Being sued by Payday Loan store?

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I have a consumer loan out w / one of those stores payday loans . My pay was $ 92.00 per month . I also had a payday loan that I recently paid regularly . At one point I had lost my job and then found another but my salary dropped a little , so I had a hard time keeping up w / the payments . I did try to negotiate w / them , technically speaking, I " m behind a month ( paid $ 50.00 in June, not in July and August is not due yet) Now , I have given a summons to appear in court in September ( that was fast ) I did not mind paying until June and I 'm not saying not to the rest of the debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone else out there have been sued by stores payday loans ? Here in Wisconsin legislature has been trying to get a handle on these sites .. any suggestions where to start ? I'm calling my lawyer and see what he has to say about it too. Again I repeat that I do not owe the money I'm trying to get out of owing anything ... except what they have tacked on.

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