do not have good enough credit to co -signer of an application and I have no credit at all . Are there loan companies out there that will give me money for college even though my credit status and the fact that I have no guarantee .. At this point, I really did not matter how high the interest rate is the time I get the money for school. Is there a company that lends money based on what your future will work or anything like that . God, please somone good news for me.
I keep getting turned down for payday advance loans? it says i dont meet the criteria? they dont do credit che0flip2012-11-02 12:45:06
ecks so im wondering why i keep gettin turned down?
Small claims court if you dont pay because you dont have it?0math student2012-10-09 21:31:36
my first question is how I can avoid going to small claims as ignoring notification in writing by mail or returned to the sender so that the case falls ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Secondly I can still be charged if I can help it keep before I move out of state Still I can load my uncle sued for an airline ticket bought and would not pay because I could not go and I told him that when he bought it im not sure if I was able to go , but I wanted to save money immediately . So im refusing to pay for it because he used my information to get the ticket online i ddidn't agree on anything all he said is that the entries in my name . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus my other question if I go to court and lost for some reason I have no money to pay for it I'm a broke college student loans and barley works so you can maintain a high GPA . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if I can not pay granted to state this and end up leaving my practice when I can still purese me to get money and do not have to take me as notifie before the money from my bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But if it happens before leaving the state and I have the money to pay puresue how can I expect to see police in my house ? MedlinePlus Or just send an email to keep things . MedlinePlus But like I said I have much to be granish my wages or take money from my bank do not have to talk to me before talking about this action . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any advince you can give me would be a great help thanks if it was decided to submit this after I have left for my intern send out of state and can not reach me cant this fall?
Can someone explain how debt consolidation works? im currently 30K in the hole.... and dont want to go chap 7?0swallow2012-11-02 16:45:02
Im want to get a loan for a car but I dont know if I should?1Bobert2012-09-27 06:51:04
Im currently working part-time campus and go to school part time. I paid about $ 600 a month because I only get paid monthly. Well I found a car I like that a family friend is trying to get rid of because they are moving out of state and offered 3.5000 for a 99 Mustang and is in awesome shape with 88,000 miles I think ? and I have no money , but I'm thinking of a loan of 6,000 just to pay off all my credit cards and just make one payment. I know I need a guarantor .... pc to my mom , if I ask , but she really did not have good credit it would still be approved ?
I want to get a car loan but i dont know how to go about it,,,?0Isuckatmath2012-10-07 19:02:45
I have 19 years and want to get a loan to buy a car , I've been paying a cell phone bill in my name for about a year ... I hear you need credit to get a loan How I can apply for a loan ? my parents have no credit so could not cosign with me and do not know who could sign with me ..
How to get out of a car loan of car that you dont want..?3R_t2012-11-05 21:48:02
I went to change my car for a new one and told me that trade was not possible. But they said I could get a new car anyway so I did. Can I leave my car loan for the first time without any problems. or is its consiquences
Why dont they do something with these payday loan ?1Vesone2012-11-04 07:06:02
companies that rip people off?That's terrible cant the government do something to stop them from hurting people and destroying there lives with the horrible payments.Besides that's a very dangerous business.How do they collect all those extra fees in the hundreds of dollars gosh people need to be well aware of that i never knew all this.What do they do to people who cant pay the fees they have?Would any judge be dumb enough to give them a settlement?Those fees are terrible.
What happens if i dont pay an unsecured loan out?0Marta P2012-10-02 12:48:02
What if you do not pay an unsecured loan out ?
I need a 4000 loan but dont now how to get it?3chrystina2012-08-28 11:32:02
I need 4000, but not now how to get or what loan com - give me a wrong I have bad credit and need money for emergency trip to my husband was hit by a car at home and I need to go over there ¿ what I have nothing I can do to help laborers
Is there a loan where you dont need a job or co-signer? ?0Saiyda2012-09-04 11:51:02
My girlfriend has a loan of $ 1,000 per car n has made timely payments to the bank staff will give another $ 500 / any type of loan ? What is a " strong work history " ? How adults 40 yr old student loans when they are clearly not going to school, how I can get one ? If so can you get a $ 500 student loan ?

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